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2 hrs ago
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SinoCES: Chinese Players Revealed

Posted July 16, 2008 02:53 PM by Josh Dreuth

Blu-ray DiscAt the Chinese International Consumer Electronics Show (SinoCES) last week, many Chinese manufacturers were on the show floor displaying their latest products for Blu-ray. Not surprisingly, the majority of the products shown were Blu-ray Disc players, no doubt trying to get a foothold in the exploding Blu-ray market.

A few of these manufacturers even had some brochures for their products, which can be seen below, along with some photos from the show floor.

Desay A&V Science and Technology Company had a brochure outlining their six - that's right, six - Blu-ray players. The BDP-8010, BDP-8020, ..., BDP-8060 all share the same characteristic of looking much like other manufacturers' players.

Desay Brochure

Hotwell was also present to show of their player, the BD-9288. Currently a BonusView player, they are working on the development of a BD-Live follow-up. They are also one of the Chinese manufacturers who state their compliance with anti-piracy measures like AACS and BD+, signaling that they are aware of the problem and are prepared to help fight it.

Hotwell Brochure

Hualu was also showing off a player, though the name will remain unknown (unless one of our readers can provide a brief translation). One thing that was made clear is that this player is either BD-Live, or will be at some point in the future.

Hualu Brochure

And finally, we have VTREK which had two players on display, the BDP-880 and BDP-881. The only difference we can tell between the two, is that the 881 gets a nice chrome piece on the front.

VTREK Brochure

We have compiled all known information about these players and entered it into our Player Database. No word as to what regions these players may be destined for, so for now we will leave them under the "All Regions" category where they are now searchable. And, as promised, we have some shots from the show floor:

Photos of Blu-ray displays at SinoCES

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News comments (13 comments)

  Jul 16, 2008
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Awesome. A variety of players is always a good thing

  Jul 16, 2008
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The most important question is this: Which one is region-free?
  Jul 16, 2008
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Exactly! Which of these players is region-free and will play both region 1 (American DVD/Blu-ray movies) as well as foreign?

Top reviewer
Top contributor
  Jul 16, 2008
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Where are all the CH DVD players that Lee Stewart says are coming?

  Jul 16, 2008
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If there is a cheap Chinese Player out there, that's codefree I will definetly pick one up. Right now I got the Samsung BD-P 1400 and really don't like it that I can't Playback US Fox Titles

  Jul 16, 2008
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"Where are all the CH DVD players that Lee Stewart says are coming?"
Same place all the rest of his historical predictions are ;-)

Top contributor
Blu Titan
  Jul 16, 2008
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Bring on the cheap Chinese BD players, as I need one for my fitness romm.
  Jul 16, 2008
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"Where are all the CH DVD players that Lee Stewart says are coming?"

It has been renamed to CBHD (China Blue-light [Note, not blu-ray] High-def Disc) to take advantage from blu-ray (blue light and blu-ray are same words in Chinese).

And still insists that manufactures are committed to launch players. (First March, then postponed to May, then August on recent news).

  Jul 16, 2008
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Top reviewer
  Jul 16, 2008
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region code migth be a issue for them, because most movie in china are produce by hong kong studio, but hong kong region code is different than china. And is like for sure that those player will be made in china due to cheaper there, so coming down are they gonna make a region free or extra region support just for them? will be interesting to see any way, by the way hong kong region is same as Japan and U.S., so if hong kong movie work in those blu-ray, we will be fine.
  Jul 16, 2008
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DobyBlue: "Where are all the CH DVD players that Lee Stewart says are coming?"

Probably in the warehouse with all the HD DVD copies of Star Wars and other Fox titles from when they were "right on the verge" of going over to HD DVD.

Hey, I think I just came up with the main artifact for the next Indiana Jones movie. Throw in some aliens, characters that can be easily made into action figures, and bright, shiny things (all to keep Lucas happy and out of the way) and I think it could be a winner.
  Jul 17, 2008
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I live in Beijing, The Hualu brochure doesn't have a model number for the bluray player. The first page says "Digital Family" the bottom lists all their different products like projectors and such. I was just at a Suning (China's Best Buy) and asked about bluray for sale and they said there are no players or disks on the market yet. Maybe it's because the pirates haven't figured out how to make them yet?
  Jul 17, 2008
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I am on vacation in Shanghai right now. I stopped by a Sony store, and they no longer carry DVD players. They only have Blu-ray players. The price is a little over $4,000 RMB, which is about $600 US Dollars. I forgot the exact model number.

Across the street from the Sony store, there is a video store. I went in there to check, and they have one small shelf of Blu-ray discs for sale. Most of them are current Hollywood titles. There are a couple of the Chinese movies as well. The rest of the store is all DVD and CD. The store owner says that BD is still not popular in Shanghai yet. I guess it is because there are not enough Chinese titles on BD yet.

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