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The Whip and the Body Blu-ray

Posted September 27, 2013 04:44 PM by Webmaster

Kino InternationalKino Classics has revealed that it is planning to bring to Blu-ray director Mario Bava's The Whip and the Body a.k.a La frusta e il corpo (1963), starring Daliah Lavi, Christopher Lee, Tony Kendall, Ida Galli, and Jacques Herlin. The preliminary release date set by the studio is December 17th.

Marred by controversy at the time of its release, this horror fantasy from Italy's legendary horror director Mario Bava centers on the twisted desires of a nobleman's son (Lee). Lee is ostracized by his father for his dalliances with a servant girl (who later commits suicide), but is allowed to return to the fold by his brother, whose lovely wife (Lavi) immediately becomes the object of Lee's mad lust. Lee is later found murdered, along with several other victims from the surrounding village, leading superstitious locals to believe that Lee's evil spirit has returned to destroy them; the twist ending reveals the real evil at work. Uncut, Unrated European Version.

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News comments (12 comments)

Top contributor
  Sep 27, 2013
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More Bava and more Christopher Lee is always a good thing.

  Sep 27, 2013
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Yessssssssssssss! Keep Them BAVA's coming!

Top contributor
Blu Titan
  Sep 27, 2013
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Another Bava is always good news. Planet of the Vampires please.

  Sep 27, 2013
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Holy crap! If they've wrested this one from VCI, can BLOOD & BLACK LACE be far behind? Fingers. Crossed.
  Sep 27, 2013
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I literally just gasped when I read this.... I found the old DVD a few days a go and thought "Sigh. I wonder if we'll ever see this on Blu..."!!!!!

  Sep 27, 2013
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Love this one. Will hold out for the Arrow release.

Sir Henry Rawkinson
  Sep 28, 2013
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Awesome! Beautifully shot film, with a intriguing plot. I'd love to see a Blu of Hercules in the Haunted World. Fantoma's DVD of this visual marvel holds up well, so I'm not in a huge rush to upgrade, but hopefully we'll more Bava next year.
  Sep 28, 2013
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@snipemonkey Alfredo Leone (one of Bava's producers in the later years) has exclusive distribution rights in the U.S. for virtually all of Mario Bava's films so we can probably expect to see them all on blu ray from Kino. I believe that MGM still holds the rights to Planet of The Vampires though.
  Sep 29, 2013
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Darth, wow I sure hope so!...What about Diabolik? I'm so excited about this release (with the only downside wondering if a better Arrow version with 2 cuts or deleted scenes is coming soon, but Kinos transfers are often better so what the hell, but damn i wish Arrow would just announce their plans around the same time so we could make an informed choice). Anyway, God bless Kino and hope they put out all of Bava's work, even the stuff he was Director of Photography for. And I pray the colors haven't faded too much on the print for this and further releases.
  Sep 29, 2013
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BLOOD & BLACK LACE is owned in perpetuity by VCI in the US, no idea about worldwide. Wary about getting this from Kino, since Arrow is trumping them these days for the Bava titles.
  Sep 30, 2013
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It doesn't SOUND like good news, but does VCI owning Blood & Black Lace have any bearing on the likelyhood of a bluray anytime soon, or are they licensing their titles to Kino? I thought I read a while back that there are plans to release this. Although screencaps from VCIs Bird with Crystal Plumage looked a step down from the Blue Underground BD, I don't know if that is an indicator of future release PQ.
Still rejoicing about Whip and the Body, and reassuring to read this is the uncut Euro version...Daliah Lavi having the big-O while being whipped.
  Sep 30, 2013
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VCI has stated something is being worked on for B&BL, from them, so...

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