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Mad Men Season 4 Blu-ray Gets Late March Date

Posted January 5, 2011 04:47 AM by Juan Calonge

Lionsgate FilmsOn March 29, Lionsgate Home Entertainment will release Mad Men: Season Four on Blu-ray. The 13 episodes of this fourth season of this Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning series, aired on AMC, will be presented in a three-disc BD set.

Special features include:
  • Audio commentaries on all 13 episodes
  • Divorce: Circa 1960's
  • Marketing The Mustang: An American Classic
  • How To Succeed In Business Draper Style
  • 1964 Presidential Campaign

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News comments (14 comments)

  Jan 05, 2011
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How I got into Mad Men only 2 days ago (got the three first seasons from Amazon's Black Friday Week offer), I'll never know. This is definitely one of the best TV series I have ever seen. Already done with Season 1 and will start Season 2 today. As if that wasn't enough, the Blu-ray presentation is outstanding. So I'm afraid when March 29 comes, I will not be able to wait for the eventual price drop.
  Jan 05, 2011
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Joen, I'm in the same boat as you, my friend. I bought all three seasons during Amazon's Black Friday Week because I heard great things about the show and my friend highly recommended it to me. Well, after watching the pilot, I was immediately hooked. Now I finished season one and have started season two. It really is the best show on television. I'm glad I got to it when I did; now I'll have to catch up until season four comes out.

  Jan 05, 2011
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Too bad I own the DVDs. Nevertheless, a really great series and one of the best in the last 10 years.

Top contributor
  Jan 05, 2011
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I bit on the first three seasons during the Black Friday sales as well. I've only had a chance to view the first two eps, but can somebody tell me if it gets better? It's kinda boring to me really. Does the pace pick up at all during the first season?

Please don't vote me down, it's just an opinion and I'd really like to know.

Top reviewer
Top contributor
  Jan 05, 2011
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I picked up the three seasons for $9.99 on Black Friday also. I found it to start very slowly throughout the first disc and a half, but we just finished the last episode of Season 3 last night and I'd encourage anyone to stick with it. It really does pick up and the character development throughout the first 4~6 episodes pays off.

Excellent picture and audio throughout all three Blu-ray season releases so far, thanks Lionsgate...and I don't ever get tired of the dts-ma 24/96 7.1 trailer either, lol.

Looking forward to Season 4.
  Jan 05, 2011
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@ckenisell: "Please don't vote me down, it's just an opinion and I'd really like to know".

This had me laughing so hard, I actually voted you + (not that I understand why it matters to you in the first place).

In regards to Mad Men, I would suggest giving a couple more episodes a try, as these should be more than enough to get you addicted. Keep in mind I only finished the first season (it took 1 episode to get me hooked).

  Jan 05, 2011
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CKENISEL, definitely stick with it. My wife didn't want to continue watching after the first episode. She hated how the women were being treated. I also felt that they were laying it on kind of thick. But truly, that is just how the time was. It picked up for us about 3 or 4 episodes in. We just finished season 4 this week. Absolutely love the series. Bought all 3 on blu from Amazon. Well worth sticking around. One of the best shows ever in my opinion.

They took a huge risk making this show. I'm so glad they did.

  Jan 05, 2011
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I'm not sure if I follow why some people continue to buy DVDs if they have the initial seasons of a show on DVD. I would switch to blu-ray in a heartbeat (of course I've been with blu-ray so long that there is no such thing as Mad Men DVD to me).

Definitely looking forward to this release. Perhaps I'll finally be caught up to watch the next season live.
Top contributor
  Jan 05, 2011
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I honestly don't understand the hype of this show, my girlfriend absolutely loves it. The story progresses at a crawling pace, so much that my girlfriend freaks out/get's excited at the most dismal events. "Oh my god, Joan has her own office!!!", seriously? That's something to get excited over?
I appreciate the set design, and style, and I like that it doesn't have a conventional plot line, but I think it's FAR from the greatest show ever. I'd take shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter (definitely the first 2 seasons), or Curb Your Enthusiasm over Mad Men.
  Jan 05, 2011
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one of the most overrated shows

  Jan 05, 2011
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@mywhitenoise & mredman- Are you both kidding me? This is the greatest show ever. The cinematography is amazing, the show and characters develop so nicely, it's historically accurate, it's very original, and the acting is so well done. If that ain't a great show, I don't know what is.

That said, I'm not buying this in March. I learned my lesson. I'll wait until Black Friday 2011 because chances are, it'll be $10.
  Jan 05, 2011
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sounds like they are making the same authoring/packaging mistakes again by cramming the 13 episodes onto 3 discs. I'm not asking for 2 episodes-per-disc like HBO does, but the banding and other visual issues on the previous sets are unacceptable, and the bottom-of-the-barrel audio quality (most others use at least 224kbit/sec DD 2.0) on the commentaries and extras are irritating.

Lionsgate, please throw in an extra disc to give the episodes' video bitrates, and the extras' audio bitrates, a little more room to breathe. Packaging it like a bargain-bin release means most of us will just wait for it to go on super-sale.
Top contributor
  Jan 05, 2011
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@MrHT lol at "greatest show ever" comment. You many series do you watch? This isn't even the best series on AMC.

  Jan 09, 2011
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This is my favorite show on television right now. I will be getting this the day of...

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