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Skyfall Becomes Biggest Ever Film at UK Box Office

Posted December 5, 2012 06:35 PM by Webmaster

Skyfall, the 23rd installment in the legendary James Bond franchise, has become the biggest ever film at the UK box office. In 40 days, Skyfall has made 94,277,612 for Eon Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The previous record was held by James Cameron's mega-blockbuster Avatar, which generated a 94,025,632 life-time gross during its eleven-month theatrical run in the UK.

In the UK, Skyfall will be released on Blu-ray on February 18th. See our listing here.

Retailer HMV will also sell an exclusive SteelBook edition of Skyfall. See our listing here.


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News comments (20 comments)

 - Dec 05, 2012

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Hooray for Skyfall! I am VERY Happy it beat out *cough* Avatar *cough*

Good movies finally win for once.

 - Dec 05, 2012

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Excellent news, this was a fantastic film.

 - Dec 05, 2012

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Woo-hoo That's awesome news! My favorite film of the year

 - Dec 05, 2012

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amazing! Loved the film. Going to see it again this weekend.

 - Dec 05, 2012

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The movie was fucking great. Bring on number 24!

 - Dec 06, 2012

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Thought it was WAY overrated. It took everything that was awesome about Casino Royale and the new direction of Bond and threw it out the window. "Dramatic scenes" weren't dramatic, one-liners weren't clever/funny, and too many stupid decisions by supposedly intelligent characters (involving either flashlights or small frozen ponds). Sometimes the "old ways" are the best ways, but not in this case. They should've waited for a new Bond rather than backtrack with Daniel Craig.

 - Dec 06, 2012

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Oh, but I will say that the villain was awesome!

 - Dec 06, 2012

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Does this mean more depressing instead of fun Bond's are expected to follow?

 - Dec 06, 2012

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I concur with 93xfan.

In Casino Royale, Bond was a complex character whose violence and emotional detachment stemmed from his childhood as an orphan. His love interest chipped away at his shell to reveal a human side, but she wrestled with her own demons and guilts, leading to one of the best movie endings ever.

In Skyfall, Bond was an action hero who parachuted onto a boat and snuck into a shower to have sex with a minor character who saw ten minutes of screen time. Then she was shot by the bad guy who *oh my goodness* was bisexual.

It was like: Bond told a gay joke to the bad guy. Durp!

Seriously, everything I liked about new Bond was destroyed with Skyfall. He became a shallow hornball who ran around shooting people and blowing things up in a bunch of contrived situations and comically unrealistic fight scenes.

My opinion apparently differs with most Brits'; I thought Skyfall sucked.

 - Dec 06, 2012

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@ 93xfan and boulder_bum
I just need to let you know that it is refreshing to see someone not liking a film that

1: Explain WHY they don't like it


2: Don't bash or ridicule anyone that DOES like it

Thank you!

I have personally not seen the movie myself yet (an 8 month old baby tend to keep at least one parent at home at all times, so we opt for watching the movies together on Blu instead of going to the movies one at a time...) but I have enjoyed the previous 2 Craig bonds so it will be interesting to see this one (the HMV SteelBook has been pre-ordered).

Finally, (almost) no matter the movie, it is great to see one bring that kind of money in!

 - Dec 06, 2012

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It differs from previous Bonds, I found it less cookie cutter than Quantum. I enjoyed it equally with Casino Royal. haunting soundtrack. Cinematography beautiful in some stages :>).

 - Dec 06, 2012

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I absolutely loved Skyfall. After the debacle of Question Of Sport, I was so hoping this would be Bond so much better and it certainly was. There are a few things wrong I know.

Famous stars on bikes is always a terrible idea since they cant/no allowed ride them. So we are left with the always awful "bike on a trailer" situation and it really took me out of the opening scene.

The Adele theme is just horrid, boring cack.

The tube crash was terrible too.

But for me that's it. The rest I loved. No stupid cars or gadgets, a great young Q. I loved the full use of Q's name. Can't remember when I last heard a Bond film use it. Dench was great, I know some don't like her, but I think s she's great normally and so to have her involved so much in this was really good.

Yes it's a very different kind of Bond and for those that have seen it, the next one will certainly be a back to normal?

For the record, I thought Casino in the end was great, but the poker scene was totally shat upon with Le Chiffes bleeding eye treatment and being told all about it by Rene Mathis. Arrrgh!

Oh and hello to Jason Isaacs

 - Dec 06, 2012

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U.K. release date 2/18/13
U.S. release date 3/12/13

Sony/MGM, what's up with that?

 - Dec 06, 2012

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Unfortunately, the studio will look at this success and give the next Bond film the same treatment. I preferred Casino Royale, loathed Quantum and merely liked Skyfall. I think with today's cinema audience, the series would benefit from a more grounded approach. I understand you have to have those "Bond" moments of outlandish choreographed scenes, but Bond get's shot in the chest, runs up a front end loader arm, jumps onto a train and the first thing he decides to do is fix his cufflinks...c'mon.

 - Dec 06, 2012

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24 and 25 could be even better since they're going to the be the first ever continuation story for Bond.

James Bond 24: An Unexpected Mission
James Bond 25: There and Back Again

Boothill Gunslinger
 - Dec 06, 2012

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@nathanp: Your failed attempt at humor doesn't even get the eyes rolling. Stick with your day job.

 - Dec 07, 2012

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I am a huge bond fan but the last bond films have been very bad and skyfall is not a good film and has nothing to do about BOND.

 - Dec 07, 2012

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I loved the movie. I actually would go as far as to say it is the best James Bond movie of the series.

Thankfully we were spared the ridiculous gadgets and the overabundance of stupid stunts and we actually had a story this time with what felt like were real three dimensional characters.

It was good to see the return of Q and Miss Moneypenny and the padded door to Ms office. I also loved the cinematography, some of the shots in the movie were breathtakingly beautiful - something that has been sorley missing from the series.

The fantastic box office is great news because I would love to see the next 007 movie get the same treatment.

 - Dec 07, 2012

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Even if James is a loyal native-son and has local-team support, it's nice to see the Brits working on restoring a little sanity and kicking the blue Injuns out--We're still working on getting Captain America and the Avengers to #1.

 - Dec 08, 2012

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I don't understand why box office records are even news stories. It is called inflation. Avatar may have the highest world wide gross, but when adjusted for inflation, it doesn't break the top ten. Number 1 since 1939 id Gone with the Wind.

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