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Amazon Blu-ray Deal of the Week: Universal 100th Anniversary Collection (Expired)

Posted April 14, 2013 08:39 AM by Josh Katz

Universal 100thAmazon's Blu-ray Deal of the Week affects Universal Studios Home Entertainment's 100th Anniversary Collection. Through April 20th, Amazon is offering this package for $149.99, or 57% off its standard MSRP of $349.98.

The twenty-six-disc set includes:
This bundle presents twenty-five features from Universal's catalog alongside the supplementary materials contained in their individual Blu-ray releases. In addition, the set has a seventy-two-page book documenting the studio's history over the last hundred years, a bonus DVD with Universal-centric documentaries and cartoons, and a soundtrack CD that includes musical selections from popular Universal releases.

The deal expires at 12 AM PST/3 AM EST next Sunday, April 21st.

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News comments (16 comments)

Don Corleone
  Apr 14, 2013
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another lousy Blu ray deal of the week
  Apr 14, 2013
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I don't consider $6 per movie a lousy deal. I do think there's limited appeal considering the diversity of the collection; I already bought half of those individually myself. But, newer collectors might be more enamored with it.

Better jump on these deals soon though, before Disney starts their just-leaked campaign to "destroy" packaged media.

  Apr 14, 2013
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@don corleone how is this a lousy deal? I think this is a great deal for those who don't own these yet. I still need to get these.

  Apr 14, 2013
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Its actually a pretty nice set. Here is an unboxing video that was on youtube if anyone once to check it out.

  Apr 14, 2013
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Pretty decent set for those who don't have most of these selections already, although their 2000s output seems quite lacking.

Top contributor
  Apr 14, 2013
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If i didnt have half of these titles id probably bite.

Blu Balls
  Apr 14, 2013
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No Weird Science, No Deal!

  Apr 14, 2013
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Great collection if you hiding under a rock for the past 30 years. Other than that, pass....
  Apr 14, 2013
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I would get this but would have to double dip for Jurassic Park's new 4K transfer (THAT IS IF UNIVERSAL DECIDES TO RELEASE IT ). Plus it contains the old 2011 transfer. It's also an expensive package with some movies I don't like. I don't deny the value of the package though, especially with that huge of a discount.
Peter McM
  Apr 14, 2013
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What--they didn't include the classic Xanadu?! (seriously--still want a good blu-ray of my favorite guilty pleasure.)

Boothill Gunslinger
  Apr 14, 2013
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@MoulinBlu: It's not going to happen. If Disney tries something as idiotic as what you described, their sales will plummet. There are too many people who like to collect items they can hold, and look at, and read, etc. Disney CEOs are smarter than that, and some doofus making recommendations to the corporate black-ties does not a final decision make. It's a rumor and nothing more, and a bad one at that. Disney is too smart to shoot themselves in the foot.

Personally, I HATE streamed movies ... literally, HATE them! When watching them, I feel detached from the films, and I don't feel like they're mine, something akin to watching a friend's Blu-ray at their house. I have buds all over the planet who would take that stance, as well. For the most part, people want to HOLD what they own!

Simply put, fuck the cloud!

BTW, I am a seller of media, and my DVD sales have not slowed down. All the while, my Blu-ray sales have increased exponentially over the last three years. Any marketing strategist would tell you that if it ain't broken, don't fix it!
  Apr 14, 2013
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I have 20 of these titles already, no need for me to bite LOL

  Apr 15, 2013
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MoulinBlu - I can see why profit-concerned CEOs would tout the idea of ditching packaged media. They can charge the same (often more) for a download and not have to worry about manufacturing costs, package design and software development.

That doesn't mean it will happen though. The market for DVDs and Blu-rays is far too lucrative. If anything, I've noticed more and more people are getting into collecting physical media. Look at the explosion in popularity of steelbooks.

Top contributor
  Apr 15, 2013
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Great deal if you just bought a Blu-ray player yesterday but odds are if you're a collector or just a casual movie watcher you have a handful of these already.
  Apr 15, 2013
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I'm with you in regards to the lack of desirability or logic in collecting vaporware. But I'm not remotely optimistic that Disney might regard sabotaging packaged media as shooting themselves in the foot. Studios have overwhelming incentive to supplant discs with digital distribution, if they can convince most collectors to switch, rather than abandon collecting. What do you think they've been doing for the past 5 years, giving away dcopies, now with practically every release? They've been using physical media to grow the digital market. And it's no secret that execs from just about every major studio have openly proclaimed expectations of such a future. The only thing that might be surprising is that a studio like Disney might have actual aggressive designs to sabotage the physical media industry. Now I don't know if the self-proclaimed "insider" who started this rumor is on the level or not. But it's not much of a stretch to believe it could be legit.

Studios are massive corporations afterall, some of the most wasteful and excessive in the world, thus they have absurdly high profit expectations. The fact that they long for an all-digital world shouldn't even be in contention anymore. If it's new to anyone, they've had their head in the sand for far too many years. To dismiss the possibility in the current climate, is extremely dangerous for collectors. We might have been better off had studios been successful in their legal attempts to get a piece of the secondhand market or keep rental outlets from reselling their discs and thus driving their property values down. With the used market flooded with ex-rentals the current economy has driven more people to wait and buy used, a week or even a year later. If you're waiting on concrete, irrefutable evidence that a studios might be conspiring behind closed doors to manipulate the industry (wouldn't be the first time), you might find yourself looking for a new hobby in a few years, paying the same for the illusion of ownership, or paying full SRP for the few titles studios are still gracious enough to release on a physical format, at internet sites still catering to the niche crowd.

Boothill, if by "I am a seller of media" you're saying you sell off your used movies, that means absolutely nothing to studios, nothing good anyway. In fact it's one of the primary reasons studios want to go to all-digital, to eliminate the secondhand market that they don't get a cut from.

  Apr 15, 2013
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@ MoulinBlu

Very eloquently and accurately stated. The ditching of packaged media as the primary means of home video distribution is quite inevitable. The only question is when.

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