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Blu-ray Software Sales Surpass HD-DVD

Posted January 9, 2007 02:38 PM by Marwin

Blu-ray DiscBlu-ray software sales have now surpassed HD-DVD for the first time the week of December 24 and they did so by an impressive 20 percent. The sales gap is expected to widen further in 2007 based on research conducted by Twentieth Century Fox and Blu-ray is expected to outsell HD-DVD by a 3.5-to-1 ratio by the end of the first quarter.

One of the driving factors behind the growth in sales is the PlayStation 3 (PS3), which was launched on November 17, 2006 in North America. The PS3 has been selling out at retail outlets since it was launched and despite shortages Sony has been able to meet its target of shipping 1 million PS3s in North America by the end of 2006. What's even more impressive is that they did it faster than their top-selling PlayStation 2 (PS2) platform did when it was launched. Sony is now targetting 6 million PS3 consoles shipped worldwide by the end of the fiscal year (end of March 2007).

While many have doubted the effect the PlayStation 3 would have on the format war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD it's hard to argue with the numbers. Blu-ray sales are up 700 percent since the mid-November launch of the PlayStation 3 and other Blu-ray players from Sony, Panasonic and Philips. According to a recent survey by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) of over 10,000 PS3 owners, 80 percent indicated they will buy Blu-ray movies and 75 percent said they use the PS3 as a primary device for viewing movies. However, this shouldn't come as such a big surprise as those that have bought the PS3 might as well take advantage of the Blu-ray playback capability, which still is the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market at just $499.

The content advantage that Blu-ray enjoys is another major factor that should become more and more evident now that the Blu-ray exclusive studios (Disney, Fox, Sony, MGM and Lionsgate) are starting to release more titles in the format. When looking at the 20 top selling DVDs of 2006 almost all were released by movie studios supporting Blu-ray, which means that titles such as Pirates of the Carribean and Cars will only be available for Blu-ray. The content advantage should further shift in Blu-ray's favor as the format neutral studios (Warner, Paramount) catch up their Blu-ray release schedules with HD-DVD so that the same movies are available for both formats.

Overall the Blu-ray backers are confident that it's only a matter of time before the Blu-ray format becomes the dominant format in the US market, just as it already accounts for 96% of the market in Japan.

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News comments (36 comments)

  Jan 09, 2007  
Top contributor
  Jan 09, 2007
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"I'm selling 70,000 discs a week. Sales are doubling every week. ... Average PS3 owners buy 6 discs." said Mike Dunn, president worldwide of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

  Jan 09, 2007
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Awesome. Same reports by more members of the BDA and the HD DVD Promotion Group!
Very good news for the format. It just builds the fundamentals of a victory... One format please! Thanks. =)
  Jan 09, 2007  
  Jan 09, 2007
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I disagree, no more a nonsense stat than the HD-DVD group quoting accessory sales of 38 disks a year.

Its really rather simple, when you register your PS3 on the Sony Store network, you enter in an email... and click that little box about getting emails from Sony. All they have to do then is pick a random yet statististicly significant sample, and send this random sample an email asking "how many BD have you purchased"

based on well established data on statistical polls, and margins of error, you can determine what projected sales were. given a number of 6 discs per, you would need a margin of error of 16% to even budge the number, and you can beat that margin of error with a relatively small sample size.

See, its NOT a nonsense stat, granted it could be, but it all depends on how they collect the data.

  Jan 10, 2007
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Awesome news! Keep up the good work Blu-ray!
  Jan 10, 2007
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I bought a PS/3 and 4 movies. I use it for more than games.
  Jan 10, 2007
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The 6 disc average per PS3 buyer is due to the fact that buying a PS3 during the holiday season required buying a bundle including 6 - 10 games & 2 blu-ray movies.

The first wave of PS3s included a copy [free] of Taladega Nights [Blu-Ray] as well.

Not only have Blu-Ray sales spiked but so have rentals of Blu-Ray titles from & Netflix.

Almost every Blu-Ray title available from either has a short wait or longer...

The PS3 has generated tremendous interest in Blu-Ray that simply wasn't there before 11.19.2006.

Especially based on the cost of a Blu-Ray player or recorder.

Sony HAS connected with an audience where the children play games on it & the parents watch movies on it....the PS3 is much more than just a video game console. After all the negative press for the past 2 months it looks like Sony will emerge unscathed with an even larger consumer base......they have really widened their demographic.

  Jan 11, 2007
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The PS3 is the most powerful gaming machine on the planet to date. To build a PC with the same power would cost over $5,000. Built-in web browser, SD memory port to view my photos, Blu-Ray player with amazing audio output, and an amazing gaming machine (wait till software catches up...). Xbox rushed out 360 to make X-mas last year. Not back-wards compatible with reg. X-box and the $300 HD-DVD add-on makes it about the same price as PS3.. not to mention it's NOT NEARLY as powerful.

Sony is losing money on every PS3 sold due to BD technology being so new (the 10 processors inside using threading technology helps too); but they know they'll make up the lost revenue with games and the eventual conquest of the format war with the PS3 being their Trojan Horses.

Blu-Ray discs are also better technology than HD-DVD. BD has much larger storage capacity (using mutliple data layers). And with ever increasing file sizes, the future will demand this.

Sony F'd up with beta players years ago and tried making it exclusive to Sony. They learned their lesson and more manufacturers are onboard with Blu-Ray than HD-DVD so far.

I've already purchased multiple BD movies. Using my PS3 hooked up to my 61" HD Samsung DLP TV w\ Dolby 5.1 surround is truly an amazing thing (up there with sex).

This format war will be over before we know it. I just hope the already steep BD prices don't go up after the competition is dead. Long live Blu-Ray.

  Jan 11, 2007
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Did a little research. HD-DVD is in worse shape than I thought. I'm just glad I haven't wasted a penny on HD-DVD. The link above is worth checking out... and a little shocking.

  Jan 12, 2007
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Adam_uk, do you know that one of the most selling items is the PS3 remote, outselling xBox`s addon? Also study shows that 80% of PS3 owners care more for movies than games because PS3 is a top quality Blu-ray player ...
Do some research before you post!
  Jan 13, 2007  
  Jan 13, 2007
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Currently the main issue is that practically no BD nor HD-DVD titles are encoded using H.264 but just MPEG-2 (which can deliver nice results in HDTV but even 50GB doesn't allow a very good bitrate at 1080p resolution) and VC-1 (aka WMV9 HD which is nothing great at all compared to MPEG-2).
H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) is the best codec which was selected to be used for the new discs to ensure proper quality at up to 1080p resolution on HDTV displays and at 1/3rd the bitrate that MPEG-2 would need to achieve the same results. However the Studios are not using H.264 encoding, yet...
  Jan 14, 2007  

Top contributor
  Jan 15, 2007
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The Xbox 360 add-on has been out for quite some time now and has sold 92,000 copies up to date, so please use facts when discussing. A major disadvantage with the add-on is that it can't be used for games, only video, while the PS3 Blu-ray drive can be used for games as well. Hideo Kojima, the developer behind MGS4 recently said he wants to use 50GB BD discs for MGS4, I think that game will blow away most games. The PS2 console has sold over 100M copies, I think some of the PS2 owners are interested in the PS3, especially since it's backwards compatible with their existing games collection. Currently there are far more BD players out in the market and they are also selling faster than the HD-DVD players, thus increasing the gap. Same story with the movies, as the article says, BD movies are now outselling HD-DVD movies and increasing the gap every week. Regarding the price advantage, I guess you get what you pay for, you can get a very good BD player AND awesome game machine for $499/$599 and you can get a Toshiba HD-A1 for $400 or a Toshiba HD-XA2 for $1000...

  Jan 15, 2007
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I just recieved my PS3 Blu-Ray Blutooth remote and it's great. Completely turns the PS3 into an amazing Blu-Ray player. And it's Blutooth so pointing it at the PS3 is not required. The only disadvantage is the buttons do not light-up. But my theater room is not that dark so it does not affect me while watching movies.

As for HD-DVD's comment, check out this link:

You may be in for a bit of surprise. Might want to change your name to Blu-Ray

And have you seen the amount of new releases for Blu-Ray verses HD-DVD. The titles are huge blockbusters and more numerous. I give HD-DVD another year before it's absolete.
  Jan 15, 2007  

Top contributor
  Jan 16, 2007
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Ok, now I'm picky, but 10.04M Xbox360 has been sold. If there's such a HD-DVD add-on demand, why is it in stock on Amazon and several other places? And why is the PS3 remote always sold out?
And you seem to be living in September 2006 regarding the video reviews.
VC-1 ,30GB:
MPEG-2, 50GB:
  Jan 16, 2007  

Top contributor
  Jan 16, 2007
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Multipaaaass! How many times have I heard the 5th Element argument....
I looked at where Xbox360 were at 10.04M, so I thought you got the number from there. Anyway, theoretically there could be 10M HD-DVD add-on players, but it's currently 92,000. PS3 now has 2M units out ( and thus 20 times more BD players than Xbox360 add-on players. HD-DVD fans loves to point to and Amazon, which is a very skewed and inaccurate way to compare sales ( You can check out the sales at see where the momentum is? And 41 studios? Oh common
Soon you will be saying that Disney, Fox, Lionsgate and Sony Pictures are about to switch side or become neutral and the circle will be complete. Let this rest now please and we can have this discussion again in July =)

  Jan 16, 2007
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HD-DVD is not going to even going to stand a chance against Blu-ray this year. The only thing it's got going now is most of the porn industry is behind it but as soon as they realize HD-DVD will eventually die out, the porn industry will have no choice but to go Blu-ray.

to all your ignorant HD-DVD supporters - image quality is equal on both HD-DVD and Blu-ray, so stop bringing that up already. geeeez. I own both players and titles like 'The Wild' & 'Crank' will match anything you've seen on HD-DVD and YES I have seen 'King Kong'. Most blu-ray discs have superior audio then HD-DVD. Soon the new AVC MPEG-4 codec will be use on upcoming Blu-ray movies which is supposely superior to MPEG-2 and match any quality that VC-1 offers. First movie will be 'Open Season' then 'Casino Royale'. Honestly I can't imagine anything better then what I've seen on 'The Wild'.

Blu-ray has already won in Japan (and from what I heard in Asia as well), it's just a matter of time that it's going to take over North America and Europe. Within weeks, there's going to be more Blu-ray titles then HD-DVD available, PS3 is a trojan horse that's going to up the sales of BD discs and you have Vivid Entertainment (biggest adult company) backing up Blu-ray as their preferred choice, you can't go wrong in choosing this format. Blu-ray For The Win!

  Jan 18, 2007
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I really wish I could place bets with everyone on this board supporting HD-DVD and the fact Blu-Ray will have won the format war within one year. Do these people even watch TV?? Almost every single new release that's being advertised will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray only!

The titles that were exclusively available in HD-DVD are now being shipped in Blu-Ray as well. The big movie producers are all on the Blu-Ray bandwagon.

And to the guy calling me retarded (way to support your argument btw..). I build PCs used primarily for gaming. And yes, to build a PC using threading technology with 10 processors inside with equal speed would cost around $5,000 to build. It IS THE MOST powerful gaming machine (including PCs) on the planet. Look up the PS3 specs before you start calling people retarded.
The link above crushes all arguements. There's not one advantage HD-DVD has over Blu-Ray. If there is one, name it. Besides the fact Xbox 360 sold 10 million units and requires a stupid looking attachment to play HD-DVDs (selling 10 million units was a direct effect of Microsoft pushing the release date to make Xmas 2 years ago and in return overlooked many things like HD-DVD and backwards compatible Xbox games).

  Jan 18, 2007
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Its like reading a bunch of kindergartener's arguments! haha! I originally thought HD-DVD would come out on top myself, back in jan-sep of last year. But now that we have a full-on format war on our hands, I am leaning towards blu-ray myself. Of course the predicted outcome was that blu-ray would not play DVD's at all, which is false. I bought the PS3, seemed much more business savvy to buy a player that did 10 times more than just play blu-ray for a cheaper price. And yes i did buy the remote also! My friend bought a Xbox 360 (he couldn't wait for the ps3 launch i guess) and has yet to buy the HD-DVD add-on. Which in my opinion is completely stupid, for the mere fact that the stupid add-on is almost the same size as the 360 console itself! It looks ridiculous! I would hope that they start including a built-in HD-DVD model. That would probably increase their sales. I know that's why i didn't originally buy a 360, because they dropped the HD-DVD player out of it.
Sales for Blu-ray are definately skyrocketing! And I don't think anyone can argue that HD-DVD is doing very well. All articles are pointing out blu-ray. The articles everyone is throwing out supporting HD-DVD are from September. That is what we call "old news"! Alot has changed since September and that article is obsolete. I do believe that HD-DVD will fail, however, I wish it would hurry up, because their are some kick-butt titles coming out that I would like to have. But i'm not not buying a betamax, uh i mean HD-DVD player just to watch them!
I wish they knew when they were down and wouldn't try to get back up, so we can have a single format. I gotta start upgrading my DVD collection!

  Jan 18, 2007
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Here's LG's answer to the format war!

  Jan 18, 2007
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Another article. This one is from the porn industry side. Apparently they believe HD-DVD is superior, however after reading it, I believe most of their comments are just from heresy.

  Jan 22, 2007
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"The sales of Blu-Ray software apparently surpassed those of the HD-DVD for the first time in the week beginning of December 24."

"So is that decidedly a sign that the Blu-Ray will dominate the markets next year? I think i will stick out my neck and say yes. Not because of the popularity of the PS3 but because they have studios like Disney, Fox, Sony, MGM and Lionsgate releasing content exclusively on the Blu-Ray format."
  Jan 24, 2007  

  Jan 26, 2007
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Recently been in a few Best Buys trying to locate a copy of Crank on Blu-Ray (with no luck). Looking at the amount of Blu-Rays missing off the shelves vs. HD-DVD is pretty crazy. I'm interested to see the numbers again in a month or two.

  Jan 28, 2007
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I would have to disagree that HD-DVD has a better picture quality than Blu-ray. 1080 is 1080. The resolution is not the debate. Whether one movie has better quality than another would depend on the movie studios equipment, not on the media it is being delivered on. Being that this is a blu-ray website, it is only natural that most members will be supporting blu-ray, therefore will bring comments forth that would support it. HD-DVD has it ups and downs just as blu-ray does. As for the comment that you hope that both parties bring continue to bring out quality movies and hardware for years to come......I would hope that it isn't years to come! I would like to see the format wars over sooner than later. I for one do not want two seperate devices to play different types of media. And for the general public, they will get too confused and frustrated over the different types.
  Jan 30, 2007
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I wonder if anyone realizes that the Fiscal year does not end in March... It in fact ends in September... the 30 to be exact. But either way Blu-Ray disks are amazing in my opinion...

  Jan 30, 2007
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I too hope the format war will soon be over. Near my home personal observation seems to indicate that Blu-Ray
should win. First, Disney is behind Blu-Ray, and my kids know all about Blu-Ray from recent Disney DVD's, and are
asking me when are we getting "Blu." "What about HD-DVD?" I ask. "Who?" Second, at my local Best Buy, the
Blu-Ray titles are crowding out the HD-DVD titles - and by quite a bit. Also, on nearly every visit since Christmas I
see people buying Blu-Ray discs (and always more than one at that). This is no doubt due to Sony's PS3. I haven't
seen anyone buy an HD-DVD disc, statistics notwithstanding. At this point, it seems that all Blu-Ray need to do to
end the war is get some non-PS3 players down below $500 (and soon) to appeal to the "average consumer." The
studios, of course, will go where the sales are, and it will be interesting to see how long the "neutral" studios keep
releasing in both formats. At some point, it just won't be economic to continue this practice. For myself, the kids
also want a PS3, so Blu-Ray is what we will be buying (it's hard to beat a Disney / Sony combination). Finally, my
understanding is that Apple is behind Blu-Ray (not too surprising since Steve Jobs is on Disneys Board Of
Directors), but it never hurts to have arguably the most innovative company on-board!

  Feb 02, 2007
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The above article shows recent sales of BD vs. HD-DVD. Greater than 2:1. This forwat war should be done within the year. If I were a manufactuer or movie producer, I'd release on the format boasting double the sales.,128742-c,dvddrivesmedia/article.html

This link talks about Vivid picking up BD for Adult films. HD-DVD had the Adult film industy exclusively but not anymore. Another point for BD.

Not the part in the article where it talks about HD-DVD being part of exsisitng DVD technology. BD is whole new technology. With formats/media demanding more and more capacity BD will almost have to win this war.
  Feb 06, 2007  
  Feb 06, 2007
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Since I bought my PS3 earlier this year, I bought 9 Blu-Ray Movies. Since then my wife and I bye 3 or 4 a week because we love the incredibly clear and defined picture Blu-rays provide. Maybe one of these days I'll buy a PS3 game. Maybe when RE5 Launches!

  Feb 06, 2007
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"Almost all of the reviews of Blu-ray discs say that they are virtually identical to standard DVD movies when DVD movies are watched on a high-definition TV that upconverts the standard DVD discs to high-resolution."

*LOL* This guy is smoking pot, he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. Movies like "The Crank" and "Open Season" will beat anything that HD-DVD PQ has to offer. "Open Season" is Sony's first movie released in MPEG-4 codec and wow, is it impressive! I own both formats but lately, I've been more impress with Blu-ray then HD-DVD. uncompress audio and perfect digital transfer.

"Blu-ray discs use a very outdated form of video compression technology called MPEG-2. MPEG-2 is over ten-years old; it is the same video compression technology used in standard DVDs, but Sony insists on using it for virtually all Blu-ray movies!"

wrong! read above if you can't figure it out. BTW: "The Wild" uses MPEG-2 and from the looks of it, it doesn't look like an outdated codec to me.

"1. There are already dual-layer HD-DVD 30GB discs that hold four-hours of video that allow lots of Special Features and Bonus Content. This is a reality for HD-DVD. Plus, there are also plans to have HD-DVD movies with three layers that allow six hours of video to be placed on the disc. This is great for longer movies like Lord of the Rings. "

There are also plans on Blu-ray to have 8-layers which holds a total of 200gb. TDK has already have a prototype disc working! If you say 2 hours per layer, that makes 16 hours! whoa! 16 vs 6. Hmmm I think I rather have 16.

"The HD-DVD format was selected by the DVD forum as the successor to the DVD format because it was the best format. If Blu-ray would have been better, then the DVD forum would have selected the Blu-ray technology rather than HD-DVD. But the fact of the matter is that HD-DVD was selected, because it is the best technology. "

I'm assuming you're referring to the HD-DVD forum which are bunch of crooks spreading all the BS around and mis-leading public with false information. fanboys even went to the extreme to say Speilberg's movie are coming soon on HD-DVD which was crock of sh** and Speilberg demanded an apology from the HD-DVD camp.

Blu-ray vs HD-DVD
200gb vs 51gb
scratch-resistance disc vs regular dvd coating disc
MPEG-4 vs VC-1

This is a no brainer, Blu-ray is obviously the better technology.

  Feb 07, 2007
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Thank you for clearing up the misleading information. I was honestly considering buying an HD-DVD player and just going with both formats after reading about the codecs issue. I need to see a BD movie in MPEG-4, I think I'm going to buy The Wild just to see what my TV can do, and my g/f will probably love the movie.

Thanks again for spreading your knowledge on this board!

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