Unexpected downtime


Update 2021-04-18:
Since we are offline anyway we are going to take the opportunity to upgrade to a new supported OS which is the better long-term decision. However, it will mean some more days offline since many things needs to be re-installed/configured manually.

Update 2021-04-16:
Hello everyone! We have a faulty OS hard drive which didn't want to be replaced in an easy way, which has caused the unexpected downtime. The site and your data is on other hard drives and we also have mirrored backups in several geographical locations so you don't need to worry about data loss.

The server ran CentOS which was abruptly discontinued recently, therefore we are evaluating our options on whether to try to go back to the OS we have now, or install a new OS.

Because of Covid and that it's Friday night, things will take longer than usual to fix, unfortunately it will probably take several days. We will be working non-stop to get the site back online.

We deeply apologize about this, Blu-ray.com is not run by a large corporation therefore our mirrored backup sites aren't powerful enough to simply switch over the complete site immediately.

// Blu-ray.com team

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