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With Help from PS3, Adoption of Blu-ray Faster than DVD

Posted October 3, 2009 09:38 PM by Josh Dreuth

Blu-ray DiscAccording to a new study released by Futuresource, adoption of Blu-ray will surpass DVD when comparing year five for each home video medium. In 2002, DVD adoption (including the PS2) was 32.6%, and Futuresource is predicting that in 2010, Blu-ray adoption (including PS3) will be 34.1%. They further predict that in year eight (2013), adoption of Blu-ray will rise to 67.8%.

Removing the video game systems from the equation, DVD is predicted to be slightly ahead - possibly showing the a growing acceptance of video game systems as media players rather than just for gaming.

The predictions aren't all that flattering, however, with Futuresource predicting that Blu-ray will never catch up to standard DVD presence due to a rise in video-on-demand and web downloads.

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News comments (26 comments)

  Oct 03, 2009
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As long as there are people without credit cards and people without computers disc based software will never die.

  Oct 03, 2009
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Even some people with those things still wont buy it. I have a c/card and computer but prefer physical media. I will never ever switch to DD.
  Oct 03, 2009
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ME TOO!! if people are going to buy media with NO physical evidence of buying the item what will stop customers buying downloads from the company time after time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY FOR THIS!!! DO YOU?????????????
  Oct 03, 2009
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I'm not a new Member I've been threw VHS-BATA-DVD-BLU-RAY- and ? but I do know I rather have the disc in my hand!!! I know it's easy to just download but the not knowing if I don't have a computer or a connection to the internet it's lost..
Larry B.
  Oct 03, 2009
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I agree. Digital downloads may be convenient but their quality could never match that of a Blu-Ray. As the push for HD grows more and more each day consumers are going to want quality that matches their setup or rather allows it to shine.

If need be I can do some number crunching that would show that for the average person a digital download could never rival Blu-Ray in terms of quality; at least not at the present time anyways.
  Oct 03, 2009
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and laser disk......... over $2000

  Oct 04, 2009
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Physical media is here to stay. I'm couldn't help but laugh at those fanboys of streaming media/video downloads will take over home entertainment.

  Oct 04, 2009
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Yay, that means 1 out of 3 people will buy a Blu-Ray

  Oct 04, 2009
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I know I keep spreading the word about Blu-ray. Occasionally I'll mention that nonsense prediction about downloads being the "next thing" but I quickly point out the flaws in that route. Storage space, highly compressed, inferior quality, no ownership control.

The choice is pretty clear after that. Blu-ray baby !!!!

  Oct 04, 2009
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your collection is not really a collection, unless you can show it off...whats the point of having it in a folder in your desktop.

survey shows, most people would rather own a physical copy than a digital one.

it also helps the avg consumer believe, they are getting what they paid for, with all the packaging & extras.

i have a cc & a computer...and im obsessed with buying blurays...does that say something futuresource ?

  Oct 04, 2009
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let me simplify this : in the event of a hard drive crash, your blu ray still sits on your shelf.
#1Dad Benoit
  Oct 04, 2009
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I once down loaded the last 2 episodes of Battlestar Galactica season 2 because I missed them due to funeral travel. The itunes store quality was dvd quality and i got to watch what I missed. Well the third season was about to begin, so I wanted to watch them again. But there was a problem, my Dell's hard drive bricked, so that meant no watching for me unless i wanted to download again. From that point on, I'm all about the physical media. My on demand from cable is too unreliable. I tried watching Midnight Meat Train, but half way through the movie keep freezing and I kept getting a clicking sound. Finally 10 minutes left the screen totally froze and it wasn't coming back.

  Oct 04, 2009
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This more or less proves to all the nay-sayers that Blu-ray is catching on and is not just a fad or a technology that will be swiftly trumped by the next format (Super Hi-def or whatever that may be). Which is a good thing from where I stand because I already own almost 300 titles on BD. I will never be a person to favor digital films over the vastly superior physical copies.
  Oct 04, 2009
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id rather have my popcorn hour with a 2 tarabyte hdd and download the movies with out the need to store 100`s of dvds and blus. especially when you live in a bachelors pad.

i wish they would do legal high quility downloads for half the price if you are not getting the packaging and extra features

  Oct 04, 2009
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I dont wish Blu-ray would die, but I sure wish DVD would die

Mark L.
  Oct 04, 2009
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DVD had it's day to shine and now Blue-ray is comming to the light of day. When people start replacing there standard definition TVs with High def set. Then they will crave for the best quality movies to watch on there new TV. Long live Blue-ray & it's time to say good by to DVD. As far as downloads go it is going to take a long time to even come close to broadcast quality.

  Oct 04, 2009
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blu rays are here to stay!

  Oct 05, 2009
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These are very exciting times for Blu-ray owners. I check this site every day for word of another big announcement.

Wizard of Oz
Snow White and Seven Dwarfs
Whatever Works
Gone with the Wind
North by Northwest
It's a Wonderful Life

All these and more due by end of the year!

Once Universal gets cracking on releasing Hitchcock Blu-rays (and classics in general) and populist hits like Lord of the Rings hit BD then it's a wrap for DVD.

The takeover is under way...

  Oct 05, 2009
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It's realy simple in my mind. That DD are for those who are to cheap to own and want to steal movie's. Yes I know Regular people can purchase them but still I have a friend that would just burn them form his computer. He keeps trying to tell me that they are just as good quality. I keep telling him you give me a copy of what you have is the best and I'll tell you whats better. Has yet to happen.

Top HT gallery
Top contributor
  Oct 05, 2009
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I had the same friend. Until he came over to watch on my 106" screen. The DD sucked, the Blu-ray shined. Even the DD sound sucked. I think DD is fine for the small screen, but you can start seeing a huge difference as the screen gets larger.

So I think in the end its about your home theater setup. If your watching off your computer monitor, you will be hard pressed to see much of a difference in quality between DD and Blu-ray. But if your projecting or have a large plasma or LCD (+40"), then you'll see the difference almost right away.

By the way, he now owns a PS3. Nuff said.

  Oct 05, 2009
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I hate on demand stuff. I prefer to have a real copy and being able to choose when I want to watch it without having to let it stream or download. Even my Comcast box freezes up.

  Oct 05, 2009
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i know for a fact bluray will continue to grow and eventually be the mainstream format once it gets cheaper. With this recession there just isn't going to be a serious increase of need for it with a lot of people because of the prices of the disc. I know most of my friends who come over and watch a blu on my 42in 1080p 120hz sharp aquos see a difference and hear a difference on my onkyo reciever but in the end they ask how much an average disc could be bought for and they all say one day. Even the friends who bought a ps3 and got into bluray only buy the "must haves" to them, borrow from my collection or download a dvdrip for the movies their gfs or wives want to watch.

  Oct 05, 2009
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We're in a Blu World Order.

Top reviewer
  Oct 05, 2009
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At the Madison Horror Film Festival this past weekend I asked director Stuart Gordon (a native son who went on to direct Re-Animator and others) when we can expect more of his films on Blu-ray. He said he didn't know how prevelant Blu-ray was so he asked the audience how many of them watch blu-ray. Probably 25%-30% raised their hands. Granted this was largely an audience of film afficionados, but Stuart was impressed. I was actually a little surprised it was that high myself.

  Oct 06, 2009
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The statement is misleading, true every PS3 is effectivley a Blu Ray *player8 but NOT every PS3 is hooked up to a HDTV and those that aren't are NOT watching Blu Ray movies on their PS3's. They should be looking at DISC sales and NON-PS3 Blu Ray Player sales for a more accurate picture. TOTAL number of titles available on Blu Ray in it's 3rd year is HALF of what TOTAL number of DVD's were in the same time. People tend to forget that not all PS3's are being used as Blu Ray Players and with PS2 and DVD it wasn't the same DVD's still looked better than VHS no matter what TV you used, Blu Ray doesn't.

  Oct 07, 2009
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The only thing that I really see slowing Blu-ray adoption would be that consumers may be less gung-ho about upgrading their DVD collections as they were their VHS collections. While Blu-ray offers an upgrade in picture and sound over DVD, Blu-ray does not offer pragmatic improvements as DVD did over VHS (reliability, portability, mulitiple audio tracks, bonus features, chapter search, no need to rewind).

Also, some older and niche SD content might not require a Blu-ray release, really. So I think it will be much longer before we see DVDs disappear from shelves than it took for VHS to vanish.

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