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Catfish Blu-ray Announced

Posted November 10, 2010 06:48 AM by Juan Calonge

Universal StudiosUniversal Studios Home Entertainment has announced Catfish for Blu-ray release on January 4, 2011. This documentary (or "reality thriller", as dubbed by filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost) follows a young man who begins a long-distance online relationship, with unexpected results. It premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

No special features have been detailed at the time.

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News comments (9 comments)

Top contributor
Kristian Idol
  Nov 10, 2010
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Uh, that isn't the trailer. Here's the real one:

Man, when they drove onto the farm at night, I was just like, "No...". And then he walks up to the barn and I was "No, no, NO!!"

Not sure if I need a copy, but absolutely worth a rental. It says so much about our "connected" world.

Top contributor
  Nov 10, 2010
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Correct trailer added. Thanks!

  Nov 10, 2010
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Is the movie real? Still have my doubts, but apparently the people in the film were all on 20/20 discussing it. I missed the episode

  Nov 10, 2010
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Really was dissapointed with this one.

  Nov 10, 2010
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No flames, no complaints... just a general warning to people: Rent this first. The trailer makes it seem like a "thriller". It isn't.
  Nov 10, 2010
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Didn't like this one at all. It was quite possibly one of the worst flicks I've seen all year. I'm not a huge fan of the "reality" genre, but that marketing campaign reeled me and my gf in and got us. It was very tedious, and very unlikable people in it, except the main character. But something tells me that this was all cooked up. Anyway, if you dug the flick by all means pick it up, but this is one I won't be giving a second look.

I just realized that there are a lot of fishing puns in here. : - \

  Nov 10, 2010
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I'm looking forward to renting it. People I talk to loved it. Looked really good from the trailer. Though I'm already well aware that it was falsely advertised. Regardless I still thought the marketing was good.

Top contributor
  Nov 11, 2010
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i saw this recently and i was also disappointed with it. the trailer made it seem so great but now i wouldn't even really recommend as a rental
  Nov 11, 2010
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I loved this movie. I loved I had no idea where it was going and it seemed and could've been real. The lead actor gave an oscar worthy performance. He is just so charismatic and vulnerable...and amiable. You see the full range of emotions. The movie brings a serious question to the forefront about how easily one can create and also buy into an online persona. The trailer sets it up like a horror, which I feel led disappointment for some. It's all. In a way its more sinister in that its a very real scenario that is probably going on everyday, impacting real lives. I'd only view it if you're in to Sundance/Indy type film that are provocative and emotive. If you think this is Paranormal Activity or Cloverfield (I liked both BTW), its not.

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