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Scanners Limited Edition SteelBook

Posted February 15, 2013 05:13 PM by Webmaster

Second Sight FilmsIndependent British distributors Second Sight Films will release director David Cronenberg's Scanners (1981) as a Limited Edition SteelBook on April 8th. The film stars Jennifer O'Neill, Stephen Lack, Patrick McGoohan, Michael Ironside, and Lawrence Dane.

Controversial Canadian horror auteur David Cronenberg gained his first international success with this conspiracy thriller, featuring a notorious exploding head sequence. A group of psychics, nicknamed 'scanners' for their ability to read minds, realise they can also induce massive brain haemorrhaging in their subjects by locking into their nervous system. A 'good' scanner is sent out by doctors to track down the psychics who are using their powers for evil purposes.

Special Features:
  • "My Art Keeps Me Sane" Interview with star Stephen Lack
  • "The Eye Of Scanners" Interview with cinematographer Mark Irwin
  • "The Chaos Of Scanners" Interview with executive producer Pierre David
  • "Exploding Brains & Popping Veins" Interview with make-up effects artist Stephan Dupuis
  • "Bad Guy Dane" - Interview with actor Lawrence Dane

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News comments (12 comments)

  Feb 15, 2013
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I'm hoping the Criterion thats 99.999999% confirmed will have interviews and commentary by Cronenberg, Smith and Ironside.

  Feb 15, 2013
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While I would be very interested in a Criterion release of this film, that SB's got me all week in the knees.

  Feb 15, 2013
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All region ??? PLease.
  Feb 15, 2013
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huh, Criterions got one coming too? I better wait on this one, as I bought the German BD a couple of months ago and haven't even played it yet!

  Feb 15, 2013
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"My art keeps me sane."
  Feb 16, 2013
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The 2nd german blu-ray from Subkulur is top-notch regarding a/v quality. Flawless encoding, no DNR, pcm 24bit audio (original mix) and Region ABC (no PAL/50i content). Find captures here at forums or @ caps-o-holic.
An Interview with Stephan Lack (where he also talks about his art, called "The Ephemerol Diaries") plus an isolated m&e track, extensive slideshows and some trailers are included. Seems likes the UK release does not duplicate any of the features but adds new ones. I don't think it can get any better regarding AV quality and i actually prefer the digi of the german LE (standard edition comes in keep case) over the steelbook. Might pick up the UK version when a standard edition in keep case is released just for the extras.

Boothill Gunslinger
  Feb 16, 2013
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Oh, yeah, baby! I've been waiting for this since the day Blu-Ray was revealed!

  Feb 17, 2013
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Cant say I love the cover (even if it is a theatrical poster). Hopefully Criterion goes along with something more like this

Top contributor
  Feb 18, 2013
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Did I miss something? Where did Criterion say its releasing this???

  Feb 18, 2013
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^Criterion hinted at Scanners here:

  Feb 19, 2013
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Makes my head hurt...but in a good way. :-)

  Feb 19, 2013
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This is region free, by the way.

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