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Bolt, G-FORCE, Chicken Little and Meet the Robinsons 3D Blu-rays

Posted August 8, 2011 11:51 AM by Matthew Smith

Walt Disney StudiosWalt Disney Home Entertainment will continue its aggressive support of 3D when it releases four catalog titles in the format on November 8th. The company has announced plans to bring Bolt, Chicken Little, G-FORCE and Meet the Robinsons to Blu-ray 3D in brand new combo packs. This will make the CG animated films available in Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, and DVD versions. Bolt will also include a fourth disc for a digital copy.

Of four titles in this announcement, Bolt is the only to have been previously released in 3D (the 2008 film was packaged as an exclusive with certain Sony HDTVs). Bolt centers on an energetic dog who is the star of a hit TV show. He is accidentally shipped from Los Angeles to New York and must journey through the real world to make it home to his owner Penny. The film features the voice talent of John Travolta and Miley Cyrus.

G-FORCE, which performed modestly it debuted in theaters in 2009, mixes CG animation with live action. The Jerry Bruckheimer production follows a group of guinea pigs acting as elite secret FBI agents. The film featured performances from Zack Galifianakis and Will Arnett and voice work from Nicolas Cage, Penelope Cruz and Tracy Morgan.

Meet the Robinsons was produced during Disney's acquisition of Pixar and was thus subject to many revisions. The film, which centers on a futuristic family, received mixed reviews from critics and failed to match the box office success of Pixar's films.

Chicken Little stands as the first Disney Animation Studios film to be completely animated in CG. The 2005 feature, which was loosely based on "The Sky is Falling" fable, follows a young chicken and the chaos that ensues when the coop believes that the sky is falling. It features the voice talents of Zach Braff, Don Knotts, Patrick Stewart and Joan Cusack.

The special features included for the four new editions seem to mirror those included on each film's previous Blu-ray release. Each combo pack has been priced at $44.99 with the exception of Bolt ($49.99). Look for pre-orders to go up on Amazon soon.

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News comments (18 comments)

Top reviewer
  Aug 08, 2011
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Going to be great to get the "Meet the Robinsons" on blu ray in 3D. Gonna pre-order just as soon at they setup the link. Looking forwards to getting this movie. I have the 2D version, but having the 3D will be really cool.
  Aug 08, 2011
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I'm going to get Bolt 3D and wait till I get a 3DTV.
Jimmy Smith
  Aug 08, 2011
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I'll definutely be adding Bolt and probably Meet the Robinsons to my collection. I never bought the 2D Blu-Rays so Im totally love the opportunity to own more great looking 3D content. No interest in G-Force or Chicken Little however.

Im still hoping the rumored fall 3D releases of Up and the Toy Story trilogy happen. Now that would be sweet sweet sweet

The Bluray King
  Aug 08, 2011
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soo glad i waited to buy meet the robinsons i was going to buy it last week but my mind was telling me to wait that u never know disney will tell use a date for the 3D version soon ,and boom disney steps up there game AGAIN!!! so yup i am glad i waited even tho i dont own a 3DTV yet its still good tobe 3D READY when u do get a 3DTV ,anyways happy this got a date ,hope i can get this day 1 but we will see glad to know its comeing out soon.novemebr 8th is not far away really.

  Aug 08, 2011
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For those who already own the 2D editions of this film, will you be upgrading to the 3D combo packs?

I already have Chicken Little and Meet the Robinsons in my collection and am not planning on upgrading. I've committed to purchasing 3D combo packs when available from here on out (starting with Tangled), but I don't think I'll be rebuying anything that is already in my collection in 2D. For me, personally, 3D is an added incentive when making new purchases, but not valuable enough by itself to warrant rebuying a title I already own.

Anyone else?

  Aug 08, 2011
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other than Bolt

  Aug 08, 2011
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Yet more examples of why 3-D is for CHILDREN!!!

Top reviewer
  Aug 08, 2011
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Just traded in my old copies of Meet the Robinsons, Bolt, Beauty and the Beast, the Toy Story Trilogy and Nightmare Before Christmas at a local store for $95. Now I can take that money and use it to rebuy the 3D versions, which will probably either have coupons or be part of a sale at Best Buy where you save more if you buy more. This fall is going to be awesome for my 3D Panasonic. It has been hungry for more 3D for a while now.

  Aug 08, 2011
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I've been waiting to get Meet the Robinsons, will definitely bite for 3D!

  Aug 08, 2011
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I've been waiting to get Meet the Robinsons, will definitely bite for 3D!

WJWS Channel 13:Amity
  Aug 08, 2011
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Nice to see the first animated movie (chicken Little) to be played in Real D 3D in theatres, will finally be able to be seen in 3D at home.
As well as the second one (Meet the Robinsons)
Disney has been great in getting us these titles in 3D this year.
Now if only Lionsgate announced a 3D release of Spy Kids 3D: Game over(the first live action movie shot in DIgital 3D and played on 1 screen durring Real D inital tests in hollywood summer 2005, though it did play wide in the old anoglyphy 3D when released. ) for 3D blu to tie in when Spy Kids 4 hits home video 4th quarter(assuming) that would be great.
  Aug 08, 2011
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yep pretty much the same thing, I got Bolt, Beauty & Beast, Chicken little and wont rebuy them on 3d, i'll buy meet the robbison, g-force and lion king in 3d though.

  Aug 08, 2011
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Here in the UK I've had the first issue of 'Bolt' since the day it was released. I've had a memory stick that I purchased off of eBay(or FleaBay as some are calling it) with 'G-Force' on it in the Left/Right mode that allows your TV to convert it and, I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. So I'll be anxious to see if Disney release this in--and 'Chicken' & 'Robinsons'--an all-region release. I've just learned that their 3D conversions of 'Beauty/Beast', 'Lion King' and 'Nightmare Before Christmas' are going to be all-region so it looks as if these others will be the same.

Here's hoping.


  Aug 08, 2011
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Can't wait. It's going to be a Blu-Christmas for me in 3D!

  Aug 08, 2011
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I want to get all of them except for G-Force. But if there is a good deal like, buy all 4 and save $20 or something. Then I may go ahead and pick that one up also.
Top contributor
  Aug 09, 2011
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Give Bolt a substantial documentary regarding its production and American Dog history, give Chicken Little one on being Disney's first CGI flick and the changes implemented and give Meet the Robinsons one on its troubled history as well otherwise this is just yet another blatant lazy effort from Disney.

No features here, none on Tangled, crap transfer and features on FATH, those jerk-offs need to stop pocketing the $ and use it to give us a better product.

Not like a million different versions of the Lion King.

In fact, check the Disney section on the site, the numbers are artificially boosted by at least a half dozen versions of each movie.
  Aug 09, 2011
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I just ordered a 3DTV, so I'm certainly excited that there's more content coming out that will make use of that feature. However, I don't know that these will end up in my collection regardless. Bolt maybe, the rest are doubtful.

If/when the Pixar movies release in 3D, I will absolutely jump all over buying them day one.

  Aug 10, 2011
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I owned Bolt, G Force and Chicken little on bluray. But since I decided to upgrade to 3d bluray, I have sold them at Entertainmart, they dont pay much but I get the cash fast, so I won't have to invest a lot of money in buying them again, plus for us Disney movie rewards members, the coupons come veeeery handy!!!

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