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OPPO | Dec 19, 2010 | Discontinued


Regions sold
A, B

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BD-Live (2.0)



List price: $499.99  

Amazon: $499.99
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Dennis stan
  Dec 04, 2010
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: 4.5


Fast loading time, great picture, easy set up, a true universal player with outstanding sound with SACDs. Oppo is known for outstanding players for the price and this one is no different.


Being a pre release player, there are some issues. One being not that smooth transitions between things such as between previews.


So far so good. This is a pre release player and any issues should be taken care of with firmware up dates. I have purchased many Oppo models over the years for myself and as gifts. I have been very pleased with not only the video quality but the outstanding audio quality of their players. I have no doubt the BDP-93 will live up to the standards I expect from Oppo. Pre lerease price $499.00

  Feb 20, 2011
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: 4.5


looks great, 3d playback, sacd/dvda, netflix, wifi adaptor, fast loading times


no stereo 2 channel analog output


As an early adopter of this player I thought it was the Oppo I finally had been waiting for. Fast loading times, 3d playback, netflix, all other previous oppo capablities, etc. Plus it had the looks I wanted (wasn't that thrilled about the oppo-83s design). However it was missing one thing that I wanted. 2 channel stereo analog output. I have 2 separate systems in my bedroom. One is for 2 channel and the other is for surround sound. The plan was using hdmi on this player for surround sound and running the analog into my integrated amp for 2 channel. I suppose I could run optical to a dac but that isn't what I really want to do. That is the only thing that prevented my from giving this player a perfect score. I will be getting the 95 eventually but the 93 is highly recommended just the same.
  Mar 23, 2011
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: 4.5


Excellent sd upconversion, excellent as a stand alone cd player, loads blu rays quickly, no issues to speak of, dual HDMI outputs, customer service responds quickly


price is high for some


I have tried just about every mainstream brand of blu ray player there is. There are some good ones out there but for versatility this one just can't be beat. I did not own any SACD's up until now. I did not know what I was missing! Does not matter if you use HDMI or the analog outputs because you are gonna get great sound regardless. PQ is above reproach. The only down side is the price. If you have an HDMI 1.4 receiver and you plan on using it just to watch blu rays then you can shop elsewhere. (ex. Panasonc DMP BT210 is an excellent choice). But if you want simply the best universal player out there then look no further.
  Mar 25, 2011
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: 4


Excellent build quality


No 24fps DVD feature


OPPO BDP-93 3-D Blu-ray player (Sound and Vision March 2011 magazine review)

The OPPO BDP-93 is $499 and includes the RS-232 interface (The discontinuted OPPO BDP-83 with RS-232 option cost $588). The new OPPO BDP-93 and the discontinued OPPO BDP-83 are both excellent Blu-ray players. The OPPO BDP-83 offers the 24fps DVD feature that upconverts film based DVD’s to 1080p/24. What is disappointing about the OPPO BDP-93 is that it lacks the 24fps DVD feature that is found on Panasonic Blu-ray players, Sony Blu-ray players, and the old OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray player. The OPPO BDP-93 according to the Sound and Vision magazine review failed to maintain a lock on the 2:3 film pulldown test. The old discontinued OPPO BDP-83 has better DVD playback performance and offers 24fps DVD playback for film based DVD’s. To play film based DVD’s at multiplies of the original frame rate one needs to place the OPPO BDP-93 on source direct so that DVD’s are outputted at 480i, then if one owns a display like a Pioneer plasma that does a reverse 3-2 pulldown (also called 2:3 pulldown) the display will upconvert the 480i DVD to 1080P at multiplies of 24. Both the OPPO BDP-93 and BDP-83 have the same quality when playing back 2-D 1080p/24 Blu-ray discs.

The OPPO BDP-93’s strong points that the old OPPO BDP-83 lacks, is the ability to playback Blu-ray 3-D movies when connected to a 3-D display and the streaming features (Blockbuster and Netflix movies ). Also very soon Vudu will be added to the OPPO BDP-93 and BDP-95 in a firmware update (OPPO has started advertising Vudu in consumer magazines). Of course the best in picture and sound quality comes when one plays Blu-ray discs. Nothing matches or beats the quality of Blu-ray discs yet. The OPPO BDP-93 has 2GB of internal memory (1GB for BD-LIVE, and 1GB for streaming services). HDCD, SACD, and DVD-Audio are nice audiophile features. The OPPO BDP-93 has excellent build quality but I do prefer the bigger display on the old OPPO BDP-83. For those that own the OPPO BDP-83, the main reason to upgrade to the OPPO BDP-93 would be if one needs 3-D capability and streaming capability. (Wireless LAN can be added to any old Blu-ray player that has an Ethernet jack with a simple optional adapter. The included wireless USB adapter with the OPPO BDP-93 is a minor feature).

The OPPO BDP-93 could be improved if a 24fps DVD feature menu selection was added and more streaming features were added. A Panasonic Blu-ray player for under $100 offers 10 times the amount of streaming features compared to the OPPO BDP-93 streaming selection.

The OPPO BDP-93 is engineered in the USA and assembled in China.The OPPO BDP-93 is one of the best 3-D Blu-ray players on the market with an excellent build quality. The ability to connect up to 3 optional hard drives at once is a nice feature on the OPPO BDP-93 (1 E-SATA hard drive , and 2 USB flash drives or hard drives).

The following are some select word for word quotes from the March 2011 Sound and Vision magazine:


“Curiously, the Oppo wasn’t able to maintain a lock on the 2:3 film pulldown test from the same disc, though I saw no related artifacts on movie scene torture tests that I use to spot-check for that problem.”

“(Of the player’s two HDMI ports, only HDMI 1 benefits from its Marvell QDEO video processing.)”

Viewed purely as a disc player, the Oppo BDP-93’s mix of performance and build quality makes it worth the extra bucks you’d pay over other 3D-capable models. This is a sophisticated machine that’s made to last. But forward-looking A/V-philes may also find lots to like about its DLNA feature, which will allow them to stream the high-rez audio downloads that are rapidly becoming the norm for audiophile listening. I’m sure the BDP-93 won’t be the last disc player that’s ever sold, but it could very well be the last one you’ll ever need.”

  Mar 27, 2011
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: 4.5


Very fast, quiet, looks great, plays hi-rez FLAC up to 192khz streaming from a NAS via "my network" does everything the 83 does and more!


slow to respond to the remote commands, doesn't support WMALL or show album art or info when streaming using "my network" still has BD-Live issues


Before getting started i will say that I'm not using any of the players 3D features as i don't own a 3D HDTV. I am using one of the two HDMI outs, HDMI1 for both audio and video ouput to my pre-amp. i am using an 8gb usb thumb drive for BD-Live and I'm also hardwired with ethernet because no matter what you have read or thought nothing is faster or more reliable than wired and it's running on a GB network! Now that that stuff is out of the way...

Ok, let's get right to it! Just like the 83 & 80 i own, Oppo hasn't changed a thing with the packaging of these units; they are still the company to beat! within minutes of unpacking the player i realized that they had put a firmware update on a cd in the packaging, so of course after getting the player in place and connected up, i did the update.

i then setup the player and yes the first thing i did was go to what was most important to me first, the network capability. i instantly saw my PC & NAS. I went to the NAS and of course went to the highest rez FLAC that i had and gave it a try. it was a demo of 30seconds it was 5.1 at 192khz/24bit and YES, IT PLAYED PERFECTLY! so all of you that have read my post in this thread know how happy i am about that. it played all of my FLAC files to include 88.2, 96, 176.4 and
192khz with no problems.

having said that bit of good news comes some not so good news. the player displayed non of the album art, gave no information on the album, artist name or anything like that. it did only display the name of the track. also, it did play straight WMA and MP3 files but it would not play WMALL (windows media lossless) and guess which one all my CD's are ripped to....yep! i am hopeful that a firmware update will resolve this (i will report this to oppo) because my pre-amp can play WMALL files no problem. the only thing my pre-amp can't play are files (of any type) above 96khz i.e., 176.4 or 192khz but plays everything below those two freq's. there is no excuse for not being able to play all extensions of the WMA family.

so we move on to the music disc playing. it played every CD i put in so no problem. i then played an SACD/DSD, Steely Dan's Gaucho and it played without a hitch (love that multichannel disc too!). i then played a DVD-a of Elton John's Yellow Brick Road and it too played without a hitch and yes I love that multichannel disc as well!

so we move on to the movie department. i played the two movies that have always given me a headache as far as BD-Live are concerned. i turned on Live and put in Percy Jackson & the Olympians. Well, sorry Ms. Jackson but Percy wouldn't play UNTIL i turned off Live then it played without a hitch. I then played The Wolfman with Live turned on and it played without a hitch and utilized Live nicely. Oppo batting 500 with Live so for reasons of not wanting to be frustrated, i'll simply leave it off.

some folks have complained about the player starting up and the screen you get. i have an 8gb usb thumb drive that stays in the player for BD-Live only. when i power my player on it does 3 things it says: no disc (because i don't believe in leaving disc in the player when i turn it off) then it acknowledges that i have a usb drive scans it quickly for a second or two then goes to the home screen with all options available. this for me is exactly how my 83 & 80 work so for me, there is no difference.

i do like that the 93 responds to the "pocket blu" app as the 83 & 80 did not support it so thats a nice touch! i did setup netflix but didn't watch anything yet. i'll try that at some point.

another interesting thing is that the player is a little slow to respond to remote commands, mind you i was using my harmony one remote (uses the same commands as the 83 so i didn't have to change anything) just noticed it was sluggish in it's response. sometimes i had to push twice to get it to do something.

all in all i'm very happy with the 93. it's a beautiful looking player, quick and hey it's an oppo. they have improved on some things but need to tidy up on some of the things that they improved upon i.e. the support for WMA in all forms (yes i mean WMALL!) i'm sure they will via a firmware update. they also need to show album artwork and information for track and album and artist as well when using the network feature; again a firmware should do the trick. really wanted to give it a 5, but the network streaming issues are big for me, it's the reason i bought the player!

i highly recommend this player to anyone who wants the best, from the best and yes, at the best price for it! a couple of firmwares and i suspect Oppo will have hit the mark with this one!

  Jun 09, 2012
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: 5


Top notch video processing and rapid load speed.


Trouble loading with BD live feature turned on


This is by far one of the best BD players that I have ever owned. It's wel built and for the most part a very dependable player. Oppo did a great job putting it together and it loaded with excellent features. Sacd playback is a plus too along with wi fi and widgets.
  Apr 25, 2012
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: 5


The best 2D/3D Blu Ray/DVD player ever. .


None .


I can't believe the quality of this player and the technical support behind it.
A little bit pricey but man... 2D and 3D are just jaw dropping.
People are complaining about issues. Since I bought it I never experienced any of them and believe me I watch a lot of movies.

A little tip if you have some money up front.
For the picture hook the OPPO BDP-93 to the Panasonic projector PTAE7000U.
Buy a screen acoustically transparent or you can make it (DIY) easily. There are several topics about that on the internet. One example:
For the sound, send it from the player (second HDMI) to the Pioneer SC57 THX Ultra2.
Speakers M&K 150s THX Ultra2 (Put the LCR behind your screen) and you'll never return to the theaters again.


  Jul 13, 2012
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: 5


Dvd Up Conversion, Wireless adapter included, Remote is heavy Duty, Analog Outs, 2 HDMI Outputs, Awesome cd/sacd Player.


The Cost, this thing is pretty pricey and his big brother is even more expensive. Not region free, but neither was my ps3, just buy region free blus hahaha.


To be quite honest these piece of gear is one of those things you get what you pay for. For the longest i used my PS3 for everything and honestly the Ps3 did a great job at every task i threw at it. But this Oppo does that in MORE. Its really reference!! I instantly could tell the quality of cd upgrade when i listen to music. BluRay picture looks the same but im viewing off a very old plasma tv. In addition the options this thing gives you is amazing, you have complete control over just about everything. Its quite and doesn't overheat. I would highly recommend this to any beginner audiophile, or someone who just want quality gear 10/10

  Aug 10, 2012
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: 5


Exzellente Bildqualität, Untertitel lassen sich verschieben, Tonqualität erstklassig


Fernbedienung reagiert träge


Nach über 1.700 Stunden Einsatz der PS 3 für Filme, Spiele und Fotos nun ein Oppo... nach Vornahme diverser Feineinstellungen und etlichem Vergleichen diverser Szenen dann (in Anwesenheit diverser illustrer Besucher) die Testreihe über Pfingsten in genau der Reihenfolge: PREDATOR 2 (Originalfassung vom GB Import), STAR TREK (Originalfassung), RANGO (deutsche Fassung), Motörhead: The Wörld is Ours - Vol. 1, PLANET TERROR (deutsche Fassung aus dem Grindhouse Double Feature), FRINGE (letzte zwei Folgen Staffel 2, erste zwei Folgen Staffel 3, Originalfassungen), INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL (deutsche Fassung vom GB Import). Hinweis: bei Besuch muss ich hin und wieder auf die deutschen Fassungen zurückgreifen. Sonst bekomme ich zu hören: Schon wieder Englisch?" Auch mit Untertiteln haben es viele Leute schwer. Und manchmal sind auch Kinder da...

An einigen Stellen der Rezension habe ich leicht ausgeholt... ich musste da wohl ein paar Sachen loswerden.

Ergebnis Ton: der Oppo spielt im Vergleich zur PS 3 luftiger, leichter, präziser, detailreicher, realistischer, räumlicher und mit einem weicherem und dabei doch druckvollerem Bass auf - ein Hochgenuss. Die Surroundlautsprecher sind definitiv aktiver. Dies wirkt sich natürlich verstärkt auf die Originalfassungen auf, da diese (in den meisten Fällen) verlustfreie Tonspuren haben. Die Originalstimmen der Schauspieler profitieren ebenfalls vom Oppo. Sie klingen nun natürlicher und werden noch besser abgebildet. So natürlich, dass es schon fast unheimlich ist. Gut für die eine oder andere Gänsehaut bei großen Emotionen. Die deutschen Fassungen steigern ihr Klangspektrum zwar auch, bleiben jedoch wie gehabt frontlastig und verlieren etliche Details. Hierzu weiter unten ein Beispiel, das geradezu klassisch für die Unterdrückung akustischer Details bei komprimiertem Klang ist. Auch deutsche DTS HD Master Tonspuren eines fremdsprachigen Films klingen nie so gut wie die Originaltonspur. Sie kommen dem Original allenfalls nahe. Zudem besteht bei deutschen Fassungen immer die Gefahr, sich einer Synchronzensur auszusetzen. Da werden dann mal Knochenbrüche von der Tonspur getilgt, Dialoge anders gestaltet oder dem Film wird ein komplett andere Aussage verpasst (bestes Beispiel ist hier die deutsche Fassung von STARSHIP TROOPERS). Wegen der unschönen Übersetzungen sollte SPIEL MIR DAS LIED VOM TOD nur als ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST genossen werden. Wer kein Englisch versteht, sollte hier einfach mal die deutsche Tonspur einschalten, die Untertitel dazu laufen lassen und darüber staunen, was die Synchronsprecher da von sich geben. Clint Eastwood wurde in den deutschen Fassungen der Dollar Filme vom schweigsamen Zyniker zu einem Cowboy der Quasselwasser getrunken hat usw. Natürlich ist man beim Schauen der Originalversionen den Untertiteln ausgeliefert, wenn man die Sprache nicht versteht. Wenn ich einen Film auf Mandarin schaue, weiß ich leider nicht, ob mir eine korrekte Übersetzung präsentiert wird. Wenn ich auf Englisch schaue und dann bei PREDATOR 2 der Satz So your`re cutting off my dick and shove it up my ass" in den Untertiteln mit Sie nehmen mir also meine Zuständigkeiten" zu lesen steht, frage ich mich, was das bitte soll (hatte die Untertitel irgendwann mal eingeschaltet, um zu schauen, wie das wohl übersetzt wird).

Was der Oppo aus PREDATOR 2 rausgeholt hat, versetzte mich in Erstaunen. Ich hatte den Eindruck, einen komplett neu abgemischten Soundtrack zu hören. Bei STAR TREK ging es dann zur Sache. Kristallklarer Raumklang, völlig losgelöst von den Lautsprechern, ein Bass der sich durch den ganzen Raum schob und für angenehme Vibrationen des Sofas sorgte. Habe STAR TREK wegen der Dolby True HD Tonspur gleich auf - 10 dB gestartet. Ich bin der Meinung, die True HD Tonspuren haben durchweg nicht so viel Punch wie DTS HD Master Audio. Die MOTÖRHEAD Blu Ray? Na ja, so klingen Motörhead nicht live und so werden sie auch niemals klingen. Ich darf das behaupten, denn ich habe Lemmy & Co. seit 1988 etliche Male live erlebt. Dieser Sound wurde mit Sicherheit nachträglich auf klar manipuliert. Diese Motörhead sind digital. Sie klangen daher ziemlich leblos und bei der enormen Lautstärke, auf der wir das Konzert genossen haben, irgendwann anstrengend/nervig. Toll klangen Mr. Kilmisters Ansagen und das obligatorische Drum Solo hatte wahrlich Durchschlagskraft. Motörhead live Sound kommt für mich von der 3-fach LP Edition auf der das Konzert in den Hamburger Docks gepresst ist (1998). Motörhead gehören live oder analog gehört.
Jetzt zu FRINGE: die erste und zweite Staffel bieten leider nur Dolby Digital 5.1 für die englische Fassung. Noch schlimmer die deutsche Fassung: nur DD 2.0 ! Warum ein Rückfall in VHS Zeiten? Warum wurde das Medium Blu Ray nicht voll ausgenutzt? Fans der Serie, die nur mit deutschem Ton schauen, hätten diesen Mist boykottieren sollen. Mit der 5.1 DD Tonspur lässt es sich leben. Der Unterschied im Ton von der zweiten zur dritten Staffel ist allerdings sofort bemerkbar. Wirklich schade, dass es nicht vom Anfang eine DTS HD Tonspur gibt, denn auch für FRINGE gelten die oben gemachten Ausführungen. Wobei die Tonspur der dritten Staffel allerdings nicht an die von Lost heranreicht (LOST in deutscher Fassung ist Körperverletzung. Diese Synchro ist einfach eine Zumutung!). Abstriche bekommen alle drei Staffeln von mir dafür, dass es nur Untertitel für Hörgeschädigte gibt. Ich frage mich bei diesen UT immer, wer entscheidet, welches Geräusch, von der Vielzahl derer, die im Off wahrzunehmen sind, für Hörgeschädigte gerade relevant ist (denn zu hören ist ja immer was, oder?). Da gibt es dann in eingeklammerten Großbuchstaben Einblendungen wie HANDY KLINGELT", TÜR SCHLÄGT ZU", PIEPER PIEPT" oder LEISES SUMMEN IN DER NÄHE"... keine Einblendung gab es z.B. als Walter von seinem Laborlokus kam... wo war da bitte KLOSPÜLUNG RAUSCHT"? Neben diesen UT sollten auch immer normale UT verfügbar sein. Und wann wird es endlich möglich sein, den Stil, die Farbe und die Größe der UT zu verändern? Ich dachte, wir sind im 21. Jahrhundert angekommen?

Ergebnis Bild: dazu vorweg zunächst die Info, dass ich auf Leinwand schaue... genauer gesagt, je nach Bildformat der Filme, auf zwei Rahmenleinwänden im Wechsel. Die 16:9 Leinwand hat ein sichtbares Bild von 2,40 m x 1,35 m, die Cinemascope Leinwand hat ein sichtbares Bild von 2,92 m 1,24 m. Das Bild wird durch den Oppo nicht unbedingt schärfer. Die PS 3 macht das schon sehr gut. Als Vergleich habe ich eine Szene von FRINGE geschaut, in der Peter mit einem Hubschrauber fliegt und diverse Displays mit winziger Schrift zu sehen sind. Ich dachte, dass ich hier einen Unterschied entdecken könnte. Nein, nicht nur mit dem Oppo ist diese Schrift zu aus 5,5 Meter Entfernung zu lesen. Weitere Vergleichsszene: auch die feinen Härchen in Cate Blanchetts Gesicht bei Indiana Jones sind mit beiden Geräten klar zu erkennen. Bei RANGO konnte ich bezüglich Schärfe auch keine Unterschiede feststellen. Vielleicht war die Unterseite des Hutes, als Rango in der Bank an der Wasserflasche steht, feinporiger als bei der PS 3... vielleicht auch nicht. Die Staffeln 2 und 3 von FRINGE fallen bildtechnisch gegenüber der ersten Staffel leider ab, da zu viele Folgen auf eine Blu Ray gepackt wurden. Hin und wieder gibt es daher weiche/unscharfe Gesichter. Ebenfalls schade! Ansonsten ist das Bild der Serie durchweg sehr gut. Messen lassen muss sich Fringe auch in Sachen Bild an LOST und kommt auch hier nicht mit. Bei PREDATOR 2 war noch deutlicher zu erkennen, dass der Predator nur erscheint, wenn es ultraheiß ist (Only in the hottest years it happens...") - (feinste) Schweißtropfen und Schweißflecken überall. Da fällt mir ein... wo bleibt der Sommer? Es wird wohl nie ein Predator nach Deutschland kommen... vielleicht einer im Thermoanzug?

Insgesamt erzeugt der Oppo jedoch ein plastischeres Bild mit toller räumlicher Tiefe. Dagegen wirkt Bild der PS 3 wirklich sehr flach. Bei dunklen Szenen macht der Oppo ebenfalls eine bessere Figur. Da säuft bei der PS 3 doch so einiges ab. Die MOTÖRHEAD Blu Ray kommt (aus welchen Gründen auch immer) in schwarz/weiß. Hat mich nicht gestört, denn bei Motörhead gibt es keine große Lightshow und auch keine (bunten) Kostüme. Das Bild sah sehr gut aus. Als äußerst störend empfand ich in diesem Zusammenhang die leuchtenden Displays von den Handys der ganzen Vollidioten und wahrscheinlich auch Volldiotinnen, die Teile vom Konzert filmen. Das nervt mich bei Konzertbesuchen enorm und nun stört es auch noch Aufzeichnungen von Konzerten! Leute, wenn ihr nicht im hier und jetzt sein könnt, bleibt zu Hause! Wer will sich die minderwertigen Aufnahmen denn ansehen (oder sich mit dem Blechton, der aus diesen Dingern kommt, den Gehörgang verätzen?). Konzert nicht erlebt, weil mit Dreharbeiten beschäftigt, dafür aber Bild- und Tongülle auf dem Handy, um anderen damit das Fürchten zu lehren. Es sollte bei Konzerten ein Störsignal eingesetzt werden, damit diese Teile außer Gefecht gesetzt werden.

Eine tolle Sache ist, dass sich mit dem Oppo die Untertitel verschieben lassen. UT, die sich in den schwarzen Balken befinden", werden nämlich unterhalb der Cinemascope Leinwand eingeblendet (wo sich die schwarzen Balken" dann nämlich befinden) und damit auf die Tapete bzw. auf die Maskierung der Leinwand projiziert. Mit dem Oppo können sie nun ganz einfach ins Bild geschoben werden. Nebenbei spielt der Oppo auch noch CDs, SACDs, DVDs, ein USB Stick kann auch reingesteckt werden und 3 D kann er auch noch. Das Hochskalieren von DVDs hat mich bei der PS 3 nicht überzeugen können und kann mich auch beim Oppo nicht überzeugen. Ich vermute mal, das liegt an der Größe meiner Bildschirme", dass das Bild einfach zu grob" bleibt. Die Fernbedienung reagiert ziemlich träge.

Jetzt zu dem Beispiel mit dem komprimierten Klang bei deutschen Fassungen. Habe gerade die PS 3 mit der Originalfassung von STAR TREK VIII: FIRST CONTACT (GB Import, Dolby True HD Tonspur) auf Zimmerlautstärke (- 18 dB) gestartet. Kapitel 13, Zeitindex 00:32:30: Data wird von Picard aufgefordert, seinen Emotionschip vorübergehend zu deaktivieren. Auf der Originaltonspur ist ein deutlicher Piep Ton bei der Deaktivierung zu vernehmen, von der deutschen Tonspur kommt nur ein kaum wahrzunehmendes Knacken. Da muss schon angestrengt gelauscht werden, um es zu hören. Diese Dolby Digital Tonspur klingt insgesamt langweilig und tot. Von Raumklang keine Spur! Die Dolby True HD Tonspur ist sehr lebhaft und räumlich. Nun der Test mit dem Oppo... dasselbe Ergebnis. Komprimiert ist wohl komprimiert!

Fazit: Wer den Kanal in seiner Bude auch mal ordentlich aufreißen kann, auf den tollen Klang von Originalfassungen steht und die Emotionen mit den Originalstimmen der Schauspieler erleben will (und nicht lebloses Nuscheln irgendwelcher Synchronsprecher in steriler Klangkulisse), dem kann ich die Anschaffung nur empfehlen. Ein fantastisches Bild gibt es noch dazu.

Vinyl lebt! CD stirbt!
  Feb 26, 2013
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: 3.5


Video quality, features, streaming


Trouble with HDMI 1, Netflix HD not supported


I generally like the build quality, video quality, and the fact that component is still supported (old wiring).

I have trouble with HDMI 1 starting its video late--black screen sometimes when streaming, well after the audio has started. HDMI 2 is fine, but that loses all the QDEO processing which is part of the cost.

Not at all happy that Netflix HD is not well supported (1080); will need to get a cheap Roku box for that I guess. Netflix menus are slow.

  Dec 27, 2010
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: 5


A/V Performance, Features, Media Support, Fast Loading Times, Navigation, Build Quality, Remote, Manual, Packaging


Made in China (but the best Chinese made product I've owned)


This is one awesome Universal Blu-Ray Player. It has just replaced my first Blu-Ray player, the Panasonic DMP-BD55K which I have really enjoyed. But this Oppo player is in another league. The player itself looks and feels very nice. The setup and navigation is nicely laid out and easy to use. It has played everything I've put in it so far (via disc and external hard drive) including .mkv, .m2ts, .ts, .avi, .flac, etc. It plays my PAL, DVD-Audio, and SACD discs. The loading times are so much faster than my Panasonic player. The picture quality on Blu-Ray disc is also a little better than on my Panasonic player. I did want to get Oppo's first Blu-Ray player, the BDP-83, but what held me back was that it only supported FAT32. This BDP-93 supports NTFS, so I no longer had a reason not to get an Oppo. So far, I just love everything about this player and I HIGHLY recommend it.

The only con I listed was that it is made in China (which I knew before I purchased it). I'm not a fan of Chinese made electronics/products, but if it had been made in the USA, I understand that it would probably be far more expensive. But I'm fine with it, like I said above, it's the best Chinese made product I've owned. If it wasn't labeled as such, I don't think I would have known anyway.
  Dec 25, 2010
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: 5


Quality is outstanding


Not enough internet apps yet.


Everything about this player is quality, even the remote and the manual. Almost all of the keys light up. A firmware update CD was included and when inserted updated the firmware of the player with no problems. I have a 58" Samsung Plasma TV and when Blu-Ray disk are played at 24 bits the picture looks fantastic. I had a Samsung BP-3600 player (which is not a bad player), but the Oppo is a vast improvement. So far, I am very pleased with this player.
  Jan 12, 2011
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: 5


Duel HDMI slots, netflix, blu rays, dvds, etc


some early bugs that have since then been fixed with the firmware updates.


I was one of the early buyer of the new oppo 93. Its a fantastic player. I can play my blu rays movies and netflix. I have done a lot of both since getting the player.
I like that its a very easy setup. it plays fine with my onkyo receiver and also my philips HDTV.
I dont do the DLNA thing or SACD. I cannt comment on that. I would highly recommend the player to anyone that wants one.
  Mar 26, 2011
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: 4.5


Great PQ and SQ. Superb build quality. SACD, Flac, etc


At beginning the DLNA browsing was kind of sluggish, but it is much better after the last FW update


I bought it mainly as a BD player, but after listening to it with my SACDs and finding out I could stream my Flac collection from my PC, it became my only player. I have to mention that at first the DLNA feature was kind of sluggish but with FW updates is much better and faster.
  May 21, 2011
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: 5


very fast load times great pic pq , and it does do 24fs it displays on my tv and my avr. love the remote and look of player clean smooth.


none at this time, but im sure others have got some


had player for 3 weeks, love it better than the other brands i have had, fast load time great picture love the 2 hdmi out , the 24fs works i have it hooked to my tv and info shows 1080p /24 . looks are nice and clean. remote is so easy big buttons back light love it. build is solid and service i got from dealer in toronto canada solutions av was next to none fast they had unit waiting for me to pickup updated firmware etc, oppo packs the unit so nice in a bag remote in box with all cables etc very high end service for a price that is amazing.10/10. ENJOY

  May 22, 2011
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: 5


Very nice player and a solid workmanship.


I have yet to find any that this unit presents.


OPPO knows how to build a solid BD player and they have done it again. I feel very confident that if I have an issue, OPPO's customer service is quick to respond and always put the customer first.

  Jun 21, 2011
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: 5


Quick loading, excellent PQ and audio, excellent upconverting, supports all formats. Marvell Chip. Great looking.


NONE, So far I just can't find anything wrong with it.


I own the BDP-83 and just love it. Then the BDP-93 came out and I bought it for my new H/T. I just love this player and it only gets better with new features thru firmware upgrades. Customer support is number 1.

  Sep 12, 2011
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Fast, quiet and great look bd player


Remote control response little bit slow Front display panel bit small to my eyes.


I want dedicate bd player since my fat ps3 is getting noisy.
I saw review and specs of every bd player then heard about oppo.
I don't have 3d tv and my receiver does not have hdmi
but for future proof and best quality audio and video, bdp93 is perfect to me.
I pay little bit more compare to other bd but I'm very happy
And satisfied.

  Sep 29, 2011
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: 4.5


A/V Performance, Features, Media Support, Build Quality, Packaging, remote control and looks are great


None at the time for this user


looks are improved over the 83. remote is easy to use and has backlighting but i use a harmony for everyhting but use it whn i need some tweaking. build is solid and is packed so nice in a bag remote in box with all cables etc very high end service for a price that is amazing. Solid performer no none will be dissappointed. Hooked up to my network with no issues with firmware updates quickly loaded ove rthe internet with no issues to date.

  Oct 20, 2011
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: 4.5


Fast loading, Great PQ, and Audio


Internet apps are limited / Remote is a little touchy (seems like slower response than others )


I replaced my 3D Samsung player I was supprised by the audio difference. The Oppo is more deifned and crisp I am using Silver Sonic HDMI Cables on both. The video card in the Oppo and the video card in my Marantz are the same. this makes them work together well. I do have some issues when I try to use Pure Audio on both devices. My old player had more internet access, More apps you be nice.

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