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Upcoming Horror Titles Detailed

Posted November 20, 2012 10:23 PM by Webmaster

Shout FactoryScream Factory, the horror-thriller offshoot of independent film distributor Shout Factory, has detailed its upcoming combo pack editions of Renny Harlin's Prison, Ted Nicolaou's TerrorVision, and Robert Scott's The Video Dead. Street date is February 19th.

  • Audio Commentary with Director Renny Harlin
  • Hard Time: The Making of Prison - An all-new retrospective with Director Renny Harlin, Producer Irwin Yablans, Screenwriter C. Courtney Joyner, Actor Tom Everett, Stunt Coordinator Kane Hodder, Special Makeup Effects Creator John Carl Buechler, Executive Producer Charles Band, Composer Richard Band, Production Designer Philip Duffin, and Production Assistant Patrick Denver
  • U.S. Theatrical Trailer
  • Poster & Still Gallery
  • Original First-Draft Screenplay (PDF format)
  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Ted Nicolaou and Stars Diane Franklin and Jon Gries
  • Monsters on Demand: The Making of TerrorVision - An all-new retrospective with Writer/Director Ted Nicolaou, Stars Gerrit Graham, Mary Woronov, Diane Franklin, Jon Gries, Chad Allen, Ian Patrick Williams, Special Make-up Effects Creator John Carl Buechler, Special Effects Artist Cleve Hall, Executive Producer Charles Band, and Composer Richard Band
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Poster & Still Gallery
The Video Dead
  • Commentary with Writer/Producer/Director Robert Scott, Editor Bob Sarles, and Special Make-up Effects Creator Dale Hall, Jr.
  • Commentary with stars Roxanna Augesen and Rocky Duvall, Production Manager Jacques Thelemaque, and Make-up Assistant Patrick Denver
  • Pre-recorDEAD - All new interviews with Make-up effects creator Dale Hall, Jr. and Make-up Assistant Patrick Denver
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Poster and Still Gallery
  • Behind-the-Scenes Still Gallery

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News comments (15 comments)

  Nov 20, 2012
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Was not expecting extras for the TerrorVision/Video Dead Blu-ray. Can finally retire my junk bootleg copies.

  Nov 20, 2012
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Holy cow! Scream Factory amazes again with a double feature that are perfect compliments to each other. I would be happy with just a barebones but hell no. Stack em with fantastic special features and you got a true set worth every penny. Prison I think is all right but with those extras and to support Scream, I will gladly get. I am just on cloud nine that TerrorVision is coming to blu.
  Nov 20, 2012
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I'm really shocked on the extras as well. Awesome. It's what fans deserve.

  Nov 21, 2012
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Shout! Factory seems to have risen to the challenge of becoming the U.S. equivalent of Arrow Video. They are spoiling us genre addicts with these extras-stacked collector's edition package to the point of every press release being a Christmas gift in and of themselves. It's great to see full-length documentaries accompanying both "TerrorVision" and "Prison," incorporating so many different interviewees. Getting to hear from Diane Franklin of "The Last American Virgin" and "Better Off Dead" cult esteem sounds like a treat, as should be Renny Harlin revisiting his directorial debut. And though I've never seen "The Video Dead," I can't wait to check that one out too based on the lavish attention (TWO commentaries!).

They've got the rights to a bevy of titles previously released by MGM/Fox on DVD collector's editions, including 1986's "From Beyond" and 1981's "The Burning," as well as what may be the long-awaited special editions of 1984's "Night of the Comet" and 1985's Tobe Hooper classic "Lifeforce." I'm crossing my fingers they'll upgrade several other old and underrated MGM titles to hi-def, like Hooper's "Invaders From Mars" remake from '86, "Deranged" (1974), "I Madman" (1989) and "Scarecrows" (1988). And I haven't even mentioned the AIP and Amicus library.
Paul WJM
  Nov 21, 2012
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I think these guys have become the most exciting US company putting out Blu-rays, particularly as the old masters of DVD (e.g. Blue Underground, Synapse, etc) don't seem especially productive in the BD arena. Can't wait for some of these discs!
Snake in my Boots
  Nov 21, 2012
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@PaulWJM- I had emailed Blue Underground last month about Suspiria. They still hold the dvd rights but they didn't get the bluray rights. I asked about a few more titles but no luck there either. But they responded quickly and were really nice so I do recommend contacting them if you have questions about anything. So I agree that currently they have slowed down, but they have a solid catalog for a small company and appreciate their customers, which is a rare thing. They did say that there is a stateside bluray transfer of Suspiria in the works, but couldn't say who owned it, and that it was being held to coincide with the release of the remake, God help us. Oh well. I'm glad that Blue Underground and Shout Factory put these movies back in circulation though! Nothing like the dvd catalogue that Anchor Bay had going once, but the market has really changed.

  Nov 21, 2012
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Shout/Scream Factory! are huge favorites of mine. They put out great product with loads of extras. I will be buying from them often. They sure put Twilight Time & Olive Films to shame! I own two titles from Olive (Zero extras, too expensive), and no Twilight Time titles as they have zero extras and are a rip off as far as pricing.

  Nov 21, 2012
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Can't wait for Lifeforce!

  Nov 21, 2012
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Every release from Scream Factory is a reason to celebrate, whether i have seen the movie or not. The highest compliment I can pay them is that they treat movies I used to watch like a fiend on USA's "Up All Night" like releases worthy of Criterion. High praise indeed.

  Nov 21, 2012
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As per their official Facebook page, here are the titles in the works for Scream Factory in 2013:

- From Beyond (March)
- Phantasm II (March)
- Vampire Lovers (Date TBD)
- Town that Dreaded Sundown / The Evictors (Date TBD)
- The Incredible Melting Man (Date TBD)
- X-ray aka "Hospital Massacre" (Date TBD)
- Schizoid (Date TBD)
- The Godsend (Date TBD)
- Scanners II & Scanners III (Date TBD)
- The Horror Show (Date TBD)
- The Vagrant (Date TBD)
- The Fog (Date TBD)
- The Howling (Date TBD)
- Lifeforce (Date TBD)
- Night of the Comet (Date TBD)
- The Burning (Date TBD)
- Day of the Dead (Date TBD)
  Nov 21, 2012
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Finally a US release for The Fog! Though it'll no doubt be pricier, I'm rather glad Scream Factory is doing it, instead of Sony too. Hopefully Sony will release the remake on BD around the same time.

  Nov 21, 2012
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I want Prison!! cant wait!

Top reviewer
  Nov 21, 2012
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I love Shout Factory!!!

  Nov 21, 2012
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@ MoulinBlu

Ditto on The Fog. This will be the one and only BD ever that I will double dip on. I own the UK release and there's barely any difference with the DVD and there are no special features whatsoever. Can't wait for that one! Now if only they could get the rights to the fist Phantasm movie, that would make my year!! Anchor Bay have been sitting on it since like forever. They should release it already or sell the rights to another distributor (like Scream Factory for instance) so it can finally be released on Blu-ray

  Nov 23, 2012
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I remember Prison on cable and it was pretty good for a straight to cable horror flick.

Terror Vision is a crap sandwich. One of those movies you try to UN-watch.

Video Dead was a pleasant surprise, kind of a guilty pleasure for me.

Ill still probably pick them all up on blu.

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