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Image from: Life of Pi (2012)

beyond 1000

Home Theater Galleries
My home theatre (78)   

My home theatre (78 photos)
Weighted average: 4.9, average: 5.0 of 5 (93 votes) (5.0) (93 ratings)

Uploaded Mar 22, 2015 23:09:46
The size difference between the 42s and the 62s is a factor of 3 times the volumetric measurements.

Uploaded Mar 22, 2015 23:09:55
With the RF82s, the RC52, and the PB13 Ultra operating in unison, the poor RS42s with the S2s could not keep up. One can say I was "under-backed." With the addition of the RS62s and the RS42s going to the support position, the back end can easily keep up with the front end. Immersion is now fully complete as there is simply no need for Atmos in this room. The RS62s can fully immerse the room with sound blending in with the rest of the system. Now my speaker array is complete.

Uploaded Mar 22, 2015 23:09:28
A close up shot of the new massive RS62ii main surrounds. These behemouths can finally bring the back end in balance with the front end.

Uploaded Mar 22, 2015 23:09:38
A full array of the back end with the RS42iis as my backs driven by the Onkyo 906 AVR and the venerable RS62iis as the mains part of the main 5 speakers driven by the Outlaw 7500 multichannel amp.

Uploaded Mar 22, 2015 23:09:19
A close up of the RS42ii as they bring the system to 7 channels. They used to be my surround mains.

Uploaded Mar 22, 2015 23:09:10
A shot of back end featuring Klipsch RS62ii main surrounds and RS42ii surround backs

Uploaded Sep 23, 2013 16:39:27
A shot of the backside of Shunyata's oversized wall outlet. When the amp and sub run hard this unit will not overheat and will keep it's composure.

Uploaded Oct 03, 2013 22:00:59
Latest sonic upgrade from Eden Sound. The huge Papa Bear Paw footer. At 6.5 lbs these are the most massive footers in the industry. Over 3 inches in height and 3 inches in width.

Uploaded Oct 03, 2013 22:00:46
One of 3 Eden Sound Fatboy dampening discs. Each weighs 2 lb and is 1.3 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter. The Triceratops radiused mini footers are an option.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2014 21:14:05

Uploaded Nov 20, 2014 21:14:15
After watching War of the World's, Cloverfield, and Pacific Rim the SVS PB13 Ultra subwoofer combined with the Synergistic Research Copper Tungsten Silver -analog power cord proved to be a very powerful duo with liquid smooth, chest asphyxiating power. This combo really changes the way your movie experience is presented.

Uploaded Nov 16, 2014 23:44:41
Back shot of the Outlaw multichannel amp featuring main line power filtration.

An overhead shot of Blue Circle Audio's PLC Thingee, 12x Sillycone filter and X0e low frequency power filter. Purification of power for Plasma, AVR, Blu-ray, DVR, multichannel power amp come from these dense beasts housed in a 4.5 inch PVC (3.5 inch for X0e) and totally encased in silicone. Size is deceiving. The Thingee and Sillycone filter are large and heavy and do the job like nothing I have ever owned. The smaller X0e filter is developed for low frequency power grid "growl" and operates differently from its' two bigger brothers. The Outlaw amp is newly connected to the AVR with Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 interconnects and is powered by Shunyata Research' newly-released Viper Ztron power cord. A Synergistic Research Element Copper-Tungsten ac cord connects the PLC Thingee to the Shunyata SR Z1 wall outlet. Powering the AVR is a second Viper Ztron.

Uploaded Jul 19, 2011 00:51:35
A close up shot of the Outlaw 7500's two massive 1.6kva toroidal transformers. Each of those capacitors is 15,000mf in size and there are 10 in all. This amplifier pushes out tremendous power at an ultra-clean lightening-fast speed.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2014 21:13:47
The system complete as of May 2015
The system consists of .......

Panasonic TCP-50 G10 - 50 inch G-series Plasma Monitor calibrated with Joe Kane's Digital Video Essentials HD calibration disc.

Klipsch RC 52 center channel.
Klipsch RF 82 main towers.
Klipsch RS 42ii surround backs.
Klipsch RS 62ii surround mains.

SVS PB-13Ultra subwoofer with threaded Black Diamond Racing Pucks MK4 on Auralex Great Gramma isolation riser with Synergistic Research Element Copper Tungsten Silver -analog (CTS-A) active power cord and Take Five Audio NF-B interconnect with silver WBT connectors.

Motorola DCT3400 series 160g DVR, Monster 250dfo optical audio interconnect to AVR, Monster 750hd HDMI interconnect to plasma with Mapleshades Triplepoint brass footers, Mapleshades Hemispherical Heavyhat brass dampening weights, and 1.25 inch mapleblock plinth.

Samsung BD-C6500 7.1 blu-ray player with Eden Sound Papa Bear Paws Triceratops brass footers, Eden Sound Triceratops Fatboy brass dampening weights, Mapleshades Hemispherical Heavyhat brass dampening weight, 3 inch mapleblock plinth on Eden Sound 2 inch Terrastone footers, Blue Jeans LC-1 7.1 analog interconnects to AVR, and Monster 1000HD HDMI interconnect to plasma.

Blue Circle Audio PLC Thingee power line conditioner on #4 Vibrapods with Synergistic Research Element Copper-Tungsten ac cord.
Blue Circle Audio 12x Sillycone Filter on PLC Thingee on #4 Vibrapods
Blue Circle Audio x0e output module on PLC Thingee on #4 Vibrapods
Blue Circle Audio 18x Sillycone Filter on Cardas Myrtleblocks on subwoofer free outlet.

Shunyata Research SR-Z1 wall outlet for subwoofer.
Shunyata Research SR-Z1 wall outlet for PLC main.

Onkyo 906 AVR with Shunyata Research Viper Ztron Power Cord and Mapleshades Hemispherical Heavyhat brass dampening weights on 1 inch Eden Sound Terrastone footers.

Outlaw Audio model 7500 5 channel power amplifier with Shunyata Research Viper Ztron Power Cord, Eden Sound Fatboy with Triceratops brass dampening weights, Mapleshades Hemispherical Heavyhat dampening weight, Mapleshades threaded Hemispherical brass feet, on 3.5 inch solid maple plinth on Eden Sound 1 inch Terrastone footers, and Blue Jeans LC-1 interconnects from AVR.

Uploaded Oct 03, 2013 22:00:23
A side shot of the Blu-ray assembly.

Uploaded Oct 03, 2013 22:00:35
The huge Eden Sound Papa Bear Paw brass footer. Over 3 inches in height, 3 inches in diameter, and a whopping 6.5 lbs in weight. Simply the best.

Uploaded Feb 23, 2012 21:00:29
A forefront shot of the mighty PB13Ultra. 1kw RMS and 3.6kw dynamic power.

Uploaded Feb 23, 2012 21:00:36
Top shot of the massive SVS PB13Ultra. Producing 1000w rms and a minimum of 4500w dynamic power using a massive Synergistic Research Element Copper Tungsten Silver (analog) active power cord, once this thing fires at reference level not even a call from the Governor will save you.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2013 14:41:37
The "ultraPLAT" decouples the amp from the ground.

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:05:44
The Outlaw 7500 completely replaces ANY AVR as a main power supply. At $1600 it is a huge bargain for sonic fidelity.

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:05:52
One of two 1.6kva ATI transformers.

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:12:43
Side close-up of the transformers and capacitors

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:12:50
Front quarter view of the Outlaw amp. There is a lot of heatsink that Outlaw designed in aiding the cooling function. No noisy fan needed.

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:13:05
The sonic detail of the Outlaw 7500 is simply divine. Watching a movie even late at night is sweet as this awesome component supplies the 5 Klipsch Reference speakers with enough current to bring out the most detailed nuances.

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:13:12
Close up of the left side of the transformers showing the discreet circuit boards and capacitors.

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:13:19
A total of 3.2kva in two transformers and 150k mf of capacitance

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:13:26
Overhead front quarter view. My poor wall circuits have to dish out the food for this hungry power station.

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:13:34
A nice top view from the front side of this monster.

Uploaded Jan 31, 2014 12:09:43
A full side shot of the cutaway demo model of the behemouth SVS PB 13Ultra flagship subwoofer at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. The bottom end on the LFE is absolutely clean and subterranean. At a powerful dynamic drive the movie viewer will exclaim "Shoot me, shoot me now."

Uploaded Nov 16, 2014 22:48:35
The new Synergistic Element Copper-Tungsten hyper-power cord. This monster AC cord is a scaled down version of their CTS-A monster ac cord powering my subwoofer. The Element series is SR's newest line which is a scaled down line from their limited edition Galileo LE uber-cord.

Uploaded Dec 25, 2013 17:11:24
BC Audio's 18x Sillycone filter.

Uploaded Dec 25, 2013 17:11:13
The Blue Circle Audio 18x Sillycone filter is the newest addition to BCAudio's filtration for my system. This powerful unit was bought to filter out all contaminated power for the SVS subwoofer.

Uploaded Sep 23, 2013 16:39:16
The description here on Shunyata's SR-Z1 wall outlet should explain on the technology of the unit for maximum performance on the powerdrive portion of my system.

Uploaded Sep 23, 2013 16:39:04
One of two Shunyata Research wall outlets for main system and subwoofer. Cryogenically treated, these outlets are oversized with superb contacts.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2013 14:42:33
The Blu-ray assembly now sits solo on the top shelf. Featured here is the Samsung BD-6500c bluray player with Eden Sound Papa Bear Paw Triceratops brass footers on a 3 inch mapleblock with Eden Sound Fatboy Triceratops Brass dampening weights on top. The whole assembly rests on Eden Sound 2 inch Terrastone footers. This is very effective for making sound transparent and tight by eliminating resonance and by providing maximum drainage of trapped internal spent energy. Great for the picture too.

Uploaded Oct 03, 2013 22:30:49
At 3.3 inches in height and 6.5 lbs in weight these footers are the largest on the market. Beautiful in finish.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2013 14:41:48
I got the 3.5 inch butcher block from a kitchen supply company and rested it on 1 inch Terrastone footers from Eden Sound. The amp drains it's spent mechanical energy from its brass feet into the plinth. The plinth receives no reverberation from the totally inert Terrastones.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2013 14:41:59
The full amp assembly.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2013 15:05:57
Another shot of the Blu-ray assembly. Featured here is the Samsung BD-6500c bluray player with Eden Sound Papa Bear Paw Triceratops brass footers on a 3 inch mapleblock with Eden Sound Fatboy Triceratops Brass dampening weights on top. The maple plinth sits on top of Eden Sound 2 inch Terrastone footers. This setup is very effective for making sound transparent and tight by eliminating resonance and by providing maximum drainage of trapped internal spent energy. Great for the picture too.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2013 15:05:23

Uploaded Oct 03, 2013 21:47:00
Here is the DVR now suspended on Mapleshades Triplepoint brass footers. The Triplepoints both isolate the player from external vibration and more importantly drain internal mechanical resonance occuring in the player ultimately providing an expanded soundstage with greater detail in both the audio and video performance. A 1.25 inch mapleblock shelf is included for vibration drainage as well as Mapleshades Hemispherical Heavyhat brass dampening weights on top.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2013 14:42:45
I ordered this maple butcher block, finished it with many applications of wood conditioner, went to a local trophy shop and made the name badge "ultraPLAT". Don't look for this product on the internet. The massive footers rest on this slab for electronic drainage and isolation from the elements and glass. The huge dampeners press the Blu-ray player down solidly on the footers.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2013 14:42:11
An angled shot of the amp resting on the plinth. The total weight of amp, dampeners, and plinth is 122 lbs on the Terrastone footers.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2013 14:42:22

Uploaded Sep 13, 2013 00:24:31
A close-up of the 12x Sillycone by Blue Circle Audio.

Uploaded Jan 16, 2014 21:58:58
One of two new power cords for the system is the Shunyata Research' newly released Viper Ztron. Plenty of current and ultra-low noise floor for this fantastic electrical lifeline. This one has a 20 amp connector.

Uploaded Jan 16, 2014 21:59:13
The second Shunyata Viper Ztron with 15 amp connector powers the Onkyo AVR currently used as a pre-pro.

Uploaded Nov 16, 2014 22:48:25
One of my ac cords is the Synergistic Research Element series Copper-Tungsten Tesla active power cord. There are separately shielded copper and tungsten cables running through it for maximum power transfer. The power supply plugs to the power line filter and the lead into the power cord itself for active shielding.

Uploaded Jan 16, 2014 22:00:38
Here is the back side of the blue-ray player featuring the rear Eden Sound Papa Bearpaw footer and Blue Jeans Cable thick hi-performing LC-1 ultra-low capacitance interconnect in 8 channel LPCM configuration.

Uploaded May 13, 2015 23:53:40
A shot of the Synergistic Research Element Copper-Tungsten ac cord powering the BC Audio PLC distribution block. This power cord does it for everything with the exception of the subwoofer.

Uploaded May 13, 2015 23:53:50
A closer shot of my number 2 ac cord. Here I have chosen the grey tuning bullet to help smoothen or warm up the power drive without loosing the total impact of the cord's capability.

Uploaded May 13, 2015 23:53:59
Behind the SVS PB 13 Ultra subwoofer showing the TFA-NFB subwoofer interconnect with WBT silver connectors, Blue Circle Audio's 18x Sillycone filter and Synergistic Research gargantuan Element CTS-A uber ac cord. This one I have dubbed "Godzilla" as it powers another "Godzilla" of a subwoofer.

Uploaded Feb 06, 2015 09:45:26
The subwoofer's new interconnect......Take Five Audio's NF-B

Uploaded Feb 06, 2015 09:45:36
The TFA NF-B is a proprietary subwoofer cable limited to 100hz signal. It has a massive 12awg center conductor with dual cross-shielding to eliminate low frequency hum. I then ordered it with WBT silver connectors to complete the termination. This cable easily outperforms what I had before with smooth emphasis on the lowest registers. The LFE signal is ultra-fast and uncompressed. Build quality is first rate.

Uploaded May 13, 2015 21:30:13
My latest ac cord is the Synergistic Research Element CTS-A (copper,tungsten,silver -analog) to power the SVS PB 13 Ultra subwoofer. This is the ultimate and last ac cord upgrade for my system. The power drive and force this conduit supplies in conjunction with the 13 Ultra is a force out of this world.

Uploaded May 13, 2015 21:30:22
Another photo of "Godzilla" the CTS-A which is my largest ac cord. Quality and performance is the key here.
The Synergistic ac cord is tunable with three different tuning "bullets". Silver is fast and airy, Black is warm and mellow and Grey is tuned with a mixture of Silver and Black. I chose to attach the Silver tuning since I want my sub for home theatre performance in which hard-hitting fast attack performance is best.

Uploaded Nov 16, 2014 22:49:13

Uploaded May 13, 2015 21:30:32
Top view of the Synergistic Research Copper Tungsten Silver in Analog form.

Uploaded May 13, 2015 21:30:40
Synergistic Research, SVS, and Blue Circle audio make for awesome LFE power, response, and liquid smoothness. Blue Circle Audio's 18x Sillycone filter cleans out any AC noise entering the system from the evil world.

Uploaded May 13, 2015 21:30:49
I thought the Shunyata Alpha HC was pricey but this Synergistic ac cord takes the stinking cake. A scaled-down version from their gargantuan Galileo LE, the Element Copper-Tungsten-Silver's performance increase on the PB-13 Ultra was well worth it. The sub behaves like another speaker between 35hz and 60hz, where I set upper bass management, and it's liquid smooth on rumble scenes. No stuttering, just a fluid low frequency push. Below 30hz hold on to your ribs. Below 20hz say goodbye to them. This hyper-hybrid ac cord shines so well with this sub.

No need to upgrade anymore unless I want the Galileo LE in which case I will set up a contribution fund at I am set up for Paypal. If no contributions then this one is my last ac cord upgrade.

Uploaded May 13, 2015 21:30:59
Top view of the subwoofer and it's supporting cast.

Uploaded Aug 11, 2011 21:37:11
   SVS PB13-Ultra 

The 1kw Sledge amplifier is nicely put together and very easy to go through the submenus for set up. This unit has a top quality build and is very elegant.

Uploaded Aug 12, 2011 12:47:39
White cloth protective bag just removed and the big Ultra is ready to go onto the Auralex Great Gramma Pad.

Uploaded Aug 12, 2011 12:47:49
The 13.5 SVS proprietary driver weighs 60 lbs according to the SVS technician I spoke to. This is more than most subwoofers out there. The surround is made of Santoprene...a mix of Polypropalene and Rubber. It is very solid to the touch. Three tuning ports can be plugged. I have the middle port plugged and set on the amplifier's DSP settings for the one port plugged configuration. This is the best setting for ultra deep extension and absolute power.

Uploaded Sep 02, 2011 22:07:49
Overhead view of 160lbs of Capital Punishment. This monster packs 1000w of continuous power and 3600w of dynamic thrust.

Uploaded Feb 23, 2012 21:00:44

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:04:43

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:04:51
Outlaw model 7500

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:04:58
Top view of Outlaw power amp

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:05:06
This unit has incredible build quality. Glad I bought it.

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:05:13
Rear shot of the venerable Outlaw 7500

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:05:20
Overhead view of amp. Although this amp is rated at 5x200wpc rms, the actual bench tested power is 240wpc all channels simultaneously driven at Outlaw's .03 THD rating.

Uploaded Mar 21, 2012 23:05:27
Here is the Outlaw amp with top off. The unit has two oversized toroidal transformers with 150,000mf capacitance and huge amount of heat sink. At just over 80 lbs this poses a mega effort to remove from the stand. Extra Strength Advil would help.

Uploaded Jan 28, 2013 02:03:05
Here is a cutaway model of the Sledge-powered PB 13 Ultra at a Las Vegas Trade Show showing its massive cabinet and 60lb motor magnet driver. One can see why SVS calls it "Ultra".

Uploaded Feb 06, 2013 15:23:46
A forward shot of the cutaway model showing the complexity of the 13Ultra's engine.

Uploaded Feb 06, 2013 15:23:48
Here is a side shot at a consumer fair showing the massive 60lb magnet motor structure of the powerful SVS PB 13Ultra.

Uploaded Jul 31, 2013 22:50:02
The underside of the Outlaw amp showing the new threaded brass footers from Mapleshades Audio. These brought the weight of the amp from 80 lbs to 85 lbs.

Uploaded Nov 20, 2014 21:13:37

Uploaded Nov 20, 2014 21:13:56


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