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Sony PlayStation 3 Holland

80GB Sony | Aug 06, 2007

Sony PlayStation 3 (80GB)

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Reviews (13 reviews)

  Feb 27, 2008
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: 5


Smartest blu-machine yet! Most advanced updateable machine out there.


it doesn't do dishes! No really I would have to say simply the blue tooth remote. Great concept but sucks for universal remotes until they go blue tooth too


One of the best option blu-ray machines on the market, with its large hard drive (add on hard drive abilities for more space) streaming media, web browser, usb and memory card interfaces, fast load times, quiet motor, this machine for the price can't be beat. And its one of the easiest blu-ray machine to upgrade to profile 2.0 with its wi-fi abilities - A sure winner in my book!

  Jul 09, 2009
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: 5


Fast loading times, does all HD codec via PCM, and looks beautiful.


Doesn't bitstream audio and doesn't output video or audio through two things. The 80gb model doesn't play my old PS2 games.


Such a great Blu-ray player! I originally had a Sony BDP-S300, and well, it did the job. I grew tired of the 2-5 minute loading times and I most of all wanted a player that can decode DTS-HD Master Audio. So I did my research and it came down to the Panasonic DMP-BD60 and the PS3. I picked the PS3.

It's wireless so I can update the firmware wireless-ly. It has a built-in web browser. Free subscription to the PlayStation Network so you game online for free! I love that it gives me, when I press select, the bitrate for the audio and video. Along with what video codec and audio codec. It decodes PCM, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio in 5.1 or 7.1 channels. You can sync it with you PC or Mac and stream videos and music that you have stored on your computers hard drive. If not you can rip music and video to the PS3's hard drive. I have the 80gb which is enough for me. If that isn't enough you can get the 160gb model. Or save some money get an 80gb model, buy a 320gb laptop hard drive and install it! Yep you can do that! Your a fan of Linux? Well, if you are you can install it on the PS3! This player does EVERYTHING!

Buy it!
  Apr 09, 2008
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: 5


Outstanding picture performance with Blu-ray Discs with very fast load times. Will play many Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 games.


Will not bitstream DTS-HD Master audio


The PS3 BLU-RAY movie and videogame player is still the best overall BLU-RAY player and it costs only $499 for the 80GB model.

Negatives of the PS3
Only major negative is for people that want the highest quality surround sound. The PS3 will not bitstream DTS-HD Master audio and this is a hardware limitation and is not upgradable view a firmware update according to the article. Perhaps internal decoding DTS-HD Master audio might be possible with a firmware update. Perhaps Sony will upgrade the physical hardware in future PS3 models to support bitstream.

“In spite of sporting an HDMI 1.3 output, the PS3 does not have the ability to output DD+ or TrueHD as native bitstreams; it converts both to multichannel PCM. My understanding is that lack of bitstream support is hardware level and will not be changed via firmware, ever.” “ “Lacks bitstream output for TrueHD and DTS-HD MA”

Positives of the PS3

“Standard setting speed and reliability with Blu-ray playback
Outstanding pure picture performance with Blu-ray Discs
Very respectable upconverting DVD performance
Wi-Fi Internet for Web interactivity and system updates
Loaded for interactivity; meets Bonus View and BD-Live specs”

Here is the latest review on the Sony PS3 which is a first generation BLU-RAY player that can outperform all other BLU-RAY players accept in the area of advanced surround sound formats.

  Dec 04, 2008
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: 4.5


Just about everything you can think of. Fast loading of Blu-rays, great picture quality. Great audio quality.


Lack of bitstream audio. Lack of advanced picture adjustments. Bluetooth remote.


So I have had my PS3 since Christmas of last year, and I love it. It is a fast Blu-ray player as far as loading. The picture quality is very good, especially for my needs. It is also able to internally decode all HD audio codecs, internally however. Overall this is a great buy, especially if you are a gamer. If not, I would go for a standalone because their prices have dropped significantly and their loading abilities are definitely getting better.
  Oct 22, 2009
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: 5


Very fast load times; great audio and video quality, WIFI for easy home Internet connection


no IR remote control possible without additional purchase; small hard drive


By now, most has been said about the good and not-so-good regarding this PS3 model.

No bitstream? So what. That just lets your Amp show the pretty lights to indicate it is receiving Dolby, DTS, etc.

The big deal for me is how fast it loads Blu-ray movies. I've tried tons of other blu-ray players and nothing comes close, not even Sony's own line-up.

No PS2 game support? So what. Those games would look lousy on an HDTV anyway. You really can't go wrong with this model playing games and watching blu-ray.

  Jun 09, 2010
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: 4.5


Fast to download, and you can update automatically


Load times can be excessive depending on the BD release. A little "large" for a BDP.


Do you love movies? Do you love games? Well, only the PS3 provides the best of both worlds. For me I only use my PS3 for BD's, and Madden NFL Football. Other than that there's a lot of features you can do such as internet browsing, save pics, and movies.

I'm a simple guy that likes things done on it's own. Firmware update needed? My PS3 will prompt me ASAP that an update is required. As for the loading times. I'd say the loading isn't too bad. Also my system doesn't sound loud at all. Never had problems and I had my PS3 since October 2008.

So if you're looking for a video game system, and a BDP. You don't have to look far in this investment since it's at your local electronic store.
  Jun 12, 2010
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: 4.5


The Controller as a remote is THE BEST!!! Love the analog and general setup of it. WORKS AWESOME for slowmo! Also plays Video games!!!! Always gets firmware updates.


cost maybe?? I tried to find things that sucked about it, but its just solid in what it does. Its a multi-function BD player that has internet, its got the ability to DL, meaning it has a HardDrive... its hard to say what the drawbacks are... BLUKY! Thats it, its bulky... but ehhh.. big deal.


For the money, probably the best way to go. Has a lot of stuff to do online with it, concerning blugay. Powerful enough. Plays Video Games toO. For me, its Solid! It upconverts pretty well, and plays most burned/ripped media. Even if it says it doesnt, you can get around the "wont play" function with a little TRIANGLE action. I havent had any problems with it, and i noticed that IT LOADS A HELLLLL OF A LOT FASTER than most other BD players. AND that is a PLUS!! my UFC 100 fights loads in like seconds, and other players ive put it into takes minutes. And thats definately a plus for me!!

  Jul 15, 2010
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: 4.5


IMO one of the best all around Blu-Ray players since it can do pretty much EVERYTHING


well I guess a con would be that this model is no longer available and the new ones are no longer Piano Black :(


I've owned it for 2 years now and it's never given me one problem. If you need an update the system will notify you automatically. It's wireless, plays games, plays CD's and SACD's and DVD's, stores digital music on the internal 80gb drive, stores photos, you can download all sorts of content. Now has netflix capability. You can set up a streaming service from your computer which is pretty cool. It now works with my universal remote (about time logitech...). Heck I can even surf the web on the PS3. I've never had ONE issue with a disk not playing.

I also like how they continue to support it and give it updates for new features ALL the time. Hey i'm just glad they finally allowed this PS3 to internally decode the HD codecs

  Mar 21, 2011
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: 5


Great machine! It does everything I need it to do!


Doesnt Bitstream, but that doesnt bother me much.


This machine is great! I can play my PS, PS2, and PS3 games, Watch Blu Rays, Use Netflix, etc. Too bad it cant go to work or school for me. Maybe the next one. LOL

Nothing bad come to mind when i think of cons. I just love this machine.

  Aug 04, 2011
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: 5


what can you say about a machine that just about does it all? upgradable software; upgradable firmware (now with 3d capability); up to 7 controllers configured for co-op play with games; wireless internet connectivity; bluetooth capability; usb inputs; nice compliment of hd audio output signals. this thing just about does everything you need it to do and more.


price point, maybe. hard drive size (wasn't really an issue when i first purchased it, now it's getting to where i need a bigger one). not a lot to complain about, really.


i absolutely love the ps3. it certainly is the next-gen of gaming and hi-def movie experience. with automatic updates and wireless connectivity to the internet, you don't have to worry about running a network cable or making sure it has the latest updates. i also like how you can change the background to your choosing and and also install themes that suit your nature. it can play bd movies, games, other videos (whether on a usb drive or put directly onto the ps3 hd), audio files (mp3, etc.) and display pictures in a random order for a nice slideshow.

if i could get this thing to cut my grass, i'd have it made.

i have had to send mine in to be repaired (lucky for me i bought the 2 year extended warranty), but have had no issues since i've gotten it back. the issue was it would sorta lock-up about 45 minutes into any movie or game and then just go back to the main menu of the unit. not a huge deal if you remember to save a lot during games (which i learned to do a long time ago). but if you have a game where you can only save at a main menu (like gt5, which i play) or after you're through a "quest", then yeah, it's a big issue. with a movie you can just start from the point that it froze; but it was still a hassle to do that with every movie or game.

anyway, i got it repaired and now it's back in my hands and running like a champ.

my next ps3, after i purchase a stand-alone blu-ray player, will be the 160gb version. that will give me double the hd space for less than what i paid for my current 80gb version.

  Jan 05, 2013
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: 4


Backward compatibility (PS2 & PSX), 2 more USB ports and SD cards inputs, power on/off button behind.


Can get really loud, no HDMI cable included, bulky size, gloss finish.


This is almost the same review I did with the ''slim'' model. Some things are improved and some don't. Still the ''slim'' model is way better and a huge improvement over this model. This ''Fat'' model also have a high failure rate for the Blu-Ray laser. Mine died last year. Many also had the ''YLOD'' problem...With all the DLC of classic PSX and PS2 games I don't see the need for this console anymore. Still it's a amazing console and for those who still owns a working one keep it !

  Apr 28, 2011
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: 5


My 80gig backwards compatible allows me to bitstream!


Bulky, gets really hot, external fans are loud


I love my ps3. Just bought a couple months ago, and while for me it gets too hot for comfort for blu-ray watching, I believe the function is awesome...and mine will definately allow me to bitstream. I just choose bitstream in the audio settings of the ps3 during blu-ray playback. Maybe it was the last update that allowed this. Love it.
  Apr 08, 2010
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: 3.5


Fast loading, easy upgrading.


UGLY!!!!! No multichannel analog outputs. Upconversion below that of some standalones. BD colors not as nice as some standalones. Remote?


Nice player for the gamer community, but otherwise? UHG. As in UGLY! Somebody woke up from a 40 year sleep and then designed this horrible box. Besides speed, other performance factors of this player are just OK. Very convenient upgrading. Pretty much future proof.

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