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A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray

United States
DigiBook / 40th Anniversary Edition | Includes: O Lucky Malcolm! and Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures / Blu-ray + Digital Copy Warner Bros. | 1971 | 137 min | Rated R | May 31, 2011

A Clockwork Orange (Blu-ray)

Codec: VC-1
Resolution: 1080p
Aspect ratio: 1.66:1
Original aspect ratio: 1.66:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 16-bit)
French: Dolby Digital 5.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1
Portuguese: Dolby Digital 5.1
German: Dolby Digital 5.1

English SDH, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German SDH, Danish, Dutch, Finnish… (more)

50GB Blu-ray Disc
Two-disc set (2 BDs)
iTunes digital copy


Region free

List price: $24.98, Price history

Amazon: $15.70 (Save 37%)
New from: $10.50 (Save 58%)
Usually ships in 24 hours

Buy A Clockwork Orange on Blu-ray Movie

Movie rating
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Blu-ray rating
Video 4.2 of 54.2
Audio 4.2 of 54.2
Extras 4.8 of 54.8
Based on 3 user reviews

Movie appeal

Dark humor44%
Psychological thriller40%

A Clockwork Orange


A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray offers solid video and audio in this excellent Blu-ray release

Urban thugs run wild and new methods of crime deterrence are being explored. Career gang member Alex is nabbed by the police and offered the chance to a commuted sentence if he undergoes a kind of surgical therapy. One where his brain does not allow him to execute his violent urges.

For more about A Clockwork Orange and the A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray release, see A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray Review published by on where this Blu-ray release scored 4.0 out of 5.

Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates, Adrienne Corri, Warren Clarke, Aubrey Morris
Narrator: Malcolm McDowell
Director: Stanley Kubrick

» See full cast & crew

A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray, Video Quality

  3.5 of 5

Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied, I knew such lovely pictures!

The 40th Anniversary edition of A Clockwork Orange features the same 1080p/VC-1 encoded transfer that first appeared on Blu-ray in 2007, and the two encodes are identical, right down to the last pixel. For some, the news will be disappointing. The original film isn't the shiniest trinket in Kubrick's collection, nor is its high definition presentation the sort of striking, miraculously restored catalog stunner the studio has become known for. Softness abounds, contrast wavering creeps in, noise surges at inopportune times, delineation is problematic, print fluctuations are apparent and color saturation is inconsistent, sometimes from one shot to the next. All of which begs the question: is this the best that A Clockwork Orange can possibly look? Or could a more thorough overhaul remain faithful to Kubrick's every intention and rejuvenate its weary bones? We reviewers and videophiles spit out "faithful" as if a single word is capable of defining an entire restoration and presentation. But if A Clockwork Orange were suddenly, inexplicably improved upon by the restorative wizards at Warner, say later this year, would anyone still regard this release as faithful? Or merely outdated?

But I digress. Though some are certainly correctable, most of the aforementioned inconsistencies either trace back to Kubrick's intentions or the film's source, making Warner's transfer, by and large, a reasonably faithful one. As such, news that Warner has simply repurposed Clockwork's 2007 Blu-ray transfer won't scare away everyone. Primaries bloom decently when Alex ventures out into the daylight, the stark and stormy hues of droog nightlife have been preserved, fleshtones are relatively lifelike throughout, black levels are fairly pleasing (barring a few muted shadows and skies), and the film's grainfield hasn't been compromised, at least not all that much. Moreover, detail, though seemingly unreliable at times, reflects Kubrick and John Alcott's cinematography as it is, not as some wish it to be. Numerous closeups step out of the past and look forty-years-young, others are hazy and indistinct products of a bygone age; some textures are refined, others drown in the shadows and recoil in the light; edge definition sometimes satisfies, but often doesn't fare as well. Make no mistake, this is A Clockwork Orange, blemishes and all.

There are several prevailing issues though that can't be attributed to Kubrick, his vision or the original source, at least not in their entirety. Crush is a frequent offender, artifacting doesn't make itself enough of a stranger, minor banding joins the fray here and there, and a hint of aliasing affects a few shots. No one eyesore undermines the whole of the presentation, but together they make it clear that, true to its aging source as it tends to be, all is not as well with Warner's high definition re-release.

A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray, Audio Quality

  3.5 of 5

As we walked along the flatblock marina, I was calm on the outside, but thinking all the time: now it was to be Georgie the general, saying what we should do and what not to do, and Dim as his mindless greeding bulldog. But suddenly, I viddied that thinking was for the gloopy ones, and that the oomny ones use like, inspiration and what Bog sends. Now it was lovely music that came into my aid...

The newest release of A Clockwork Orange offers an above average DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track that, for all intents and purposes, delivers the same sonic experience as the 2007 Blu-ray release's uncompressed LPCM mix. (Both are comparable lossless mixes; DTS-HD MA simply takes up less disc space.) Dialogue, warbly and thin as the droogs' cotton-mouthed cockney sometimes is, remains clear and intelligible throughout (barring a few source-born mishaps) and McDowell's omnipresent, silver-tongued narration looms with unsurpassed authority in the foreground, precisely as it should. The film's evocative score and classical music is crisp and dainty when clarity is called for, overwhelming when madness is preferred, and bold and commanding whenever direction or purpose is required. Granted, the track is unmistakably front-heavy, with minimal rear speaker involvement, but it stays true to the tone and tenor of Kubrick's original sound design. Alex and Beethoven are the kings of Kubrick's dystopian castle, and both are given plenty of opportunity to steal the director's thunder. Still, LFE output is rather bulky, directionality is hemmed in, and the tell-tale signs of age stifle things a bit. Not that anyone should be surprised. Forty years haven't gone by in the blink of an eye, and the sights and sounds of cinema have changed dramatically. Anyone willing to accept A Clockwork Orange on its own terms will be pleased with Warner's efforts.

A Clockwork Orange: Other Editions

A Clockwork Orange


Blu-ray bundles with A Clockwork Orange (2 bundles)

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A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray, News and Updates

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A Clockwork Orange Anniversary Edition Blu-ray, Kubrick Limited C... - February 15, 2011

Warner Home Video has officially announced A Clockwork Orange: 40th Anniversary Edition for Blu-ray release on May 31, in a two-disc Digibook edition with new additional content. On the same date, the studio will also release the nine-movie, ten-disc Stanley Kubrick ...

A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray, Forum Discussions

Topic Replies Last post
A Clockwork Orange 40th Anniversary Edition... (

Official Thread

216 Jul 14, 2014

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A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray

$24.98 $15.70

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