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Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (Blu-ray)
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The Amazing Spider-Man 3D (Blu-ray)


1960 | 197 min | PG-13 | 2.35:1



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Theatrical release date

 06 October, 1960
 08 December, 1960

Country of origin

 United States

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Screenshots from Spartacus Blu-ray

Filmed in Technirama, this epic story chronicles one of histories greatest underdogs — Spartacus! He and other slaves are sold to an owner of a school for gladiators. Spartacus excels and is rewarded with a slave women, Varinia, for his pleasure in which he demurs. However they eventually fall for each other before a death match for a corrupt Roman senator, Marcus Crassus. After the brutal spectacle, Spartacus is enraged by the death of his friends and the loss of his love. He leads a revolt and bolts. Marching across the countryside to escape over the sea to their homelands, he is elated to find Varinia. Their quest becomes entwined with the political aspirations of Crassus and sets the fate of all three. Spartacus' saga survives the test of time and has been immortalized by this landmark film.

Starring: Kirk Douglas, Jean Simmons, Tony Curtis, Laurence Olivier, Peter Ustinov, Charles Laughton
Director: Stanley Kubrick

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Blu-ray Editions

United States Spartacus $17.98
United States Spartacus (1960s Best of the Decade) $14.99
United States Spartacus (Academy Award Series) $14.3
United States Spartacus (Universal 100th Anniversary) $13.98
United Kingdom Spartacus £7
United Kingdom Spartacus (HMV Exclusive)
United Kingdom Spartacus (Limited Edition | Universal 100th Anniversary C...
United Kingdom Spartacus (Original Poster Series) £7
Canada Spartacus C$17.93
Canada Spartacus Universal 100th Anniversary C$14.61
Australia Spartacus (50th Anniversary Edition)
Germany Spartacus (50th Anniversary Edition) €13.43
Germany Spartacus (50th Anniversary Edition | Jahr100Film)
France Spartacus €12.34
France Spartacus (DigiBook) €12.04
Holland Spartacus
Spain Spartacus (Espartaco) (DigiBook) €16.47
Spain Spartacus (Espartaco / Edición 50º Aniversario) €12.8
Portugal Spartacus
Italy Spartacus €9.89
Greece Spartacus (50th Anniversary Edition | Σπά&#...
Sweden Spartacus (50th Anniversary Edition) SEK99
Sweden Spartacus (Universal 100th Anniversary) SEK49
Sweden Spartacus (Universal 100th Anniversary) (DigiBook) SEK149
Norway Spartacus NOK99
Norway Spartacus (Universal 100th Anniversary) (DigiBook) NOK139
Denmark Spartacus DKK99
Denmark Spartacus (100th Anniversary Edition)
Denmark Spartacus (Universal 100th Anniversary) (DigiBook) DKK129
Finland Spartacus (50th Anniversary Edition)
Finland Spartacus (Universal 100th Anniversary) (DigiBook) €14.95
Finland Spartacus (Universal 100th Anniversary)
Hong Kong Spartacus

Blu-ray Bundles

United States Stanley Kubrick Limited Edition Collection (Spartacus / Lo... $129.99
United States Universal 100th Anniversary Collection (with Book, CD and ... $149.99
United Kingdom Gladiator / Spartacus / Robin Hood £28
United Kingdom Robin Hood / Gladiator / Spartacus £17.36
Canada Stanley Kubrick Limited Edition Collector (DigiPack)
Canada Universal 100th Anniversary Collection C$204.1

DVD Editions

United States Spartacus $10.06
United States Spartacus (1960's Best Of The Decades Collection) $11.99
United States Spartacus (The Criterion Collection) $32.46
United States Spartacus (Universal 100th Anniversary)
United Kingdom Spartacus
United Kingdom Spartacus (Special Edition)
United Kingdom Spartacus (Special Edition)
Canada Spartacus C$11.93
Brazil Spartacus (Edição Especial)


United States Spartacus


United States Spartacus SD: $9.99, HD: $14.99

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