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Person of Interest: The Complete First Season Blu-ray

Posted June 8, 2012 11:01 PM by Josh Katz

Warner Bros.Warner Home Entertainment will bring Person of Interest: The Complete First Season to Blu-ray in the fall. Created by filmmakers J.J. Abrams (Super 8) and Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight), this weekly procedural stars Jim Caviezel (The Thin Red Line) and Michael Emerson (Lost) as two outcasts working on society's fringes to stop violent crimes.

From Warner's official synopsis:

"Using data siphoned off the U.S. intelligence agencies' threat matrix - information not related to terrorism, but rather violent crimes of a personal nature - during each episode, the former CIA agent (Caviezel) and his enigmatic partner (Emerson) identify a 'person of interest' and set about solving the mystery of the impending crime. Tapping into the world's Big Brother-like surveillance network, the shadowy duo knows that something bad is going to happen; it's their mission to discover what that event will be....and somehow prevent it."

The first season contains the following episodes:
  1. Pilot
  2. "Ghosts"
  3. "Mission Creep"
  4. "Cura Te Ipsum"
  5. "Judgment"
  6. "The Fix"
  7. "Witness"
  8. "Foe"
  9. "Get Carter"
  10. "Number Crunch"
  11. "Super"
  12. "Legacy"
  13. "Root Cause"
  14. "Little Cub"
  15. "Blue Code"
  16. "Risk"
  17. "Baby Blue"
  18. "Identity Crisis"
  19. "Flesh and Blood"
  20. "Matsya Nyaya"
  21. "Many Happy Returns"
  22. "No Good Deed"
  23. "Fire Wall"
Warner's ten-disc Blu-ray/DVD/UltraViolet Digital Copy combo pack presents the program in its 1.78:1 broadcast ratio. The discs also have the following bonus supplements:
  • Commentary on original broadcast version of the pilot
  • Unaired, extended pilot episode with optional producer commentary
  • Living in an Age of Surveillance behind-the-scenes featurette
  • Gag reel
Person of Interest: The Complete First Season streets on September 4th.

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News comments (26 comments)

 - Jun 08, 2012

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Ten discs?! Wow, I don't think we really needed the DVD copy lol.

 - Jun 08, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

I hate it when they add DVD copies to films this is just annoying hopefully they don't start doing this for all of their future releases. I can imagine it now Supernatural seasons 1-7 70 disc set lol.

 - Jun 08, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

I understand adding DVDs to movie releases, but add the whole tv series on DVD to the release? Can anyone dare to guess de MSRP? $60, $80?

 - Jun 08, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

I'm so happy that this is getting a Blu release. One of the most entertaining new shows!

Now, can we get a Blu for Awake?

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

This is without a doubt one of the best new shows to come along in years.

However, I don't want to pay for DVD's when I buy a Blu-ray movie/set or I would just buy the DVD version!

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

Well as much as I hate to admit it, I can use the DVD copies. Not personally, but a friend of our families is a little more low tech. She still has a 4x3 TV, but does have cable and uses On Demand. She is a TV show lover, but never got into POI because they didn't have it On Demand. She doesn't have Blu-ray either.

I can have my Blu-rays, re-watch this FANTASTIC series (it's in my current top 5), loan the BDs to a different friend to catch up on missed episodes (because they weren't online she missed episodes that aired while she was still coming back to her dorm from a night class), and the DVDs to the above mentioned person. Plus I pre-ordered months ago. I'm snagging this for $48

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

I like this, whatever you can sell the DVD's for is going to be more than the added cost of putting them in the combo pack. Hopefully their absence doesn't alter the blu-ray set packaging too much. You can take the DVD's out of those True Blood packs and not even tell the difference.

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

I'm very excited for this release as this show was one of the best (if not thee best) new shows on TV. The only thing is that I hope that cover art isn't final. I understand Finch and Reese being on the cover as they're the two main characters but how can you have Carter and NOT Fusco. Both characters had fairly equal parts throughout the season.

Also, I agree with everyone else on not liking the included DVDs. I mean they're for MOST people just a waste of money and drive the MSRP unnecessarily high. I'm ok with a digital copy but not a bunch of DVDs. So as to make everyone happy I sort of wish they just had a non-combo pack version.

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

Will definitely be picking this up. 'Person of Interest' is already my second-favorite series currently on television (after 'Fringe', meaning it will likely soon be first), and it has plenty of replay value. A procedural hook that makes it easy to watch on an episode-by-episode basis, as well an several ongoing, intertwining storylines to keep one engaged from beginning to end.

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

I highly doubt the DVDs are raising the price. I know with the new HBO combo packs, the prices are $35 release week (same as the non combo releases).

I seriously don't see it raising the price at all. I think it would be the same price with or without the DVDs

I personally love that they have started including DVD for shows. I have friends and family that havnt upgraded to blu and this allows me to let them borrow the show if they want. Or watch it with them at their place without having to lug a blu ray player around. As long as they continue to not raise the price on these combo packs, I'm fine with them

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

Wow! I don't watch TV and have never heard of this show but it looks FANTASTIC!!! I might just be tempted to pick this up and blind buy this season

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

If you have never seen this, you are definitely missing a great show. I'm not one to splurge on TV on blu-ray unless it's dirt cheap, but this will be a day 1 purchase for me!

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

Won't pick it up till they don't add the DVDS.

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

This is about the only network show I watched on a regular basis last season. Love the whole concept of big brother watching your ass all the time. Caviezel and Emerson worked great together too! Thanks Warner!!!

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

Glad to see more tv shows are coming to blu right away.

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

Warner Brothers Please Use Plastic Cases & Not Cardboard Box. Its cheesy and cardboard doesnt hold up. Please Bluray fans comment also so WB does the right thing, especially with this many discs. Look how nice Hawaii Five O is.

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

Yikes, 10 discs, it'll probably be one of those foldout things. Show is awesome, but DVDs not really necessary. Do love it comes with digital copy, but it's that stupid ultraviolet which are almost totally useless.

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

Well I'm glad I pre-ordered @ amazon when it first appeared, 48.99
Not really thrilled that it comes with DVDs too.

@Rudeboy2025 aw yeah, Awake needs to be on Blu!

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

Glad to see that I'm not the only one who has Person Of Interest rapidly rising to be their favorite TV show. I think I can safely say that it has become my current favorite TV show. That is saying something since there are a few series that I really like right now. But I digress.....

I appear to be a dissenter on the BD-DVD-UV issue. I am actually glad to be getting all of the options. While my laptop has a BD player, the rest of my family has DVD players in their laptops. So, the addition of DVDs makes sense for me in regards to flexibility of my family watching video. OTOH, I do understand the complaint by many on here if the BD-DVD-UV is the only option. Personally, I would like to see various options so people can buy the package of choice at the price that suits them. IIRC, some BD movies are sold in various packages of BD-DVD-UV, BD-UV, or DVD. I like when consumers have the freedom to choose which option fits their circumstances. As for me, I'm glad to see the "all of the above" option.

Lastly, I really am not running into too many problems with Ultraviolet. The videos I have watched via UV has pretty much been glitch free. I do think the studios have botched the rollout of the service. They have done a poor job, IMO, of informing the public at-large on how the system works and how to get started. For most people, it is a hassle to have to take the extra time to read, learn, and sign-up in multiple locations to get the system working. Once I went a head and did reading on how to set things up, it is coming together nicely. Now, my Vudu movies and tv shows are showing up in my UV library and vice versa. Oh one last criticism of UV, it seems to be taking them forever to implement the full system, i.e. the UV site still has not filled out the Devices section.

 - Jun 09, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

This was just not the best new show of 2011 on the networks but now one of the best shows on television. My personal favorite shows and I know this because it brought me back every week. Everyone I've recommended this show to now loves it as well.

 - Jun 10, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

For those talking about the extra cost. Blu is always a little more expensive then DVD. Both sets of this series seem a little on the hight side, but the cost difrence is $10. That seems to be about standard for TV sets. Getting the 2 extra features with the same price increase seems like a good deal.

Regardles of what anyone thinks abotu the combo packs, gettign 2 extra versions for what would be the same price diffrence between DVD and Blu-ray, a person cannot complain.

 - Jun 10, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

This is probably the best new show on network tv. Consistent, smart, excellent writing with great plot twists and turns. And it doesn't hurt that Taraji is in it, either. Love her.

 - Jun 11, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

Hands down one of the best first seasons ever. Up there with Lost, Prison Break and Dexter in recent times. Highly addictive.

 - Jun 11, 2012

Vote plusVote minus Report as inappropriate

i love the combo pack aspect... like another user said, i can lend the dvds out to friends without a blu-ray player. plus, i LOVE having dvd copies of movies sitting around

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