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Rumor: Blu-ray Enabled Wii 2 in 2010

Posted October 29, 2009 05:15 AM by Juan Calonge

Blu-ray MoviesGaming site, citing information leaked to by a Nintendo France marketing employee, is reporting that a new Nintendo console will be launched worldwide in the third quarter of 2010. This "Wii 2" will reportedly get a Blu-ray drive, and support 1080p for games and movies.

An official announcement will reportedly happen just one month before launch date. In the intervening months, "huge publicity and viral marketing will be utilized to create buzz" (so this post is ultimately contributing to that, right? Damned if you do...).

Allegedly, there will be the option to trade in old Wii's for "Wii 2" consoles.

This rumor comes just after Nintendo's profit fell by more than half in the six months from April, hit by a slump in console sales (it sold 5.75m Wiis between April and September, far fewer than the 10m it shifted in the same period last year).

Some analysts are suggesting that a completely new console offers its best hope of reviving hardware sales.

Sony, on the other hand, has benefited from a reduction in the price of the PS3. "The price cut on the PlayStation 3 was effective because people are getting a high spec Blu-ray disc player for a good price," said Yusuke Tsunoda, an analyst at Tokai Tokyo Securities.

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News comments (56 comments)

  Oct 29, 2009
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If true its massive for Blu-ray but not so good for the PS3

  Oct 29, 2009
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Sweet. I'll trade in the old Wii and then I can sell my stand alone player. I doubt it's true thought. Nintendo games will look like crap in 1080P. Hahaha

  Oct 29, 2009
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^How can something look worse in better resolution? May need to rethink that one, chief.

Thats sounds pretty cool, though. BD on a Wii. Nice.

  Oct 29, 2009
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So a HD console, with Blu-ray that has motion controls? Sounds like the PS3 to me, I think I'll stick with that thanks

  Oct 29, 2009
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This sounds highly unlikely. Nintendo doesn't even like the idea of their consoles playing DVDs, why would they make a new one to function as a BD player?

And no, Nintendo's console is nothing like the PS3. Apart from the obvious hardware differences, Nintendo has the advantage of their first party software. I also think it's funny the way you try to make it sound as though the Wii is ripping off the PS3, when the PS3 wouldn't have motion controls if not for Nintendo's innovation in that area.

  Oct 29, 2009
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Nothing would replace my loyalty to PlayStation, but as a gamer, a BD-enabled Wii would be something I'd want, just as I also want a 360, especially once Natal comes out. The PS3 meets all my Blu-ray needs, but no one system meets all my gaming needs.
  Oct 29, 2009
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Wii's can't even play DVD's.. but now they want to have Blu Ray that plays movies? Even if true..expect bare minimum of features/options.. nothing like a PS3 that can also stream media from a computer and supports just about all video formats.

PS3 has had motion controls since day one.. they didn't steal anything from Wii.. The New wands may of been inspired by it though but they will far surpass the Wii and Natal in motion control abilities when they come out.

I will be sticking to the options fully loaded to the max PS3 for my media needs.
  Oct 29, 2009
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@Tempest doth protest too much. Again, the overwhelming majority that will buy the Wii 2 do not care about all of the "special" features on a PS3.

In the real world Nintendo Wii has outsold 360 and PS3 combined. No Blu-ray, limited online functionality, terrible graphics and a small AAA library. If the only thing Wii does it upgrade the ability for graphics/media it will assure that Sony stays in a distanct third and Microsoft will be happy with second.

  Oct 29, 2009
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wow this is quite unexpected but exactly where they were headed (business-wise)...

this current generation we saw nintendo's target market as the not-so-casual-gamer and whether or not gamers agree, nintendo has won this console war by a landslide because for the first time in a really long time (maybe ever) we saw a gaming machine dedicated to non-gamers. also while im at it... id also like to say something to all those hating on nintendo and all their remakes this generation : DON'T YOU GET IT!? at least 60% of wii owners arent hardcore and havent played all these old and golden games. its easy for nintendo to re-release/remake these games so that these new gamers can experience what hardcore gamers have already and they dont even have to spend millions on developing a brand new game. sony and microsoft may even benefit from nintendo expanding the gaming market in general.

anyways back to big idea ..... nintendo owns the casual market ..... and it's safe to say that the movie-watching market overlaps the casual gaming market and would make perfect sense to have blu-ray capabilities. i wonder how well the ps3 would have done if nintendo decided to do it this generation instead of the last. i for one bought my ps3 more for the blus rather than gaming.

  Oct 29, 2009
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I heard this too, I heard that Nintendo had made a deal with Santa Clause to do the manufacturing and that's why Christmas is going to be canceled this year because Santa will be too busy making a Blu-ray Wii 2 for late next year. I also heard the new name for the console with be Wiibr just to connect the whole Wii to Blu-ray idea.

This has fail written all over it.

  Oct 29, 2009
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If hype leading up to the Wii's release hadn't been what it was, Sony would never have tacked on the sixaxis system to their controllers. And now Sony and Microsoft are both trying to outdo Nintendo's motion sensing with add-ons. But I say, is this a good thing? Gimmicky motion controls have plagued the Wii from the beginning and now they want to apply that to the other consoles as well?

And yeah, for "media needs", a COMPUTER works better than a PS3. Don't even try and act like the PS3 is the best thing for a media center. A general purpose computer can do everything a PS3 can with media and then some. Like browsing message boards, or allowing me to post this comment I am currently typing.

Not that being a "media center" has ever been Nintendo's goal. They're all about the games. Even though the hardware is able to, they intentionally made the Wii unable to play DVDs. This is why I find this -rumor- to be dubious at best. If the Wii is purposely unable to do DVD and was wildly successful regardless, why would the next system from Nintendo mix things up?

  Oct 29, 2009
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Don't expect a war machine. Everything points to a Game Cube 3, with the same overclocked PPC (I smell a single-core 1GHz G4) and the same marginally biffed Radeon 7000 chipset, with EDTV and HDMI support to make people happy -- so much for "hi-def". And how a souped-up Wii Cube is going to cost less than the current one with the addition of a BD player?

Top contributor
Lucy Diamond
  Oct 29, 2009
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Will they really let me trade my Wii in??
Even with all the dust it's collected since I bought a PS3??

Too little too late for me and besides that, Nintendo's philosophy of the 1 in a million chance in the games I play is getting old.

Take Animal Crossing: One day out of the year you can get a certain item half of the time...or something like that. That is not's annoying. They have turned everything into A giant Pokemon slot machine. You might get it...ya might not. :/

  Oct 29, 2009
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BD in their system? They do not even have DVD now, and that is super cheap to add on.

  Oct 29, 2009
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Where in the world has this come from?! Wii doesn't even have DVD at the moment, no Nintendo console has. I'm a huge Nintendo gamer, and I love the Wii so I hope this is true, because I also love Blu-ray. But I will believe it when I see it, I'm afraid.
  Oct 29, 2009
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They should include up-scaling for all current Wii games to at least 720p.

  Oct 29, 2009
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Wii DOES have DVD. What the heck do you think the format of their games are?

They just purposely designed the software that runs the system to NOT PLAY MOVIES.

People who want their Wii to play DVD movies can actually do a simple hack with homebrew that unlocks this ability.

Top contributor
Ashamed Pegasus
  Oct 29, 2009
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Anything to add Blu-ray into more homes is good... I had no desire to ever play a Wii but a Wii w/Blu-ray and HD graphics might spark my attention...

  Oct 29, 2009
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Afrobean, that comment sounds like you are saying the PS3 can't read message boards or type comments on them. You DO realize that the PS3 DOES have that right?

Although I agree that a HTPC does more than a PS3, installing Linux makes a PS3 a HTPC. But the PS3 does an incredible amount out of the box. Far more than any other gaming console in history.

As for the Wee-wee, I have better things to do with my time than wave my arms around like an idiot trying to make a hydrosymphalic character complete a preprogrammed move in 480p and 2-channel stereo.

  Oct 29, 2009
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We all know a Wii HD is on its way. But we don't know any specifics right now and probably won't for quite a while. Let's not go all crazy PS3 fanboy vs Wii fanboy and get into a pissing contest about which console is the best and blah blah blah. They both have their strengths and their weaknesses and many consumers own both systems for different reasons. It's like comparing apples to oranges.

And for what its worth, PS3 most certainly copied the whole "motion control" idea from the Wii. Absolutely NOT the other way around. I remember when PS3 motion control was first brought up at a trade show. This was AFTER the Wii had been anounced as the new, hot thing coming down the pike. The second phase of PS3 (and first phase of 360) motion control is this crappy wand (and camera) thing coming out.

This is not new or exciting news. Wii has already done this. PS3 and 360 are just copying the Wii, trying to catch up, and granted, are probably going to improve on the Wii's implementation of this technology. But to say that the Wii copied PS3 motion controls is just ghastly inaccurate.

I'm more concerned with the new cameras/sensors. The Wii sensor bar is sleek and barely noticeable, but the playstation eye and project natal prototypes would look god awful on top of my TV. I already don't use my playstation eye or any other sensors (e.g., Time Crisis 4) because they are too big, bulky, and just unappealing. They just sit in their packages on my shelf. It's too much trouble to get them out everytime I want to play those games, so those games just don't get played. And I can't leave them out because nothing says awful quite like a $3K TV with a big fat playstation eye sitting on top of it. Ugh.

  Oct 29, 2009
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We can speculate day and night but still have about a year before it's release. Will have to wait and see. Me, not particularly excited. Have had a Wii for almost 2 years now. Been turned on maybe 10 times. Love my 60GB PS3 though!!!

  Oct 29, 2009
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Outside of being able to playback Blu-ray movies I don't see any advantage of releasing a Blu Wii. Unless Nintendo has plans to start developing more graphics intensive titles there is no need IMO.

The Wii already has a neiche market and I don't see the addition of a Blu-ray as a major selling point! I would consider just for adding a Blu for the bedroom where the Wii is right now...but outside of this I feel the expense is unwarrented.

I'm looking to buy a PS3 this Christmas to finally replace my PS2. Will I replace the Wii...hmmmm.

  Oct 29, 2009
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Ahhh...nothing like new rumors to start the never-ending Wii versus 360 versus PS3 arguments. I'll take this as exactly what it is: a rumor, and if the rumor does pan out then the vast videogame empire will suck in more slaves ;-)

And for the record, I've got a Wii and PS3 just to avoid any fanboi-based retaliation

Top contributor
  Oct 29, 2009
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that's awesome

  Oct 29, 2009
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This is way exciting for me. I am huge on bluray, and the only gaming system I own is a wii, so I would be way willing to update.

Top contributor
  Oct 29, 2009
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Too little too late, Nintendo. Let me guess, this new console will upconvert old Wii games to 1080p instead of having true HD media. Thanks, but no thanks. Nintendo's just trying to jump on the HD bandwagon even though they're the ones who said the public wasn't ready for HD when they launched the Wii.

  Oct 29, 2009
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I remember about a year or two ago reading a story on how someone who worked R&D at Nintendo walked on some co-workers watching a blu-ray movie on a wii. With this report, if true, it looks like he wasn't just blowing smoke...

Top reviewer
  Oct 29, 2009
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This would be the only reason I'd ever get a Wii, those games are fairly fun, but the graphics are effing brutal. First title: Grand Theft Mario; The Ballad of Gay Luigi.

  Oct 29, 2009
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Sweet if it happens, Il go from one blu ray player to 2 !

Top HT gallery
  Oct 29, 2009
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Once this happpens the 360 will FINALLY give in!
  Oct 29, 2009
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Guess we'll need a new sub-forum

Dr. Manhattan
  Oct 29, 2009
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Unless they beef up the current Wii and add another $100+ dollars to the price (in which case almost no one would buy it), I call this a totally bogus rumor. I didn't get a Wii to watch movies, I bought it so I can run around my living room looking like a jackass playing tennis with myself and my roommates.

  Oct 29, 2009
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Oh man, i'd get a wii 2 just for super smash bros in HD!
  Oct 29, 2009
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That is absolutely spectacular news!!!!!!! I will definitely get me a Wii 2 in 2010!!! I do have a Playstation 3, but I never ever play it, I only watch blu-rays on it. I am just so shocked that there is going to be a Blu-ray drive in Wii 2 in 2010 and that's only 1 year away!!! This news just made my day completely!!! I will surely be one of the die hard video game fanatics waiting in line for this system come next fall!!! This is just absolutely the best blu-ray news i've seen since i started buying blu-rays and surfing this web page in early 2008!!! Heck it says that their going to make 1080p wii games.(does that mean I can play my virtual console games in 1080p???)(I really really hope the wii shop channel is in the wii 2 and you could play those back in the day games such as Super Mario 64 and None other than Toejam and Earl 2: Panic on Funkotron in crystal clear 1080p high definition!!!) Well, now begins the longest year of my life!
  Oct 29, 2009
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Now i could care less about the Playstation 3(when i watch my movies that PS3 is very loud!) I'm going to sell my Playstation 3 and my Wii in 2010 for a Wii 2!!!

Top contributor
  Oct 29, 2009
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If Wii goes high def with BD playback, count me in for a trade-in. This would be great for the TV I use for gaming. I'm looking forward to some "real" news on this one over the next year.

  Oct 29, 2009
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Blu-ray in a Wii, don't know why some hate the idea. Nintendo (or MS either) can't stick with DVDs forever. And maybe this will mean better graphics as some have already complained about.
That doesn't mean they'll be a better choice of games though. My Wii has been collecting dust for months now and out of the whole year I've played it like a dozen times.

I doubt there will be Blu-ray movie play back, just like no DVD movie playback with the current system. But even if it does allow playback, I'll stick to my PS3

Top contributor
  Oct 29, 2009
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Here's a rumor of my own design that has more liklihood of becoming reality: Wii won't get a blu-ray drive (I don't think they even use dual layer DVDs for their games at this point). MS will put a BD drive in their NEXT Xbox (it will never be a 360 addon like some have speculated), and Apple will finally cave and start putting them in their computers after they watch the new Xbox kick off the next console generation. This is your destiny. I have foreseen it.
  Oct 29, 2009
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Wii HD would be nice, One of the reasons I don't have one is that the Wii doesn't look good on a large TV. While the current doesn't do DVD playback most likely due to drive issues. Given that Blu-ray penetration is still small the Wii) the idea of BD playback is a great selling point. While most people had a DVD player before they got a Wii there will be a large number of people who would buy a Wii 2 before they bought a standalone BD player.

Top contributor
Dynamo of Eternia
  Oct 29, 2009
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Well, if there is any truth to this, at the end of the day, game-system fanboyism aside (which has clearly been running rampent around here as is evident by some of the biased posts, and the ratings on the system-neutral and pro-Wii posts), it's good for the Blu-Ray format, which, with this being, is good for the format that this website is all about.

Memnoch posted: "And for what its worth, PS3 most certainly copied the whole "motion control" idea from the Wii. Absolutely NOT the other way around. "

Actually, I don't think that's really accurate. I don't think either company truely copies the other. Technically the sixaxis tilt feature in the PS3 controller is a different technology than what is in the Wii controller. It is conceivable, possible, and probable that Sony was already working on this before they knew much, if anything about Nintendo's controller.

Having said that, the timing of Sony's announcement of the controller at E3 in 2006 didn't go over so well, from what I recall. After everyone knew about Nintendo's new controller, this just came across as very "me, too! me, too!" I think part of the problem was that the only new things that the PS3 offered was Hi-Def graphics and a Blu-Ray drive.... and at that time, HDTVs weren't nearly as common as they are now. The (then) new Blu-Ray format at the time wasn't THAT compelling to many since there was another rival HD format, DVD had really only gone rully mainstream like 3 or 4 years before then, and (again) HDTVs, while being around, weren't as common as they are now.

So, outside of the BD/Hi-Def features, really all the PS3 at the time, had going for it that was different from the previous system was that the controllers were wireless and now featured this motion option (which many took as a Nintendo rip-off, even if it actually wasn't). Then it had the whopping price tag of $600, which just shocked many (and not in a good way).

At the time, I honestly never thought I would get a PS3 because I didn't have an HDTV yet (and wasn't quite in the market for one yet), and I was aprehensive about going to a new format after what I had invested in DVD.

My how times have changed! I did since get an HDTV. I have all of the current systems (Wii, 360, PS3), but PS3 is the only one that I have 2 of, because I was wanting another BD player, and the PS3 is still pretty much the best one around. And while I still like both the Wii and 360 a lot, lately I've been doing most of my gaming on PS3. It is, genuinely, a great system in many ways.

Having said that, if there's any truth to this Wii2 rumor, I say it's a great thing. It will bring more attention to Blu-Ray, which I can't say is a bad thing at all.

To those saying "to little to late" on Nintendo getting Blu-Ray and Hi-Def... if you don't like the Wii and it's not your "cup of tea", that's fine. Nothing wrong with that. But we have to keep things in perspective here...

Nintendo is a company that really only makes game systems. They aren't a big corporation with many, many varying products, etc, like Sony and Microsoft. Sony and Microsoft can both create expensive hardware and sell them as a loss leader because even if worse comes to worse and they end up losing some money on the venture, they have other sources of income to make up for it.

Plus, we end up paying for it in some way or another. Most of what I've heard about Nintendo (having never had to send in a system for repair, personally), is that even if your system is out of warranty, typically, since their systems don't cost much and are profitable to begin with, they will repair it for free. With PS3 and 360, you end up having to pay $150+ for repair on a system that malfuctioned due to no fault of your own (with the big exception being the 360 RROD issue, which they've been fixing for free ONLY because of what a major problem it turned out to be.... they were charging people early on for it).

It's pretty stupid to criticize Nintendo for not taking such an insane risk when they don't have much else to draw income in from. And if they had taken that risk, and released some insanely priced HD system a few years ago instead of the existing Wii, then many of the same people would be criticizing that saying that no one is going to pay that for a Nintendo system. So, what should they do? (bearing in mind that they aren't going to just close up shop out of no where to appease those people who don't like them).

And as great as the PS3 is (and I use both of mine a lot.. currently a lot more than either of the other 2 systems), and as great as it has been for the Blu-Ray format, the insane price is started out as really didn't help things. The Wii is on the decline because it has already saturated the market. The PS3 is picking up because it's FINALLY at a relatively reasonable price.

As far as the Wii 2 goes, if it does have Blu-Ray, great. Blu-Ray is finally getting down to a cost level that will allow Nintendo to put it into a system without it forcing them to charge some super huge price for the system, and it just helps bring the format even more into the mainstream. I see nothing wrong about that.

  Oct 29, 2009
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This would be great if you could trade them in, my Wii is collecting dust.

  Oct 29, 2009
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Nintendo will never do this and it's too soon to be talking about a Wii 2. It would be cool to see Nintendo do some 1080p stuff for games but movie playback outta the box without a software hack is questionable.

If anything I hope they support better audio and use HDMI as It's getting old that Nintendo is the last company to still be on analog audio.

Last but not least make a standard controller in addition to the Wii mote so 3rd party games can be played like other consoles.

Well that's all I have to say on this issue and these are my views and opinions only.

  Oct 29, 2009
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If there's any truth to this and Nintendo beats MS to the punch by putting a Blu-ray drive in the
Wii before the 360 gets one, I will laugh. Very, very hard. MS is being stubborn about this.
  Oct 29, 2009
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So let me get this straight, Nintendo didn't want to enable DVD movie use because it would cost them more and they didn't focus on graphics, yet now they're going to pay for blu-ray and HD?

I loled.
  Oct 29, 2009
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I think this is just hype. And for all the idiots out there who say the PS3 is "Wii with motion control and HD", you're so wrong. PS3 has no motion control. SIXAXIS was a joke from day one and was only put in because the Wii got a strong response from it and Sony was desperate for a gimic other than blu ray to push sales. Since then it's dropped SIXAXIS games and had to go back to dualshock on it's controllers. And the only that moved PS3 slim was the price cut. Had it stayed in the same price range, it wouldn't have sold as much.

I don't believe Nintendo will adopt BD for the same reason MS won't adopt it. If they were truely going HD, they would either have to resurrect HD DVD from Toshiba, or create their own HD source tech. Adopting blu ray would only make Sony richer and Nintendo and MS both can't let that happen.

  Oct 29, 2009
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I am not buying another console so close to the release of the first one. Nintendo should of planned ahead. I'll stick with the current Wii console until it breaks; which could be a while since I barely touch it anymore.

  Oct 29, 2009
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That was the only thing that kept me from buying the first Wii. No BD capability, no sale.
  Oct 29, 2009
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"Allegedly, there will be the option to trade in old Wii's for "Wii 2" consoles."

No console manufacturer in history (yes, even Atari) has ever let a buyer "trade-in their old console".

That statement makes the whole article total FUD...
  Oct 30, 2009
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Wow, I guess Microsoft will have to reconsider the Blu-ray option to stay competitive...
  Oct 30, 2009
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Wow this would be great news! Wii 2 with Blu-ray. It would be great is Microsoft's XBox also has Blu-ray playback.
  Oct 30, 2009
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Eh, no thanks, there's not enough games on Wii I actually want to own for me to consider buying one.

Top reviewer
  Oct 31, 2009
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It like Blu-ray will be mainstream in the future, It will be times when Blu-ray will replace DVD real soon cause I am tired of hearing DVD movies still selling more than Blurays but guess what, DVD still looks worse on HDTV while Bluray looks cleaner.

Wii 2, if it comes with Blu-ray drive, it might not play bluray movies, but blu ray games for hd graphics. it just a thought, it might use 15GB smaller blu ray disc instead or 25GB

So as u see, blu-ray is not going anywhere... I still prefer the PS3 cause it is not even maxed out, there more things will come to the PS3 in the future.. trust me.

Wii 2 is nothing but Gamecube 3

  Oct 31, 2009
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This is very interesting and for those with a non transferable game save troubling.

Smash brawl,smash up,mario kart,nights and many more are stuck on 1 wii play on another and start over is all you can do. Plus any virtuial console games are forced to stay on whichever wii
they were bought on.

Nintendo is the most PARANOID company in gaming and these practices translate to thanks for
your support-BUT YOU'RE ALL THIEVES. If true can we see the end to friend codes...d@mn friend codes.

Nintendo would have to make great strides and firmware update all wii's to eradicate these

Would it start @ $249-299 and will there be a trade in program....i expect all wiimotes to have built-in motion plus. Speaking of will the wiimotes and numchucks get an overhaul or aditional features like the speaker in current wiimotes getting full duplex and a mic function.

If blu get together with wii 2 /wii HD then 360 would be the odd console out...can't wait for e3 now.

  Nov 02, 2009
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Yeah the "trade in your old console" thing is pretty nuts. Nintendo exists to make money, not give their new products away for free.

  Nov 04, 2009
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Nintendo hasn't won the console war as they didn't even try to participate in it, they just launched their console approximately at the same time as others with a gimmick targeted at people who don't know a thing about video games or have a minimum technical knowledge about video games to be sure it would sell like crazy and they succeeded in selling a last gen product ...
No reason for them to spend moeny on a current gen product and risking to loose their favourite audience of casual people who still won't know the difference between a microwave oven and a lightbulb (and don't car either) on atechnical level, so I call FAKE with a big F

anyone heard of the 2 sources anyway???
  Nov 11, 2009
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You fanboys sure are a noisy bunch. The Wii has sold almost more hardware than PS3 and 360 combined with over 56 million sold. This is a fact. Yeah, there's lots of shovelware, but that's always been the case and on every system.

The Wii owns the casual market, but it also kills in what you people call the hardcore audience with really good EXCLUSIVE games. You want to find a good game, read the reviews that are out there for each system and add up which system has the most. Multi-system games don't really count outside of Ghostbusters (and I'd rather play that on my PC than a PS3).

I only recently bought my Wii several months ago and it's getting very heavy use. I have great games like Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Mario Kart, Punch-Out!!, Metroid Prime Trilogy (all three games fit on one disc because it's dual layer, by the way), Super Smash Bros. Brawl and I just bought Okami (I know it was on PS2), MadWorld, House of the Dead Overkill, The Conduit and Wii Sports Resort and I still have a ton of games I still want on my Amazon wishlist. When Nintendo delivers, they really deliver.

The only thing the PS3 has over the Wii besides Blu-ray is less hardware limitations. They can make their games look very, very pretty and install tons of maps and other things to eat up gigabytes per game to enhance the experience. But Nintendo is making the most of the Wii's hardware limitations by delivering the most bang for your buck, proving to any who will sit down with a game and play through it that you don't need expensive HD equipment for a quality gaming experience. You didn't need it in 1989 or 1999, so why would you need it today? I admit that the first time Kefka made a laser beam shoot across the water in Final Fantasy VI, I went, "Whoa," but it's been pretty hard to get your jaw to drop over any kind of graphics for the past ten years or so. To do that, you need the game to genuinely enthrall you and just being pretty won't do it anymore.

Still, you have to applaud Sony's gamble with the blu-ray format, then unproven and it could have backfired nastily and ended up as Sony's proprietary PS3 disc format. HD DVD would have won if blu-ray never developed the special clear coating and made every disc come with a bulky bulletproof shell of a caddy. And the PS3 keeps coming out with more and more great exclusive titles, some of which aren't even FPS', and they're finally starting to show what the system can really do with releases like Uncharted 2, which even I really want to play.

Microsoft, well, they can go die with their poorly-designed self-bricking 360s and hoping that Windows 7 will save them. What's the 360 have besides Halo? And why have they not learned their lesson with Vista by continuing with over-pricing excessive amounts of SKUs? The only one I would consider is Professional because it has XP mode and that costs $100 more than home premium. Really? Do they not know that both Vista and 7 are both products that no one really needs? For $300, I'd rather buy a PS3. Apple might advertise bugs, crashes and viruses, but that has not been my experience. If they priced a new OS between $50 and $100, they could easily make money on it.

With a version of the Wii releasing as early as next year, well, part of me is pissed off because I'm already a little jaded after buying a Wii just months before the price drop. But the other side of me is kind of excited. Aside from the blu-ray, there are a lot of issues to address to make the Wii an even better system. What I'd like to see is more internal memory, no more miis or friend codes, a shop channel that sells you downloads you own and can transfer to any Wii (reasonable limits are fine) and not a license for your one system and a better online network with real keyboard and voice communication. Online is the one thing the 360 got right, and yet, it's full of little snotty children attempting to berate you as they teabag your corpse. I long for a time where you can create a game and then boot anyone out that you do not want to play with as well as communicate with all the expletives and typos as you see fit. And if the trade-in thing is true, well, I hope that offer will be around for a year or two so I can wait for homebrew to work on it.

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