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Prometheus Blu-ray to Get Fifteen Minutes of Deleted/Alternate Scenes

Posted July 5, 2012 04:02 PM by Webmaster

20th Century FoxIn the U.S., 20th Century Fox Entertainment is yet to detail its upcoming Blu-ray release of Ridley Scott's Prometheus, but some preliminary specs for the French Blu-ray release are already available. Prometheus will be available for purchase in France on October 3rd.

The French Blu-ray release will contain approximately fifteen minutes of deleted/alternate scenes, director's commentary, and a lot more. The preliminary specs are listed below:

Disc 1 (Prometheus 2D) (+ approximately 150 minutes of supplemental features):
  • Deleted and alternate scenes (15 mins)
  • Audio commentary by director Ridley Scott
  • The private records of Peter Weyland, four viral videos (18 mins):
    • The offer of Elizabeth Shaw
    • Happy Birthday David
    • Prometheus Transmission (extended version)
    • The Weyland conference in 2023 (long version)
  • Outside the disk: Second Screen App - iPad app allowing access to the archives of Peter Weyland (60 mins)
  • Pre-production:
    • First and final draft of the script (text)
    • Sketches (photo gallery)
    • The Art of Prometheus (photo gallery)
    • Pre-visualization (30 mins)
    • Tests of Noomi Rapace (15 mins)
    • Costume designs (photo gallery)
    • Cast screen tests (10 mins)
  • Production:
    • Graphic Video Dashboard
    • Photographs of the team
    • Video of the private pilot
  • Production and post-release:
    • Marketing Gallery
Disc 2 (Prometheus 3D):
  • The 3D version of the film
Disc 3 (Bonus materials):
  • The Angry Gods: Making of Featurette, 9 videos (120 mins):
    • At the Conquest of Paradise (scenario)
    • The engineering (direction & design)
    • The human manifest (characters & costumes)
    • A nest of demons (creature design)
    • A world without green spaces (Pinewood)
    • Gains of chance (stunts & action)
    • The beginning and end (Iceland)
    • The sky on fire (visual effects)
    • Prometheus without limits (post-production and theatrical release)
  • Units of improvement (30 mins):
    • Mini-featurettes
  • The archives of Peter Weyland (60 mins)

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News comments (23 comments)

Top reviewer
Top contributor
paper tiger
  Jul 05, 2012
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Looks promising. Hopefully the US has something similar, I have already pre-ordered the 3D edition of Prometheus.

  Jul 05, 2012
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Yea Day 1 purchase for me...despite the films imperfections, I really enjoyed it! The extra footage should only make it better.

  Jul 05, 2012
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Holy cow this looks awesome!!! I loved the movie and will buy day one!

  Jul 05, 2012
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Man I hope there's an option to watch these added back into the film. Will be buying Day 1 regardless!

Top reviewer
Shawn Watson
  Jul 05, 2012
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No amount of trash extras can make this turd worth buying.

  Jul 05, 2012
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Hmm - seems a pretty far cry from his Scott's earlier hopes for a longer cut plus an additional half hour of deleted scenes.

Top contributor
  Jul 05, 2012
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I hope there is a director's cut/extended cut that puts that stuff back in, and not one that is release 6 months after the theatrical version. Ridley Scott's movies almost always improve greatly in the extended version. And Prometheus definitely had at least one spot in the movie that felt like something had been hacked out to trim run time.
  Jul 05, 2012
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Maybe they're saving the director's cut/extended version for a future release...
  Jul 05, 2012
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wow this looks like an amazing set

  Jul 05, 2012
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Yeah I might just cancel my US 3D edition.
France gets 15 extra minutes AND over 2 additional hours of special features before the US edition is even out? FOX must be out of their minds if they expect us to double dip now.

EDIT nevermind this is exactly what we're getting in the US. I still want to know if we'll see an extended cut(I'd really hope to)

  Jul 05, 2012
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My favorite movie of the year so far. Can't wait!!
  Jul 05, 2012
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will the additional 15 minutes be put back into the movie (ala LOTR: Extended)?...that would be my preference

  Jul 05, 2012
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I was hoping for an extended cut.
  Jul 05, 2012
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day one for me too . Loved it saw it 3 times .
  Jul 06, 2012
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If the US gets the same special features, then I'm in, though I'm worried since it has become a habit of the French to have ltos and lots of features that we won't get (e.g.: David Lynch's Mulholland Drive having 2 discs on DVD, the second full of interviews and making-of featurettes).

Only time will tell, but if we're to get the exact same set, it's day 1 for me!

  Jul 06, 2012
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An unnecessary (and overproduced) movie. I was actually more impressed with "The Thing" prequel/remake.

  Jul 06, 2012
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Favorite movie of 2012, this French release looks pretty sweet. Hope the US gets something nearly as good.
  Jul 06, 2012
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I am afraid I have to agree with CandyStalker. I just didn't think this film was very good. It felt to me as if the screenplay was being written during principal photography. I have to say, as I sat there in the cinema, I rolled my eyes several times at the unabashed derivative nature of this film. All it did was make we want to see ALIEN again. A far more cohesive film. Shortly after we had left the theater, as my friends and I sat in a restaurant, we remarked how easily forgettable the film was. I just don't think the extra 15 minutes is going to help. Sorry Ridley.

  Jul 07, 2012
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As others have pointed out, something tells me we will see a "Director's Edition" released on Blu-ray six months after the initial version is released, or perhaps a year later. Ridley Scott, and the studio in question for a particular title, have been known to do that. I am not a fan of double-dipping and this tactic generally has me gun shy persay so I think I will hold off for six months or so, even a year if need be on the off chance we see a more expanded/elaborate edition on Blu-ray later on. I am a huge fan of the Alien series (well, the first two films, with the third being watchable, and the fourth just plain awful) and was anxiously looking forward to Prometheus, but I felt a tad bit disappointed when I left the theater. The film didn't seem overly "complete" in my mind, as if something(s) was missing. The effects were great, but I guess I wanted more story, a better script, and less secondary characters. That was what was so great about the first two Alien films, you got to know each and every one of them, and in some ways connect with them, I just didn't feel that way with any of them in Prometheus. Still, it's a wait and see approach for me with this Blu-ray title, and I just hope Scott nails the Blade Runner sequel, hopefully Harrison Ford will star, I just can't imagine a Blade Runner film without him.
  Jul 07, 2012
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I know we hope that a true Extended or Directors cut will emerge 6-months later but I wouldn't hold my breath. It took sometime for the Alien, Kingdom of Heaven (which like Prometheus should never have been released without the extra footage), and Gladiator. I would guess 1-2 years until the true Extended/Directors is released so folks will be more inclined to double-blu-ray-dip. By the way I watched an interview with Sir Ridley and he stated everyone of his films is in fact the "Directors" cut when released in theaters. I would have asked him why he signs off and adds commentary to all his "Directors/Extended" editions that follow the original home video release. Is it to pad ones paycheck??? Hmmmm. Whoever was that weasel exec that decided it was a good idea to re-release films with extended footage and force (no they don't have a gun to their head but come on!) fanatical fans should win a Nobel for economics or something.

  Jul 09, 2012
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The US release will mostly be Region A locked whilst the International releases being Region Free.

Iron Eagle 74
  Jul 09, 2012
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Aliens this ain't, both in the type of story and the impact it makes on you. This movie is forgettable, and probably only ranks 3rd at best if you include all the Alien films. Very disappointing.

Mr Willy Wonka
  Jul 09, 2012
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Better than the AVP "movies," at least. Saw it in the theater and probably will be unable to refrain from purchasing, if only to satisfy my inner nerd, who admittedly was hoping for more. At its surface this movie was instantly forgettable, and might be the first movie I've seen which has stoked my interest more AFTER having seen it, thanks to message boards and some quite perceptive (and unashamed) nerd-viewers' insights.

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