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Nancy Cartwright

22 movies | 166 Blu-ray releases | 311 DVD releases


Average movie rating

 / 10
Based on 22 movies and 2043 ratings
Highest rated

8.3 / 10 Futurama (1999-2013)
Lowest rated

5.5 / 10 Godzilla (1998)

Type of movies



Movies Blu‑ray DVD Associates Screenshots

Nancy Cartwright is found with the following cast & crew

Frank Welker9The Little Mermaid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Simpsons, Futurama, Superman, Animaniacs, Leroy & Stitch, Goof Troop, Wakko's Wish
Tress MacNeille8The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons, Futurama, Superman, Animaniacs, Rugrats Go Wild, Leroy & Stitch, Wakko's Wish
Jim Cummings7The Little Mermaid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Simpsons, Animaniacs, Leroy & Stitch, Goof Troop, I Know That Voice
Rob Paulsen5Animaniacs, Leroy & Stitch, Goof Troop, I Know That Voice, Wakko's Wish
Maurice LaMarche5The Simpsons, Futurama, Animaniacs, I Know That Voice, Wakko's Wish
Kath Soucie5Futurama, God, the Devil and Bob, Rugrats Go Wild, All Grown Up!, Rugrats Tales From The Crib: Snow White
Hank Azaria5The Simpsons Movie, Godzilla, The Simpsons, Futurama, I Know That Voice
Cree Summer5Superman, Rugrats Go Wild, All Grown Up!, I Know That Voice, Rugrats Tales From The Crib: Snow White
Tara Strong4Rugrats Go Wild, All Grown Up!, Leroy & Stitch, Rugrats Tales From The Crib: Snow White
Russi Taylor4The Simpsons Movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Simpsons, Superman
Jeff Bennett4Animaniacs, Leroy & Stitch, I Know That Voice, Wakko's Wish
Elizabeth Daily4Rugrats Go Wild, All Grown Up!, I Know That Voice, Rugrats Tales From The Crib: Snow White
Will Friedle3Kim Possible, Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama, Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time
Tom Kane3Rugrats Go Wild, Kim Possible, I Know That Voice
Tahj Mowry3Kim Possible, Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama, Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time
Steven Spielberg3Twilight Zone: The Movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Animaniacs
Patrick Stewart3The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy
Michael Bell3Superman, Rugrats Go Wild, Rugrats Tales From The Crib: Snow White
Matt Groening3The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons, Futurama
Kevin Michael Richardson3The Simpsons, Leroy & Stitch, I Know That Voice
John DiMaggio3Futurama, Kim Possible, I Know That Voice
Jess Harnell3Animaniacs, I Know That Voice, Wakko's Wish
Harry Shearer3The Simpsons Movie, Godzilla, The Simpsons
Dan Castellaneta3The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons, Futurama
Christy Carlson Romano3Kim Possible, Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama, Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time
Cheryl Chase3Rugrats Go Wild, All Grown Up!, Rugrats Tales From The Crib: Snow White
Albert Brooks3Twilight Zone: The Movie, The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Adam Berry (I)3Kim Possible, Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama, Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time
Yeardley Smith2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Will Ryan (I)2The Little Mermaid, Superman
Tony Anselmo2The Little Mermaid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Tom Kenny2Futurama, I Know That Voice
Tom Brady2The Simpsons, Family Guy
Steve Tompkins2The Simpsons, The Critic
Steve Loter2Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama, Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time
Sherri Stoner2Animaniacs, Wakko's Wish
Seth Rogen2The Simpsons, Family Guy
Richard Sakai2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Rene Auberjonois2The Little Mermaid, Superman
Phil Proctor2Rugrats Go Wild, Rugrats Tales From The Crib: Snow White
Phil LaMarr2Futurama, I Know That Voice
Pat Carroll2The Little Mermaid, Superman
Pamela Hayden2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Nicole Sullivan2Family Guy, Kim Possible
Nichelle Nichols2The Simpsons, Futurama
Neil Patrick Harris2The Simpsons, Family Guy
Nathan Ruegger2Animaniacs, Wakko's Wish
Mike Scully2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Mike Reiss2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Mick Jagger2The Simpsons, Family Guy
Melanie Chartoff2Rugrats Go Wild, Rugrats Tales From The Crib: Snow White
Matt Selman2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Marcia Wallace2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Maggie Roswell2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Liam Neeson2The Simpsons, Family Guy
Leonard Nimoy2The Simpsons, Futurama
Lacey Chabert2Family Guy, Rugrats Go Wild
Kiefer Sutherland2The Simpsons, Family Guy
Kevin Dunn2Godzilla, God, the Devil and Bob
Kathleen Turner2Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Simpsons
Kathleen Kennedy2Twilight Zone: The Movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Karl Wiedergott2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
June Foray2Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Simpsons
Julie Kavner2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Jon Vitti2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Jon Lovitz2The Simpsons, The Critic
John Swartzwelder2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
John Mariano2Animaniacs, Wakko's Wish
Joe Mantegna2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Joe Alaskey2Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Rugrats Go Wild
Jim Ward2God, the Devil and Bob, I Know That Voice
Jan Hooks2The Simpsons, Futurama
James Woods2The Simpsons, Family Guy
James L. Brooks2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
James Baxter2The Little Mermaid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Jack Riley (II)2Rugrats Go Wild, Rugrats Tales From The Crib: Snow White
Jack Angel2Superman, I Know That Voice
Ian Maxtone-Graham2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
George Takei2The Simpsons, Futurama
George Meyer2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Frank Marshall2Twilight Zone: The Movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Elizabeth Taylor2The Simpsons, God, the Devil and Bob
Drew Barrymore2The Simpsons, Family Guy
Doris Grau2The Simpsons, The Critic
Dionne Quan2Rugrats Go Wild, Rugrats Tales From The Crib: Snow White
Diedrich Bader2Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama, I Know That Voice
Dick Clark2The Simpsons, Futurama
David X. Cohen2The Simpsons, Futurama
David Silverman2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
David Mirkin2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Dana Gould2The Simpsons, Family Guy
Dan Aykroyd2Twilight Zone: The Movie, Family Guy
Corey Burton2Goof Troop, I Know That Voice
Conan O'Brien2The Simpsons, Futurama
Chick Vennera2Animaniacs, Wakko's Wish
Charles Napier2The Simpsons, God, the Devil and Bob
Buzz Aldrin2The Simpsons, Futurama
Bruce Willis2Family Guy, Rugrats Go Wild
Billy West2Futurama, I Know That Voice
Bernadette Peters2Animaniacs, Wakko's Wish
Ben Stiller2The Simpsons, Family Guy
April Winchell2Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Goof Troop
Anne Hathaway2The Simpsons, Family Guy
Andreas Deja2The Little Mermaid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Al Jean2The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons
Adam West2The Simpsons, Family Guy
Zooey Deschanel1The Simpsons
Zoe Caldwell1Leroy & Stitch
Willie Nelson1The Simpsons
William Shatner1Futurama
William Callaway1Superman
Will Ferrell1Family Guy
Wendell Pierce1God, the Devil and Bob
Wayne Allwine1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Wanda Sykes1Futurama
Walter Koenig1Futurama
Wally Wingert1I Know That Voice
Wallace Wolodarsky1The Simpsons
Vyolet Diaz1The Simpsons Movie
Ving Rhames1Leroy & Stitch
Victor DiMattia1Superman
Vicki Lewis (I)1Godzilla
Vic Morrow1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Tracey Ullman1The Simpsons
Townsend Coleman1Superman
Tony Pope1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Tony Love1Superman
Tony Jay1Rugrats Go Wild
Tony Hawk1The Simpsons
Tony Craig (II)1Leroy & Stitch
Tony Bennett1The Simpsons
Tom Williams1Superman
Tom Ruegger1Animaniacs
Tom Petty1The Simpsons
Tom Minton1Animaniacs
Tom Hanks1The Simpsons Movie
Tom Colicchio1The Simpsons
Tito Puente1The Simpsons
Tina Fey1The Simpsons
Tim Robbins1The Simpsons
Tim Curry1Rugrats Go Wild
Tim Conway1The Simpsons
Tia Carrere1Leroy & Stitch
Terry Bradshaw1The Simpsons
Teller1The Simpsons
Tamera Mowry-Housley1Family Guy
Susan Silo1Superman
Susan Sarandon1The Simpsons
Stubby Kaye1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Stu Rosen1Superman
Sting1The Simpsons
Steven Dean Moore1The Simpsons
Steve Starkey1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Steve Martin1The Simpsons
Steve Gerber1Superman
Steve Buscemi1The Simpsons
Steve Blum1I Know That Voice
Steve Allen1The Simpsons
Stephen Root1I Know That Voice
Stephen Hawking1The Simpsons
Stephen Colbert1The Simpsons
Stanley Ralph Ross1Superman
Stan Lee1The Simpsons
Sofía Vergara1Family Guy
Simon Cowell1The Simpsons
Sigourney Weaver1Futurama
Shawn Donahue1Superman
Seth MacFarlane1Family Guy
Seth Green1Family Guy
Scatman Crothers1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Sarah Silverman1Futurama
Sanaa Lathan1Family Guy
Samuel E. Wright1The Little Mermaid
Sam Simon1The Simpsons
Sam McMurray1The Simpsons
Ryan Seacrest1The Simpsons
Ryan Reynolds1Family Guy
Rusty Mills1Animaniacs
Ruben A. Aquino1The Little Mermaid
Roy Scheider1Family Guy
Roseanne Barr1Futurama
Ron Palillo1Superman
Ron Masak1Superman
Ron Jeremy1Family Guy
Ron Feinberg1Superman
Ron Clements1The Little Mermaid
Roland Emmerich1Godzilla
Rodney Dangerfield1The Simpsons
Rocky McMurray1Leroy & Stitch
Robin Atkin Downes1I Know That Voice
Roberts Gannaway1Leroy & Stitch
Robert Zemeckis1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Robert Watts1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Robert S. Birchard1I Know That Voice
Robert Garland1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Rob Minkoff1The Little Mermaid
Ringo Starr1The Simpsons
Rider Strong1Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama
Ricky Gervais1The Simpsons
Richard Williams (I)1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Richard Stone1Animaniacs
Richard Steven Horvitz1I Know That Voice
Richard Matheson1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Richard LeParmentier1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Richard Dreyfuss1Family Guy
Rich Little1Futurama
Rich Arons1Animaniacs
Raven-Symoné1Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama
Randy Jackson1The Simpsons
Rachael MacFarlane1I Know That Voice
R. Lee Ermey1Family Guy
Pierce Brosnan1The Simpsons
Phil Nibbelink1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Phil Hartman1The Simpsons
Peter Shin1Family Guy
Peter S. Seaman1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Peter Hastings1Animaniacs
Peter Cullen1Superman
Peter Brocco1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Penny Marshall1The Simpsons
Paxton Whitehead1Wakko's Wish
Pauly Shore1Futurama
Paul Winfield1The Simpsons
Paul Willson1The Simpsons
Paul Rugg1Wakko's Wish
Paul Rudd1The Simpsons
Patton Oswalt1Futurama
Patrick Warburton1Family Guy
Patrick Gorman (I)1Superman
Patricia Barry1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Pat Buttram1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Parker Posey1Futurama
Pamela Reed1The Simpsons
Pamela Anderson1Futurama
Pamela Adlon1I Know That Voice
P.L. Brown1Superman
Nora Dunn1Futurama
Nolan North1I Know That Voice
Noel Blanc1I Know That Voice
Nika Futterman1I Know That Voice
Nick Jameson1The Critic
Nick Cannon1Family Guy
Nicholas Hollander1Animaniacs
Neil Ross1Superman
Natalie Portman1The Simpsons
Mr. T1The Simpsons
Mila Kunis1Family Guy
Mike Judge1The Simpsons
Mike Henry1Family Guy
Mick Kelly1The Simpsons Movie
Michael Reaves1Superman
Michael Milhoan1God, the Devil and Bob
Michael Lerner1Godzilla
Michael Jackson1The Simpsons
Michael Gerard1Animaniacs
Michael Finnell1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Michael Clarke Duncan1Family Guy
Metallica1The Simpsons
Meryl Streep1The Simpsons
Melissa Mathison1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Mel Gibson1The Simpsons
Mel Brooks1The Simpsons
Mel Blanc1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Meg McLaughlin1Superman
Matthew Broderick1Godzilla
Matt Dillon1The Simpsons
Mary-Kate Olsen1The Simpsons
Marv Wolfman1Superman
Martin Sheen1The Simpsons
Martin Pasko1Superman
Mark Mothersbaugh1Futurama
Mark L. Taylor1Superman
Mark Kirkland1The Simpsons
Mark Henn1The Little Mermaid
Mark Hamill1The Little Mermaid
Maria Pitillo1Godzilla
Malcolm Danare1Godzilla
Magic Johnson1The Simpsons
Mae Questel1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
M.D. Sweeney1Animaniacs
Lynne Marie Stewart1Superman
Luke Perry1Family Guy
Ludacris1The Simpsons
Lucy Liu1Futurama
Lou Hirsch (I)1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Liz Georges1Superman
Little Richard1The Simpsons
Lisa Waler1The Simpsons Movie
Linda Gary1Superman
Liliana Mumy1Leroy & Stitch
Lili Ishida1Leroy & Stitch
Leslie Mann1The Simpsons
Lenny Kravitz1The Simpsons
LeVar Burton1Family Guy
Lawrence Shapiro1I Know That Voice
Lawrence G. DiTillio1Superman
Laurie Metcalf1God, the Devil and Bob
Lauren Tom1Futurama
Lars Ulrich1The Simpsons
Larry King1The Simpsons
Larry Doyle1The Simpsons
Laraine Newman1I Know That Voice
Lance Armstrong1The Simpsons
Kirsten Storms1Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama
Kirk Douglas1The Simpsons
Kim Cattrall1The Simpsons
Kid Rock1The Simpsons
Kevin McDonald1Leroy & Stitch
Kevin McCarthy1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Kevin Conroy1I Know That Voice
Kenneth Mars1The Little Mermaid
Kenan Thompson1Rugrats Tales From The Crib: Snow White
Ken Spears1Superman
Ken Burns1The Simpsons
Kelsey Grammer1The Simpsons
Kellie Martin1Superman
Keke Palmer1Family Guy
Keene Curtis1Superman
Katy Perry1The Simpsons
Kathleen Quinlan1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Katey Sagal1Futurama
Katee Sackhoff1Futurama
Kari Wahlgren1I Know That Voice
Karen Willson1Superman
Kali Whitehurst1Leroy & Stitch
Kadeem Hardison1Family Guy
Julie Brown1Wakko's Wish
Julia Louis-Dreyfus1The Simpsons
Julia Kato1Rugrats Go Wild
Judith Ivey1The Critic
Judd Apatow1The Critic
Josh Radnor1Family Guy
Josh Peck1Family Guy
Josh Keaton1I Know That Voice
Josh Bornstein1The Simpsons Movie
Josh Adler1The Simpsons Movie
Jonathan Taylor Thomas1The Simpsons
Jonah Hill1The Simpsons
Jon McClenahan1Animaniacs
Jon Favreau1Family Guy
Jon Davison1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Johnny Depp1Family Guy
Johnny Cash1The Simpsons
John Williams (I)1Superman
John Stephenson1Superman
John Ratzenberger1The Simpsons
John P. McCann1Animaniacs
John Musker1The Little Mermaid
John Lithgow1Twilight Zone: The Movie
John Landis (I)1Twilight Zone: The Movie
John Kassir1The Simpsons
John Goodman1Futurama
Joey Camen1Superman
Joel Silver (I)1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Joe Shuster (I)1Superman
Joe Ruby1Superman
Joe Dante1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Jodie Foster1The Simpsons
Jodi Carlisle1Rugrats Go Wild
Jodi Benson1The Little Mermaid
Joanna Cassidy1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Joan Rivers1The Simpsons
Jim Varney1The Simpsons
Jim Reardon1The Simpsons
Jim Meskimen1I Know That Voice
Jim Breuer1Family Guy
Jillian Henry (I)1Leroy & Stitch
Jill Talley1Futurama
Jessica DiCicco1I Know That Voice
Jessica Biel1Family Guy
Jess Winfield1Leroy & Stitch
Jerry Siegel (I)1Superman
Jerry Lewis1The Simpsons
Jerry Houser1Superman
Jerry Goldsmith1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Jerome Bixby1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Jennifer Tilly1Family Guy
Jennifer Love Hewitt1Family Guy
Jennifer Hale1I Know That Voice
Jennifer Garner1The Simpsons
Jenna Jameson1Family Guy
Jeffrey Price1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Jeff Goldblum1The Simpsons
Jeff Daniels1Family Guy
Jeff Bannister1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Jeannie Elias1Superman
Jean Smart1Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama
Jean Reno1Godzilla
Jay Mohr1Family Guy
Jay Leno1Family Guy
Jay Kogen1The Simpsons
Jason Segel1Family Guy
Jason Priestley1Family Guy
Jason Marsden1I Know That Voice
Jason Bateman1The Simpsons
Jane Lynch1Family Guy
Jane Kaczmarek1The Simpsons
James Lipton1The Simpsons
James Hetfield1The Simpsons
James Garner1God, the Devil and Bob
James Earl Jones1The Simpsons
James Caan1Family Guy
James Arnold Taylor1I Know That Voice
Jackson Douglas1Family Guy
Jackie Mason (I)1The Simpsons
Jack McBrayer1The Simpsons
Jack Black1The Simpsons
J.K. Simmons1The Simpsons
J.K. Rowling1The Simpsons
J.J. Abrams1Family Guy
Ian McKellen1The Simpsons
Hugh Laurie1Family Guy
Hugh Hefner1The Simpsons
Howard Morris (I)1Superman
Howard Ashman1The Little Mermaid
Helen Reddy1Family Guy
Helen Hunt1The Simpsons
Harvey Fierstein1The Simpsons
Hans Zimmer1The Simpsons Movie
Hamilton Camp1The Little Mermaid
Halle Berry1The Simpsons
Hal Rayle1Superman
Griffin Dunne1Family Guy
Grey DeLisle1I Know That Voice
Gregg Berger1I Know That Voice
Greg Reyna1Animaniacs
Glenn Morshower1Godzilla
Glenn Close1The Simpsons
Glen Keane1The Little Mermaid
Giovanni Ribisi1Family Guy
Ginny McSwain1Superman
Gerrit Graham1The Critic
George Miller1Twilight Zone: The Movie
George Harrison1The Simpsons
George Clayton Johnson1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Gary Coleman1The Simpsons
Gary Cole1Family Guy
Gary Busey1The Simpsons
Gary Anthony Williams1I Know That Voice
Gail Matthius1Animaniacs
Gabrielle Union1Family Guy
Gabriel Damon1Superman
French Stewart1God, the Devil and Bob
Fred Turner1The Simpsons
Fred Tatasciore1I Know That Voice
Fred Newman (I)1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Frank Sinatra1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Frances McDormand1The Simpsons
Flea1Rugrats Go Wild
Fairuza Balk1Family Guy
Ethan Phillips1Rugrats Go Wild
Estelle Harris1Futurama
Ernest Borgnine1The Simpsons
Eric Idle1The Simpsons
Eric Bauza1I Know That Voice
Emma Roberts1Family Guy
Emily Blunt1The Simpsons
Elvis Costello1The Simpsons
Ellen DeGeneres1The Simpsons
Elizabeth Banks1Family Guy
Edward Asner1I Know That Voice
Edie McClurg1The Little Mermaid
Edan Gross1Superman
Ed Gilbert1Superman
Ed Begley, Jr.1The Simpsons
Ed Asner1I Know That Voice
Dwayne Johnson1Family Guy
Dustin Hoffman1The Simpsons
Drew Carey1The Simpsons
Doug Savant1Godzilla
Donick Cary1The Simpsons
Don Payne1The Simpsons
Don Hahn1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Don Bovingloh1Superman
Dolly Parton1The Simpsons
Dirk Benedict1Family Guy
Dick Miller1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Dick Cavett1The Simpsons
Diane Pershing1Superman
Derek Webster (I)1Godzilla
Denis Leary1The Simpsons
Dee Bradley Baker1I Know That Voice
Deanna Oliver1Animaniacs
Dean Devlin1Godzilla
Dean Cundey1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Dawnn Lewis1Futurama
David Zuckerman1Family Guy
David Ogden Stiers1Leroy & Stitch
David Lynch1Family Guy
David L. Lander1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
David Kaye1I Know That Voice
David Herman1Futurama
David Crosby1The Simpsons
David Byrne1The Simpsons
David Bowie1Family Guy
David Arnold1Godzilla
Daveigh Chase1Leroy & Stitch
Dave Thomas1The Simpsons
Dave Marshall1Animaniacs
Darryl Hickman1Superman
Darleen Carr1Superman
Daran Norris1I Know That Voice
Danny Mann1Superman
Danny Jacobs (I)1Futurama
Danny DeVito1The Simpsons
Danny Cooksey1Superman
Danielle Mays1The Simpsons Movie
Danielle Harris1Rugrats Go Wild
Daniel Radcliffe1The Simpsons
Daniel Palladino1Family Guy
Daniel Lichtblau1The Simpsons Movie
Dana Hill1Goof Troop
Dan Greaney1The Simpsons
Dan Gilvezan1Superman
Dakota Fanning1Family Guy
Curtis Jackson (I)1The Simpsons
Cosmo Anzilotti1Superman
Colleen O'Shaughnessey1I Know That Voice
Cloris Leachman1The Simpsons
Claudia Schiffer1Futurama
Chuck Liddell1The Simpsons
Christopher Lloyd (I)1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Christopher Daniel Barnes1The Little Mermaid
Christine Cavanaugh1The Critic
Christina Milian1Family Guy
Christian Bale1Family Guy
Chrissie Hynde1Rugrats Go Wild
Chris Weber1Superman
Chris Sanders1Leroy & Stitch
Chris Latta1Superman
Chris Ellis1Godzilla
Chris Elliott1Futurama
Chris Edgerly1The Simpsons
Chris Buck1The Little Mermaid
Chevy Chase1Family Guy
Cherry Davis (I)1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Cherie Wilkerson1Superman
Charles Fleischer1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Charles Durning1Family Guy
Charles Adler1I Know That Voice
Charles A. Nichols1Superman
Cathy Cavadini1Superman
Casey Sander1God, the Devil and Bob
Carrie Fisher1Family Guy
Carlos Alazraqui1I Know That Voice
Buzz Dixon1Superman
Burt Ward1The Simpsons
Bumper Robinson1Futurama
Buddy Hackett1The Little Mermaid
Bryan Cranston1Family Guy
Bruce W. Smith1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Brian George1Kim Possible
Brendan Fraser1The Simpsons
Brandon Bluhm1Superman
Bodhi Elfman1Godzilla
Bobcat Goldthwait1Leroy & Stitch
Bob Odenkirk1Futurama
Bob Hoskins1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Bob Bergen1I Know That Voice
Bob Barker1Futurama
Bill Murray1Twilight Zone: The Movie
Bill Hutten1Superman
Bill Farmer1Goof Troop
Beverly D'Angelo1The Simpsons
Betty White1The Simpsons
Bette Midler1The Simpsons
Benedict Cumberbatch1The Simpsons
Ben Wright (I)1The Little Mermaid
Ben Stein1Wakko's Wish
Ben Ryan Ganger1Superman
Ben Bode1Godzilla
Beau Weaver1Superman
Barry Gordon1Superman
Barry Caldwell1Animaniacs
B.J. Ward1Superman
Audu Paden1Animaniacs
Audrey Meadows1The Simpsons
Ashley Tisdale1Family Guy
Ashley Olsen1The Simpsons
Arabella Field1Godzilla
Anthony Bourdain1The Simpsons
Andre Stojka (I)1Superman
Amy Poehler1The Simpsons
Amy Irving1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Amanda Bynes1Rugrats Tales From The Crib: Snow White
Alfred Gimeno1Animaniacs
Alex Veadov1God, the Devil and Bob
Alex Rocco1The Simpsons
Alex Borstein1Family Guy
Alec Baldwin1The Simpsons
Alanna Ubach1I Know That Voice
Alan Tilvern1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Alan Silvestri1Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Alan Oppenheimer1Superman
Alan Menken1The Little Mermaid
Alan Cumming1God, the Devil and Bob
Affion Crockett1Family Guy
Aerosmith1The Simpsons
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9.  Pacific Rim 3D
10.  Transformers: Age of Extinction
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Top 10 Pre-orders United States
1.  Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourt...
2.  Divergent
3.  Batman: The Complete Series
4.  X-Men: Days of Future Past
5.  Transformers: Age of Extinction
6.  Godzilla 3D
7.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 3D
8.  Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Double Pack
9.  How to Train Your Dragon 2
10.  Lucy
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Top 10 Bargains United States
1.  Noah
$17.99, Save 55%
2.  Divergent
$19.96, Save 50%
3.  The LEGO Movie
$17.96, Save 50%
4.  Pacific Rim 3D
$28.99, Save 55%
5.  Transformers: Age of Extinction
$19.99, Save 50%
6.  The Other Woman
$19.99, Save 50%
7.  Pacific Rim
$9.99, Save 60%
8.  Rio 2 3D
$22.99, Save 54%
9.  The Wolf of Wall Street
$11.99, Save 56%
10.  Jaws
$7.99, Save 60%
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 United States

$64.99 $28.99

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 United States

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 United States

$24.97 $15.89

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