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Upcoming Arrow Video Releases

Posted September 4, 2013 02:32 PM by Webmaster

Arrow VideoBritish distributors Arrow Video have revealed that they are planning to add four titles to their Blu-ray catalog: Don Siegel's The Killers (1964), Giuseppe Tornatore's Cinema Paradiso (1988), Mario Bava's Kidnapped/Rabid Dogs (1974), Preston Sturges' Sullivan's Travels (1941), Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi (1982).

Cinema Paradiso

A winner of awards across the world including Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, 5 BAFTA Awards including Best Actor, Original Screenplay and Score, the Grand Prize of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival and many more.

Giuseppe Tornatore's loving homage to the cinema tells the story of Salvatore, a successful film director, returning home for the funeral of Alfredo, his old friend who was the projectionist at the local cinema throughout his childhood. Soon memories of his first love affair with the beautiful Elena and all the high and lows that shaped his life come flooding back, as Salvatore reconnects with the community he left 30 years earlier.

Presented in both the original award-winning cut and the expanded Director's Cut incorporating more of Salvatore's backstory, newly restored from original negative materials.

  • Newly restored from the original camera negative and presented in two versions the 124 minute Cannes Festival theatrical version and the 170 minute Director's Cut
  • Uncompressed original stereo 2.0 Audio and 5.1 options
  • Optional English subtitles
  • Giuseppe Tornatore's A Dream of Sicily Documentary
  • A Bear and a Mouse in Paradise Documentary
  • The Kissing Sequence
  • Original Trailer
  • Booklet featuring new writing on the film
  • More to be announced!
Kidnapped/Rabid Dogs

Following difficulties in his career Mario Bava happened across an idea that would enable him to compete with the younger directors lighting up the Italian box office such as Dario Argento and Sergio Martino.

Rabid Dogs begins as $70,000 of wages are being transferred when the Ajaccio gang hit. With a hail of bullets in a quick raid they speed off in their waiting getaway car. Tough, violent and realistic, Bava's film ramps up the tension and doesn't stop as hostages are added and the film builds to its dizzying finale.

Unfolding in real time, a rare device seen only in earlier films such as High Noon and 12 Angry Men yet totally unheard of in Italian cinema at the time, Rabid Dogs is a singular film in Bava's filmography and one of the greatest crime films of the period.

  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentation of two versions of the film; 'Rabid Dogs' Bava's original version posthumously completed from his notes & 'Kidnapped' the re-edited, re-dubbed and re-scored version, supervised by Bava's son and assistant Lamberto Bava and producer Alfredo Leone
  • Optional English SDH subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing on both versions
  • Audio Commentary with Bava biographer and expert Tim Lucas
  • End of the Road: The Making of Rabid Dogs A documentary featurette including interviews with Lamberto Bava, Alfredo Leone and star Lea Lander
  • Original Trailer
  • Collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film by Stephen Thrower, a history of the multiple versions of the film from Semaforo Rosso to Rabid Dogs to Kidnapped by Peter Blumenstock, illustrated with original stills and posters
  • Much more to be announced!
The Killers

Director Don Siegel's gritty remake of the 1946 original. Lee Marvin and Clu Gulager star as two hitmen determined to find out why their latest victim offered no resistance. Coming to the Arrow Academy line in early 2014.

Sullivan's Travels

Frustrated film director Sullivan (Joel McCrea) is fed up with serving out easily digestible but ultimately meaningless chunks of comedy for the studios. He decides to set off across America to rediscover the daily lives of the Joe Lunchpails as research for his socially responsible next film, O Brother, Where Art Thou? Giving up all his unnecessaries, he begins his cross-country road trip in hobo's clothes with barely a dime in his pocket to regain his focus. Coming to the Arrow Academy line in early 2014.


Titled from a Hopi Indian word meaning "life out of balance," this unusual, lyrical film suggests that humanity is an ugly blight on the face of this beautiful planet. An awesome epic undersold by an adjective like "powerful." Coming in early 2014.

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News comments (21 comments)

  Sep 04, 2013
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Thank You Arrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These guys are really killing it impressed!

  Sep 04, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
And both versions of Bava's Rabid perfecto! Once again Arrow shows up Kino in their Bava Collection.

  Sep 04, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
Again a great reason to go with region free capabilities.
  Sep 04, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
Cinema Paradiso! Arrow is seriously grabbing the UK market by the balls!!! For a while there i thought they'd stick solely with Italian horror films. Shows how much i know

  Sep 04, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
Def day 1 for The Killers and Sullivan's Travels. Liked Kidnapped but enough to buy. Still waiting for Bava's Kill Baby Kill. I'm sure Arrow will come through though.

  Sep 04, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
They are going to release every Bava film eventually
Top contributor
  Sep 04, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
You'll want to replace your old Cinema Paradiso blu-ray anyway because the new restored transfer will be MUCH better.

Top contributor
  Sep 04, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
So excited about Rabid Dogs. Way to go Arrow!!

  Sep 04, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
Never seen Rabid Dogs, but since its a Bava title I will certainly have a look. Sullivan's Travels may not be day one, but its sure to be a must buy.

  Sep 04, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
ARROW DO IT AGAIN, Both 'Cinema Paradiso' and 'Koyaanisqatsi' Day 1 buys for me. How about they get the UK rights to the Extended Version of Tornatores 'MALENA' and the USA Fliicker Alley Smileboxed CINERAMA Releases. The whole of Europe would love them.
  Sep 04, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
In for Cinema Paradiso, The Killers (although had this been Siodmak's noir version I would have been more excited) and Sullivan's Travels

  Sep 04, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
That Koyaanisqatsi disc is gonna have to be very impressive since Criterion already did such a great job with the whole trilogy...

The Narrator
  Sep 04, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
Oh Arrow, you spoil us so.

  Sep 05, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
Arrow has become another of my favorite Blu-ray labels with its deluxe treatment of such remarkable films.

From this lineup I'm most interested in Cinema Paradiso (an upgrade from my copy of Arrow's previous release); Kidnapped and Sullivan's Travels.

I'll consider The Killers and will think about Koyaanisqatsi if the special features are substantially different from Criterion's version, which I already own.

In any case, another terrific lineup.
  Sep 05, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
Of course I finally bought the Kino Kidnapped since there was no announcement from Arrow. Will have to double dip for the alternate cut on blu. Well, glad to see it released.
Gerby saying they will release ALL of Bava's sure about that? That would be awesome, but they still haven't released Hatchet for the Honeymoon, which Kino did a long time ago. I don't know about rights, but Danger Diabolik would be sweet.

  Sep 05, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
I personally hate the Directors Cut of Cinema Paradiso. The original cut was one of the greatest experiences I ever had, the directors cut was worser than Transformers 3. But I will take this due to the upgrade in the extras and I hope for a solid transfer. Though I did hope that the director's cut would dissappear from the face of the earth. And also very excited for Sullivans Travels, watched the film once over 4 years ago and I remember liking it a lot.

Top reviewer
Thus Spake Zathras
  Sep 05, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
Not much info on The Killers disc - please let the Siodmak/Hellinger version be included as an extra!

Top reviewer
Top contributor
  Sep 05, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
It's about time Veronica Lake gets put on Bluray with Sullivan's and Criterion's I Married a Witch.

  Sep 05, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
rotatingfish, This is actually a boon to people wanting Koyaanisqatsi, yet don't want to pay extra for the two lesser movies in Criterion's set.

tru blu
  Sep 05, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
Great slate from Arrow. I'm definitely in for most of these.

Doc Ostrow
  Sep 06, 2013
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
Why aren't Sullivan's Travels and Koyaanisqatsi region free? I would love to have these films on Blu-ray.

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