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Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray

Posted May 10, 2013 01:31 AM by Webmaster

HBOHBO has officially announced and detailed the Blu-ray release of Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Third Season. One of HBO's signature shows, the series chronicles the life and times of Atlantic County treasurer Enoch "Nucky" Thompson (Steve Buscemi), at a time when Prohibition was becoming a major catalyst in the rise of organized crime in America. The third season of the critically acclaimed series streets on August 20th.

Synopsis: Picking up sixteen months after the Season Two finale Season Three begins on New Year's Eve, 1922, with 1923 mere hours away. The Roaring '20s are about to start. Though the economy is booming, alcohol has become scarce, competition is fierce, and gangster violence is heating up. Amidst this backdrop, Nucky, whose marriage to Margaret (Kelly Macdonald) has become a sham after she signed away his highway windfall to the church, faces new competition in the person of Gyp Rosetti (new cast member Bobby Cannavale), who builds a new strategic bulkhead between New York and Atlantic City in an effort to siphon off Nucky's alcohol business. The conflict brings out the best and worst in Nucky, who proves his brutal mettle in a series of violent encounters. New and familiar faces also undergo compelling metamorphoses as the latest 12-episode season unfolds.

Special features include:

  • Boardwalk Chronicle (Exclusive)
  • Six Cast and Crew Audio Commentaries
  • Boardwalk Empire: Director's Chair
  • American Empires (Exclusive)
  • Scorsese on Season Three
  • New Characters
  • Newsreels (Exclusive)
  • Episodic Preview and Recaps
  • Season Two Recap
  • Distilling Season Two
  • UltraViolet Digital Copy (expires 8/20/2015)

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News comments (9 comments)

  May 10, 2013
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Can't wait. Day 1!

  May 10, 2013
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Maybe the best current show on TV
  May 10, 2013
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Well its no Game of Thrones, but its right up there with Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, AHS etc.. count me in on day 1

Top contributor
  May 10, 2013
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Now if we could only get Game of Thrones around the same time...

  May 10, 2013
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Day 1! Awesome show

I just wish they would release the entire 3rd season of Game of Thrones all at once so i could watch it in one sitting, too good to wait. Highly unlikely but a man can dream
  May 10, 2013
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The best season yet.I thought after the resolution of the second season the show would go downhill,boy was I wrong,It fully embraced its pulpiness and has the best shoot outs I've seen in TV ever and boy,is it suspenseful!I just wish it didn't take HBO so long to release its series on Blu Ray,but I'm definitely buying it
  May 10, 2013
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Bone for Tuna!

  May 11, 2013
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Don't have HBO so I've been waiting for this day Woohoo!!! Day one!

Top reviewer
  May 13, 2013
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Yeah I'm sure they're going to pause all of the actors' filming schedules for the past three years just so that you can get to see it early. C'mon guys, good things come to those who wait. Why have we become such an impatient culture?

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