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Jack Reacher

2012 | 130 min | PG-13 | 2.39:1

Jack Reacher


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User reviews

6 user reviews

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Theatrical release date

 21 December, 2012
 26 December, 2012

Country of origin

 United States

Box office




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Screenshots from Jack Reacher Blu-ray

User reviews

 - Dec 21, 2012
8 / 10

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Surprisingly it was a very good movie. Not really a Cruise fan but he is good in this film. Regardless, the plot and action
alone carry the film. Perfect mix of action, suspense, and even a little bit of humor as a result of some well placed lines.
Definitely worth seeing.

 - Dec 22, 2012
8 / 10

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Having not read any of the Lee Child books, I watched this movie with fresh eyes. For those of you expecting something fun and over the top like Red or Knight and Day, this is not that kind of movie. That said, it is fun. This movie takes you on a journey with the characters trying to solve the mystery with more realistic action and scenarios than have been in most recent movies. It is more like an old-school cop movie like Bullitt or Dirty Harry. I really enjoyed this movie. My favorite part was the car chase. It was so refreshing to see a chase put together this way. The surround sound was amazing and put you right in the action. The movie had great acting, believable but awesome action scenes, and a well thought out plot. It also wasn't too predictable. I would say it was a good show all around. If you like movies that are awesome, watch this. Now, a note on content: This movie deserved the PG-13 rating it received. There was a little bit of swearing, including the token PG-13 "F-word." Also, if any of you are nervous about that part in the preview where you see that scantily clad woman, that is literally all you see. The bulk of the rating was for the violence, which this movie has in abundance. You see some innocent people killed, also there's some awesome hand to hand fights. Some of the killing\deaths were disturbing for my wife. Great movie overall, I was pleasantly surprised.

 - Dec 24, 2012
10 / 10

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Jack Reacher is one heck of a movie. Truly the action/thriller equivalent to a nostalgic Thanksgiving dinner with family
and friends (sorry, if you've not experienced that; there's always time). Time is something that Jack Reacher spends
very well. The film is nuanced enough to be engaging but doesn't allow itself to be bombarded with tired action movie
histrionics. What a perfect way to end 2012.

Tom Cruise is more than up to the task playing a man who has more or less seen it all, and doesn't want to engage in
any kind of petty verbal dancing populating most humdrum action/genre pictures. At 50 Cruise can still kick butt and
look confident doing it, even though he is a bit slighter in stature than his action legend counterparts like Stalllone,
Arnold and Clint. Cruise has never been in this category as an actor. What he has been for the last 3 to 4 decades is a
reliable piece of cinema Americana, showing some real resolve and acting chops to rival the greatest of stars. Regardless
of how you feel about the man outside the silver screen, there's no denying that Tom Cruise is a bona-fide movie star.

If the movies of today have been over-saturated with quick editing, over-processed post prod and stilted acting with
meaningless pyrotechnics, Jack Reacher is the antidote to all those modern action films you hate. The film takes its time
and allows each scene to breath. It is as much police procedural as adventure picture, yet it lingers on neither of those
and showcases good characters and solid pacing. The editing is sparse and the action is plausible and clear cut. This is an
enjoyable picture that has a nice flow. In a word, it is refreshing.

Jack Reacher plays like all the great things you wanted to see in crime thrillers but the movie's writing and energy had
the audacity to cut out all the 'fluff'; simply leaving us with the bare essentials of escapism. There's a great cast to boot
that provides enough energy to bounce off Cruise whilst not detracting from the core story. Bond girl beauty Rosemund
Pike makes for an exceptional counterpart, the two leads have good chemistry and its nice to see a smart character
bouncing off Jack Reacher's no-nonsense intelligence and wit. Robert Duvall stars in a small but crucial role as a burnt
out marksman who helps Reacher when he least expects it.

Regardless of its potential polarizing nature for being too-generic or familiar; this is Hollywood classic action film making
at its finest. With cutthroat characters that hardly pass for action caricatures. The film is not earth shattering but it is
life-affirming and entertaining. Ensuring to us that not all hope is lost when it comes to simple, laid back narrative and

Jack Reacher breaths life into the moments, and it does it well enough that we forget where we are for the time being
and just soak it in. It is timely enough to be poignant about its subjects yet it holds us at bay so as not to engage us into
melodramatics. The script is as tight as anyone asked for and Christopher McQuarrie's direction is proficient and spot on.
Honestly, what more could we ask for in an American movie.

Some more cleavage from Rosemund Pike would be welcome.

 - Dec 29, 2012
8 / 10

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Director Christopher McQuarrie won an Oscar for his screenplay on The Usual Suspects, and he also wrote the screenplay for Jack Reacher. If you have seen the trailer, you might think that the movie is a pure adrenalin rush in the same vein as Taken, but that's not exactly correct. There is plenty of action, but McQuarrie also gives his characters time to breathe, and we learn a little about the backgrounds of most of the major players.

The movie begins with someone shooting five apparently random strangers from long range with a rifle. This is shown in close-up. In fact, this movie has more close-ups than any I have ever seen. It includes facial shots, point-of-view shots, and objects. The camera angles are also interesting. Perhaps the intention was to place us right among the action?

A man is arrested for the shooting and asks for Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise). Unfortunately, Reacher is something of a mystery and nobody knows how to contact him. When he does eventually appear, it's on his terms. We learn that he was an investigator of sorts while in the army, and he's enlisted by Helen (Rosamund Pike), who is the lawyer representing the accused man. Reacher isn't sure he's even guilty.

I don't think that I should give away many more plot points, so I'll talk more generally about what you can expect. But I will say that the story is fairly predictable.

I'm not a big fan of Tom Cruise, but I think this is one of his best performances and I would put it up there with Collateral. At 50 years of age, he's still a convincing action star, and I believed that he had the skills to do what he does in the movie. McQuarrie also keeps some of the action scenes realistic and things don't always work out perfectly for the hero.

You'll see Reacher investigating the crime, and we are shown how some of his realizations come to pass. There's an enjoyable cameo from Robert Duvall, and nobody gives a truly bad performance in the entire movie.

Action fans will enjoy a few fight scenes, a car chase, and a big shootout, but there's a story present at all times. This isn't a movie without substance. Reacher is the only character who is given much to do. At times it seems as though everyone else is standing around waiting to see what happens.

Jack Reacher won't blow you away, but it's better than the standard genre offerings. I could easily see it spawning a sequel, and I would probably go and see it.

 - Jan 03, 2013
9 / 10

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I really enjoyed this movie. Cruise was awesome, it felt like a good throwback flick. I hope it does well enough to keep Jack Reacher going.

 - Dec 28, 2012
9 / 10

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Having not read any of Lee Child's books, I walked into the theater open-minded and walked out very entertained.

The opening scene is quite chilling, given the recent real-life events in Connecticut, and it really draws you into the plot. Speaking of the plot, I thought it was quite suspenseful and the dialog was snappy and humorous at times.

As expected, Cruise pulls off the action sequences aplomb: they're physical, raw, and brutal, much like those from the Bourne series. And like the Jason Bourne character, Jack Reacher is all business, smart, and off the grid.

And there's good chemistry between Cruise's and Rosamund Pike's characters: There's several scenes of underlying sexual tension between the two which really spice up the film.

Those Tom Cruise haters and/or those who can't get over Cruise's physical stature in relation to the character in Lee Child's book are missing out on one very good movie.

Highly recommended... And looking forward to a sequel (or two).

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