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Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray)
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McFarland, USA (Blu-ray)
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160GB SLIM Sony | 2009


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BD-Live (2.0)



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  Dec 24, 2010
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: 4.5


Play Blu Rays, 3D Blu Rays, Music, and Games


Audio takes a hit during 3D play back


If you don't care about TruHD/Lossless Audio, you would be wise to invest in this machine. The PS3 is THE entertainment/Media hub of our home. It's great for showing your friends and family all of your digital photos, storing and playing back music (Walkman compatible), playing HD games, huge online community and watching Blu ray/3D movies. The load times are significantly lower than other BD players I have experienced.

As of late, I have been using it to view my 3D Blu Rays. I am using the PN58 7000 series Samsung plasma display. have not experienced any excessive ghosting or other artifacts. I have a very extensive 3D collection ranging from Despicable me to the Samsung Triple Play disc and I can report that the PS3 handled them all with no problem. The only real issue I have with the PS3 as a blu ray 3D player is the loss of audio quality during 3D playback. I am hoping that if this is not a memory issue, that this is something that will be corrected in the future via firmware. The PS3 also does a fine job of upscaling regular DVD's.

On a side note, the PS3 also does a great job with 3D gaming. Although games like Gran Turismo 5 and Call of Duty Black Ops took a hit in frame rate, it almost looks like they got a boost in resolution during 3D play! The Jungle stage on Call of Duty in 3D is simply amazing and other games like Tumble really look great in 3D.

In summary, if you are in the market for a 3D blu ray player and you are not a true audiophile, get a PS3. It simply offers the most bang for you buck!

  Jun 25, 2012
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: 5


Gaming, Blu-ray's, 3D, DVD's, Netflix, Music, Internet, USB, WiFi, Firmware updates.


Needs a Logitech adapter for Harmony remotes.


After my XBOX 360 got the dreaded "Red Ring of Death" 3 times over the first two and a half years, I started to get worried with the warranty coming up, so I decided to sell it and get a PS3 instead. I've always been an XBOX guy, so I was a little weary about getting a Playstation. I've always found that the controller on the PS2/PS3 to be more tiring to use and it doesn't fit my hands as nicely as the 360 ones. However, over time I've become used to it and love the fact that you can recharge it without having to buy any additional cables or batteries. At the time the PS3 was the same price as a stand alone BD player, so this was really a no-brainer in my opinion.

As for the machine itself - right of the box this thing comes with everything. It's slim, sleek and compliments any home theater beautifully. I bought into the HD craze early on, so this thing was probably my best investment to date. It replaced my stand alone BD player as it supported gaming and BD's, which took a lot less time to load to boot. I also subscribed to Netflix, so the PS3 made it really easy with it's built-in app. Since it's wifi capable, I'm always up to date with the newest firmware since it gives you a friendly reminder when there's a new one available. I also connect my USB stick to it to play movies, music and display pictures as well.

I recently purchased a 3D TV and tried out some 3D games and 3D BD's, which were fantastic! Having bought this machine 3 years ago, it's a pleasant surprise that I don't need to purchase another BD player to support 3D, but rather just update my firmware to be able to play them.

My only small complaints to date has been that I had to purchase a $50 Logitech adapter in order for my Harmony remote to connect to the PS3. Also, it could be a tad quieter during playback - I only really notice a slight hum during quiet scenes when watching movies, but it's not a big deal.

All in all, the PS3 is a beast of a machine and has not only made me extremely happy over the years, it's saved me money by not having to buy another stand alone 3D/BD player. I've been officially converted from 360 to PS3!
  Jan 14, 2011
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: 5


its great at everything it does


none an amazing player


this is the ultimate player it plays games and blu rays, plus 3D capable. picture looks great in any mode. I use this for playing games such as uncharted that look stunning almost real. i also use this for watching blu rays both 2d and 3d and both look fantastic

  Apr 24, 2011
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: 3.5


Great system to have everything


Not great for 3D blu-rays..


Just like lar420, i did notice a lot of blur and ghosting with my ps3 on certain movies while my panasonic player was fine.
I was trying to use my ps3 for everything and to avoid too many remotes and cables.... but i was force to keep my Panasonic blu-ray player....
  May 10, 2011
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: 4


Great for blu-rays. Easily updated and not noisy at all.


The new ps3s don't play ps2 games. (not actually a bluray problem tho)


Great system, a bit quieter then my old 60 gb system. Great for anyone looking for a bluray player since you can update them, so they don't become outdated as some bluray players seem to.

  Jul 15, 2011
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: 5


Every Thing. it does it all


My PS3 Phat died from the YLOD


What can you say about the PS3 that already hasn't been said? Not much but I will any way. I believe that the PS3 is one of the best consumer electronics devices ever made. It plays video games, of course, videos, photos, movies, DVDs, and Blu-rays both 2D and 3D. This can be done from actual discs, a flash drive, a hard drive, or streaming from your own network or the web. No other device has been able to be upgraded through firmware as many times and added as many features. Some not even thought of when it was introduced.

Yes this comes from a guy who paid $500+ for a PS3 60gb in 2006 only to have it die four years later. What did I do then? I sold the dead one and bought a new one. Lost a card reader, gained bitstreaming. What do you with a disk that won't play on your stand alone player? Put it in the PS3 and enjoy, enough said.

  Oct 01, 2011
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: 4.5


A good choice for gamers. Good internet features. Quiet.


No HD sound in 3D mode.


The Playstation 3 is one of the most popular Blu-ray players available. It's compatibility and ease of use are impressive and it's the best you can get before going into the $500 range of players. Obviously, something that will attract many is it's gaming capabilities, being the current "fastest" console available. However, it also has good additional features such as Netflix, which it can stream at 1080p and a web browser. It's also very quiet, unlike it's chunky predecessor, and you can't even hear a hum while your movie is playing. The only real downside is that users equipped with 3DTVs should look elsewhere, as the old HDMI spec this player uses only supports 3D without HD audio. Though, if you only have a 2D set up, you'll be quite alright. Overall, it's one the best players out there, and definitely delivers the best bang for your buck.

  Nov 05, 2011
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: 5


an awesome bluray and gaming system. It does a very good job of decoding DTS hd master and True hd.


nothing that I can think of.


This is a great bluray player and gaming system. this 160 gig version does a good job on decoding DTS hd master and True hd. I have had mine for a year and aim still loving it.

  Feb 20, 2012
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: 4.5


works great with my samsung 40 inch tv and the remote that came with the tv is already programed to the ps3 so thats a plus.


has a humming sound after a while its been on. maybe just my machine, not sure.


haven't had anything to compare it to. this is my first for playing 3d movies. has an obvious humming sound after being on for a while but i hardly use it until now when i got my 3d tv. i use it a lot now since i got the 3d tv but other then the sound, it's a dependable machine for viewing 3d movies. picture quality is very satisfying to me at least.

  Apr 26, 2012
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: 5


Plenty of multimedia playback options, bluray, networking, web-browsing, gaming


no MKV playback, external HDDs need to be FAT32 formatted


The best of everything you can get in one box
Gaming, Video, Music, Photos, Networking, Internet, DTV Tuner/Recorder

I still cannot get over the price that you pay for all you get, the PS3 is SOO cheap!

I have to admit that I dont even own any PS3 games, I use my PS3 soley for multimedia
the photo album application that comes with the PS3 is terrific
streaming or storing music or videos on the PS3 is easy as pie
there is also an aftermarket DTV tuner and recorder that you can purchase aswell as a wireless remote

one issue to note is that the PS3 does not playback the popular file format MKV and if you want to plug an external HDD into the PS3 then it has to be formatted to FAT32, which is frustraing because FAT32 does not support files over 4GB (which most HD content exceeds)

the PS3 is highly recommended if you are looking for an all in one multimedia solution

  Aug 18, 2011
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: 4.5


Great all around BDP and gaming system. Easily supports/decodes Dolby TrueHD & DTS-HD MA with your receiver.


Some lag or delay when turning the system on with Sony BDP remote, and PS3 controller.


I upgraded my phat 80GB PS3 to the Slim 160GB PS3 back in December of 2010. I couldn't resist the Christmas sale at BB and since I was upgrading my HT gear, I went ahead and upgraded my PS3. Since the phat PS3 could not display or decode the current HD sounds like Dolby, and DTS. I wanted to make sure my PS3 was up to date with the rest of my gear. Rather than just buying a separate BDP, I went ahead and bought a slim PS3 instead to go with my other new electronic devices. After doing the initial setup with my TV, and receiver. I couldn't be anymore happy with my PS3 Slim. It does everything for me since I only use my PS3 mainly for Blu-ray movies, and a few PS3 games.

My only drawback however, is the delay time from the PS3 controllers. For example, when I want to navigate on the PS3 menu, it takes about 1 second for the system to respond once the controller is turned on. This also goes for the Sony BDP remote. It's been 8 months now and it still has a delay for the system to respond from a "cold start". I never had this small issue with my phat PS3. Otherwise, I still recommend this product to anyone looking for something simple for gaming, movies, music, and now Netflix. PS3 can pretty much do it all these days.
  Dec 14, 2010
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: 2.5


Great at playing games


Not that great at 3d blu-rays


I'm a owner of a 50in 1080p Samsung 3d plasma,with ps3 ghosting appears in 3d blu-rays which ghosting is not a issue with my Samsung bd-c6900 3d blu-ray player on the same movies. In my opinion the ps3 is great at 3d gaming and 2d blu-ray playback, but I recommend a stand alone player for 3d blu-ray playback.

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