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A Bay of Blood, Deep Red Blu-ray Announced; Battle Royale Delayed

Posted November 18, 2010 03:57 AM by Juan Calonge

Blu-ray MoviesUK's Arrow Video has announced A Bay of Blood (Reazione a catena; Mario Bava, 1971) and Deep Red (Profondo rosso; Dario Argento, 1975) for Blu-ray release on December 6 and 13, respectively. The studio has also announced that the highly anticipated limited edition of Battle Royale has been delayed two weeks and will now be released on December 13.

A Bay of Blood (also known as Carnage and Twitch of the Death Nerve) will be packaged in a reversible sleeve with original and newly-commissioned art work, and will be bundled with a double-sided fold-out poster, and a collector's booklet by Jay Slater, critic and author of Eaten Alive!.

Special features include:
  • Argento! Bava! Fulci! The Giallo Gems of Dardano Sacchetti (in HD)
  • Joe Dante on Mario Bava (in HD)
  • Shooting a Spaghetti Splatter Classic: Cameraman Gianlorenzo Battaglia on A Bay of Blood (in HD)
  • Audio discussion with Tim Lucas, author of Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark
  • Trailers: "Carnage" and "Twitch of the Death Nerve" with commentary by filmmaker Edgar Wright
  • Twitch of the Death Nerve Radio Spots
Deep Red will feature two versions of the film (the director's cut and the international theatrical cut), with optional Dolby 5.1/Stereo Italian Audio and Mono/Stereo English Audio. It will be packaged in a reversible sleeve with original and newly-commissioned art work, and will be bundled with a two-sided fold-out poster with new art work, and a exclusive collector's booklet featuring brand new writing on Deep Red by Alan Jones, author of Profondo Argento.

Special features include:
  • Introduction by composer Claudio Simonetti (in HD)
  • Audio commentary with Argento expert Thomas Rostock, Rosso Recollections – Dario's Deep Genius
  • Lady in Red: Daria Nicolodi remembers Profondo Rosso (in HD)
  • Music to Murder For! Claudio Simonetti on Deep Red (in HD)
  • Original Italian trailer (to be confirmed)
  • Original Trailer (to be confirmed)
  • A Tour of the Profondo Rosso shop in Rome with long time Argento collaborator Luigi Cozzi (in HD)
For release details of Battle Royale, see, October 21.

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News comments (26 comments)

  Nov 18, 2010
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Isn't there other horror movies, a bit more mainstream, that need the blu ray treatment more than a Bay of Blood or Deep Red like say, Brain dead, Inside, Halloween 2-4, The Frighteners, It, and others?(i'm in the us)

I'm just saying, i'm a huge horror fan, but the increasing amount in Italian horror on blu is overwhelming the amount that is every other horror genre on blu ray.

  Nov 18, 2010
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The Frighteners has already been announced (another HD DVD hold-out) from Universal. The others you mentioned...are those really "mainstream"? I'm a big horror fan myself and I've never heard of Brain Dead or Inside...and the original Halloween is the only worthwhile movie in the series, IMO. Stephen King's It was made for TV and the second half SUCKS!

Personally, I'd love to see Re-Animator, Dead Alive (Peter Jackson), Martin (George Romero), and a remastered Halloween without the color issues. You should try some Dario Argento horror, though. He's considered an Italian maestro of horror.

  Nov 18, 2010
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Have to disagree with you there, Poland626. Though I wouldn't have picked Bay of Blood, other Bava classics like The Whip & the Body or The Girl Who Knew Too Much would be a better choice, I definitely want Deep Red on blu, its one of Argento's best films.

  Nov 18, 2010
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@BobbyB... "Brain Dead" is the original title for Peter Jackson's "Dead Alive." If you're a fan of the film make sure you do your homework. "Inside" is a French horror film from a couple of years back that was part of the wave that brought us "High Tension" and "Frontière(s)".
  Nov 18, 2010
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poland26-those other Halloween's are junk. Deep red is a masterpiece. Anyway, its not like Arrow releasing these films is stopping whoever owns the films you mentioned from releasing them.

  Nov 18, 2010
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I'm so happy to see that Arrow releases are getting more attention now........They really are a truly great company thta put a lot of care into all their releases( I own all their Blu-ray releases so far). Along with Blue underground are the best companies out there and true lovers of the horror genre who treat it with the respect it deserves. SUcks to hear this bit of news though seeing as I have all these titles on pre-order for months now...
I do however agree with you Poland626, as much as I love the company and support them, sometimes I do wish they would do maybe some more mainstream releases as you called them...Brain dead was a great suggestion though..I would love to see a decent release of it on blu..... I remember Arrow talking about doing a release of Halloween season of the witch a while who knows......BobbyB, they did actually release a great version of Martin...with extra artwork and reversible sleeves...but sadly it was just on DVD though...but it might still be worth checking ( I own it and I think it's really great )
mpstjohn......I actually completely agree with you on the bay of blood..I was disapointed when it was announced as well...but still ordered to give it a second chance....the beyond is up for release next I'm really looking forward to that...all I have is the old anchor bay tin, it's due for an upgrade (:

Top reviewer
  Nov 18, 2010
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Deep Red has a fantastic score, but beyond that is kind of blah. The effects are laughably bad.

Argento is certainly a talented guy (as are his proteges Lamberto Bava and Michele Soavi), but I find most of his films unfortunately somewhat boring. In my opinion his best work is Suspiria, Terror at the Oprah and Creepers (Phenomina). And his section of Two Evil Eyes is pretty fantastic as well. And of course don't miss his Masters of Horror short film Jenifer, which I consider the best of the series.
  Nov 18, 2010
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The immense quality of DEEP RED doesn't rely on its special effects which are obviously "dated" if that's what you mean but on its incredibly well-staged murder sequences in my opinion. Also, i want to state that Mario Bava can't be referred as a disciple of Dario Argento since Dario Argento came after the film of Mario Bava that established the whole Giallo genre : BLOOD AND BLACK LACE. The early films of Argento owe A LOT to it.

  Nov 18, 2010
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fettastic: "Terror at the Oprah"? Oh, I GOTTA own that! Is Steadman in it?
Is it as good as "Four Flies on Grey Donahue"?
  Nov 18, 2010
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LOVE Arrow. I cant wait for the (now delayed) Battle Royale! I wish they would do Blu Rays for "Return of The Living Dead" and the first "Night of The Living Dead"... I havent seen or heard of half of the movies they release though. Can anybody recomend one of their movies/Blu Rays outside of the Romero films?

Top reviewer
  Nov 18, 2010
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@Marazzi, you are right. I was thinking of Lamberto Bava, Mario's son.

  Nov 18, 2010
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@Candystalker, arrow allready released a version of terror at the oprah...and from what I read it was really good ( I don't own it myself since I try to limit my myself to only buying blu-rays) but I've been hearing rumors that they might do a blu-ray version aswell in the future (:
@insomniac013, I was thinking the same thing...I would LOVE a great (hell I'll settle for decent at this point) release of Night of the living dead on blu-ray....especially since Arrow allready released both dawn and day allready in amazing editions with great PQ and it seems like a shame not to finish of george A. Romero's original Dead trilogy with style and some well deserved respect... and if your only looking for blue, then I would have to say they're release of city of the living dead was really great....the transfer was quite impressive ( I believe it was the same one used on the blue underground set) and a WHOLE LOT of special features (way more than the B.U. counterppart), plus you get the four additional poster artwork and lobby cards, posters and great booklet. They're version of inferno is also really good but I would suggest you watching that first, if you haven't yet....the film is not everyone's cup of tea so I am more hesitant to suggest that one...
  Nov 18, 2010
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I will check out "City of The Living Dead" then, thank you! I'll probaly pick up "Inferno" sometime, so i can support theyre work!

Yeah i know! Isn't "Night" a part of Public Domain now? So technicaly they could release a banging Special Edition whenever they want! I already have "Dawn" and "Day" so yes, finish what you started Arrow/Cult Labs! The Optimun release just doesnt hold up as well... (Stupid 4:3 ratio!)

The great thing about Arrow is they really are quite cheap! Concidering what you get for 15£ or less, i mean!
  Nov 18, 2010
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It's Terror at the Opera, not Oprah. And I would love to see a release of Braindead as well, but I am glad they are releasing both versions of Deep Red. As for Bava releases, I would love Black Sabbath or Blood and Black Lace. And we definitely could use a special edition of Night of the Living Dead, as well as the original Carnival of Souls.

  Nov 18, 2010
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Arrow has got me by its feet. Its gone too far lol. Even if i dont like the movie i probably gonna buy them anyway cause of the awesome packaging and always 4 diffrent covers. very nice editions.

Top reviewer
  Nov 18, 2010
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@Kat....awww crap. Yeah, you got me there.
  Nov 18, 2010
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'Terror at the Oprah'... the greatest horror of them all!

  Nov 18, 2010
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Bobby B, you're not a horror fan if you haven't heard of Brain Dead! You even mention the title (Dead Alive) in it's US form. Do your homework if you want to be called a horror fan, sheesh.

  Nov 18, 2010
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bdtrader: Maybe he knows the movie (Brain Dead) as Dead Alive?? Every horror fan must have heard of that movie in some way.

  Nov 18, 2010
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Am I the only one who thinks tha Arrow grossly underestimated the demand for Battle Royale? At first, I kinda took a "wait till the price drops" stance on this release untill I read those three little words that shattered my will power: "New Subtitle Translations". I love Battle Royale, but the english subs have been awful up to this point, and completely ruin the experience (I don't even watch it w/ the subs on any more). Well, at least I'll have it by X-mas.

Deep Red for me as well, but I wanna hear more about the specs.

  Nov 18, 2010
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I was just giving examples. Except for Blue Underground's releases, which are sparce at times and pricey most of the time, horror movies are one of the slowest genre's on blu ray. I'm glad such titles like Trick R Treat, Evil Dead Trilogy, and the original Chainsaw/Romero/Halloween/Friday the 13th/Nightmare's are on blu, but it seems like companies just took the most known horror films, put them on blu, and went to their other titles.

Hell, all I'm saying is that more companies should be releasing more horror films on blu ray. I like the Italian films but many are dated by now. There are dozens, if not hundreds of horror films released from 1970-1990, what about those?

Also, What about the midnight films of the early days like Pink Flamingos (not really horror, I know), El Topo, or Eraserhead. They did it for Rocky and Troll2, why not these?

Top reviewer
  Nov 18, 2010
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I may have to get Deep Red for the International theatrical cut, as this is the cut I like the best. The Director's Cut just drags on for to long IMO.

  Nov 19, 2010
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Sign me up for- A Bay of Blood and Deep Red. Is Arrow still going to release- The Beyond, Tenebre, Phenomena, Vamp and The Cat o' Nine Tails?

  Nov 19, 2010
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

Yeah, Arrow's release of The Beyond is due on January 17th 2011, Tenebrae is due out April 25th, and Cat o' Nine Tails on April 11th. Not sure on Vamp but I'm not a fan of that one. As for The Beyond and Tenebrae, I used to hate both of them because of the terrible acting but watching both of them with a group of friends is fun and I've grown to like them as a result. The camerawork in Tenebrae is awesome, too.
  Nov 20, 2010
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Are these usually region '1' or 'A' compatible...I would love to get "Deep Red" on Blu-ray...are any of the Arrow Video releases compatible with a region '1' player??? Any of you that own some of these Arrow releases...???

  Nov 21, 2010
Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate
@BlueFrankensteinxxx , yeah I'm very sure their region free.....well at least all the ones they have released so far have been ( dawn and day of the dead etc.) I double checked on dvdbeaver and they say the same hopefully all the new ones continue this trend...
@deadhatetheliving, as Kakihara said, all those are still scheduled for release on the dates mentioned and I'm very sure that Vamp is still up for release from Arrow Videos too...

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