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Titanic 3D Blu-ray

United States
Limited 3D Edition / Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray Paramount Pictures | 1997 | 195 min | Rated PG-13 | Sep 10, 2012

Titanic 3D (Blu-ray)

Codec: MPEG-4 MVC
Resolution: 1080p
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1, 2.35:1
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
English: Dolby Digital 3.0
French: Dolby Digital 5.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1

English, English SDH, French, Spanish

50GB Blu-ray Disc
Four-disc set (4 BDs)
Digital copy (as download) (expired)
Blu-ray 3D

Slipcover in original pressing

Region A (locked)

List price: $41.99, Price history

Amazon: $19.99 (Save 52%)
Best Buy: $19.99 (Save 52%)  

Usually ships in 24 hours

Buy Titanic 3D on Blu-ray Movie

Movie rating
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Blu-ray rating
3D 4.7 of 54.7
Video 4.7 of 54.7
Audio 4.9 of 54.9
Extras 4.8 of 54.8
Based on 20 user reviews

Movie appeal


Titanic 3D


Titanic 3D Blu-ray comes close to perfection with top scores all around making it one of the best Blu-ray's ever

After winning a trip on the RMS Titanic during a dockside card game, American Jack Dawson spots the society girl Rose DeWitt Bukater who is on her way to Philadelphia to marry her rich snob fiance Cal Hockley. Rose feels helplessly trapped by her situation and makes her way to the aft deck and thinks of suicide until she is rescued by Jack. Cal is therefore obliged to invite Jack to dine at their first-class table where he suffers through the slights of his snobbish hosts. In return, he spirits Rose off to third class for an evening of dancing, giving her the time of her life. Deciding to forsake her intended future all together, Rose asks Jack, who has made his living making sketches on the streets of Paris, to draw her in the nude wearing the invaluable blue diamond Cal has given her. Cal finds out and has Jack locked away. Soon afterwards, the ship hits an iceberg and Rose must find Jack while both must run from Cal even as the ship sinks deeper into the freezing water.

For more about Titanic 3D and the Titanic 3D Blu-ray release, see Titanic 3D Blu-ray Review published by on where this Blu-ray release scored 5.0 out of 5.

Director: James Cameron
Writer: James Cameron
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Gloria Stuart

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Titanic 3D Blu-ray, Video Quality

  4.5 of 5

Titanic is undoubtedly one of the most visually astounding pictures ever made in its natural 2D form. It's astonishing to behold, and the Blu-ray is one of the finest ever released in terms of raw picture quality and ability to convey the film's visual wonders and emotional depth. To take the film and alter it might be anathema to purists, akin to George Lucas tinkering with Star Wars. Director James Cameron, however, isn't one to do something halfheartedly or merely "cash in" on a craze by lazily releasing a rushed conversion job to pull in a few suckers with 3D glasses and a handful of dollars to blow. He recognized his film's potential for a painstaking 3D conversion, for a bigger, perhaps even better, Titanic, a conversion meant to be a means of truly conveying the film's scope and the ship's size in a way that a flat, two-dimensional image simply cannot. The visionary director was dead-on in his assessment, and conversion house Stereo D has done what many might before now have deemed the impossible: crafting a 3D Titanic that looks like it was originally filmed in 3D. This is a truly remarkable, breathtaking visual experience. It's a pure 3D image that rivals the finest around; even Cameron's own Avatar isn't significantly better than Titanic in terms of the quality of the Blu-ray 3D imagery. For the 3D presentation, Cameron has opened up the Super 35 film, which allows more information on the top and bottom of the screen without losing all that much on the sides, controversial perhaps but in Cameron's estimation the proper move for the 3D image and the best solution to showcase the biggest, most immersive viewing experience possible. Paramount's 3D Blu-ray release of Titanic presents the film at a 1.78:1 aspect ratio and smartly splits the lengthy film over two discs to ensure the highest possible picture quality.

To get to the good stuff first: Titanic's Blu-ray 3D presentation is nothing short of spectacular. The film truly looks as if it were photographed in 3D, and it fares better -- significantly, in some cases -- than many native 3D images and certainly bests any conversion to date, with maybe Alice in Wonderland a distant second. The image is defined entirely by its true, constant, and focused sense of natural depth, length, width, and size. There are no deliberate "gimmick" or "trick" shots -- nor would one expect there to be -- but only a beautiful, sprawling, all-too-convincing third dimension that really does, in many ways, enhance the movie at least in terms of further emphasizing the ship's size, the complexity of the sinking, and the picture's own general technical attributes and marvels. The picture begins with a breathtaking 3D Paramount logo; stars swoop about the screen from back to front, slide on water's surface towards the Paramount mountain, and encircle the famous peak. The text hovers over the screen and the purple colors behind are so deep and true that just that moment could sell plenty of 3D units. But the real test is yet to come, and Cameron's 3D Titanic passes with flying colors even in the murky Atlantic bottom as the submersibles maneuver towards the Titanic with a genuine sense of space and depth, where bubbles pass in front and, even for their small size, make a big visual impact in defining the scope and distance of the shots. Inside the vessel, the cramped space is amazingly framed in 3D, giving off a true sense of confinement that's simply not evident in the 2D version. Rose's helicopter arrival yields a wondrous sense of space between the aircraft, the surface below, and the ship in the distance. All the unearthed materials are beautifully shapely, from the mud on the drawing to the most subtle little touches on her 84-years-buried hairpiece and mirror.

It's when the action shifts to 1912, however, that the image really puts on a show. The bustling docks spring to life like never before as the crowds of people take on a very real, evident shape even as they're packed together and hurriedly moving about. Rose's reveal is defined by the shape of her hat, which transforms from flat 2D to a beautifully voluminous object in 3D. Of course, the splendor of the ship is striking. Its length and width and promise of power are conveyed perfectly in 3D. Whether at the docks, out at sea, or while meeting its tragic fate, the scope of the entire thing will amaze audiences no matter its place or condition in the movie. The interiors prove just as impressive, if not more so. The size of the engine room and the heavy-duty machinery churning up and down is captured in 3D with a sense of size and rhythm that simply cannot be experienced in two dimensions. The ship's signature staircase appears so lifelike as it sprawls before the audience that it's almost impossible not to feel a slight dizziness at the realism but also to feel immediately transported into the movie and to a point where it's hard to resist the urge to reach out and run one's hand over the slick wood and feel the carpet underfoot. Hallways are remarkably expansive and deep, and in later scenes as water rushes through them, the sense of terror and impending doom are significantly enhanced. Outside, in several shots where the camera looks down at the water from the upper decks, the sense of distance is evident, and no longer does Titanic's deck just look like wooden planks floating on water but truly a surface quite a ways above water level. There are some minor but nonetheless impressive visuals to behold, such as splashes of water jumping up towards the camera after Cal fires a bullet into accumulating liquid. The image is otherwise almost entirely one of scope and scale and depth. The 3D review equipment (Panasonic Plasma/Sony 3D player) yielded only insignificant and very infrequent crosstalk. It's a masterwork conversion and, daresay, reason enough to make the plunge into 3D.

Fortunately, Titanic doesn't lose much of its 2D splendor on the way to an added dimension. As noted, the 2D Blu-ray is an astonishing presentation, and the 3D version is as well, though it's perhaps not quite as brilliant and consistent. There's still some insignificant light banding in some of the underwater shots and blacks remain a touch bright out on the lifeboats in the final act. The image loses a hint of its vibrancy in 3D, the colors lack that last little bit of pop, and some details can't push across to the finish line with the same complexity and seamlessness as the 2D version. But that's not to say this looks in any way bad. It's only that the 2D image sets the bar so high that anything less is, well, just a little less, which is the case here. Rose's purple hat isn't quite as eye-popping. The ship's warm woods aren't quite so intricately textured. Facial details in bright sunlight aren't quite as fine and infinitely complex. Still, it's an amazing image, from the orange sparks shooting across the screen as the safe is cut open early in the movie to the beautifully bright blue Atlantic waters, from the finer details on the captain's hat to the splendor of the necklace, this remains a knockout of a transfer. Combine it with the awe-inspiring 3D elements and it's easily one of the absolute best all-around images on Blu-ray. Fortunately, the movie is so good and both Blu-ray presentations so marvelous it's easy to watch the movie twice in close proximity; just allow the eyes time to recover from the flow of tears that will come with each viewing.

Note: all screenshots are from the 2D-only version of the film and do not represent the 3D presentation's aspect ratio.

Titanic 3D Blu-ray, Audio Quality

  5.0 of 5

Titanic's DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack is a match for the video and one of the finest high definition audio presentations on the market today. The track handles its wide range of sound elements with equal precision and grace, whether light ambience such as a churning hard drive heard during a scene in which Rose watches a digital recreation of the sinking in chapter seven or rushing waters tearing through the ship's lower decks as the vessel meets its doom. There are a few moments when the track seems to leave a little behind, such as on the docks before ship's departure; the din of the hustle and bustle doesn't quite stretch so far into the background so as to completely immerse the listening audience into the moment and practically place them in the location, but the effect is nonetheless a very good one. However, the majority of the track makes full use of the entire stage. A helicopter slices through the soundstage with startling efficiency and power as it brings Rose to the modern-day ship. In 1912, the sense of sheer power -- heard and felt -- as the ship shoves off and gets underway will dazzle. The raw strength as it pushes through water, moves from side to side, and powers through the Atlantic will leave listeners breathless. Counter that with the heavy churns of what are literally well-oiled machines down in the engine room and the steamy heat of the boiler room and audiences get a full sonic sense of the entire spectrum of the ship in motion. Music is balanced and naturally smooth. Whether James Horner's (Glory) epic score, live party music below decks, or the band's music that famously plays on as the ship sinks, every note enjoys crystal-clear clarity as they effortlessly float into the listening area. The track injects pleasant above deck ambience, gently inserting light winds and rolling waters to capture the sonic essence of being aboard the ship.

However, the track is defined by the second half's more energized effects. The scrapes and cracks heard during the collision penetrate the soundstage with frightening accuracy. Sloshing water; wet footsteps; and later, rushing waters exploding through the corridors -- shattering glass and sweeping away passengers -- play with startling volume, energy, and precision. Those rushing waters represent one of the best yet most terrifying sound effects ever heard on Blu-ray, and such elements all but saturate the soundstage and displace the listener and the equipment. Outside, the din of frightened passengers, the creaky sound of the lifeboats being lowered via a system of pulleys, the distant chaos from inside the ship, and the band's music altogether truly pull listeners into the chilled Atlantic night. A few scattered gunshots ring out with efficient power and presence. Dialogue plays evenly and smoothly from the center channel, never lost under music, ambient effects, or heavy sound elements. This is an extraordinary, totally immersive and genuine soundtrack that effortlessly transports listeners into the world of burgeoning romance and, later, the chaos of Titanic's final moments.

Titanic: Other Editions

4-disc set

4-disc set

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Titanic 3D Blu-ray

$41.99 $19.99

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