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Frozen Planet (Blu-ray)
RoboCop (Blu-ray)
Seven (Blu-ray)
High School of the Dead OVA: Drifters of the Dead (Blu-ray)
Somewhere in Time (Blu-ray)
Robots / Horton Hears a Who / Rio (Blu-ray)
Far and Away (Blu-ray)
Fairy Tail: Part 8 (Blu-ray)
History of the World: Part I (Blu-ray)
Liar Liar (Blu-ray)
Intolerable Cruelty (Blu-ray)
Mallrats (Blu-ray)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Blu-ray)
High Plains Drifter (Blu-ray)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Blu-ray)
The Bamboo Saucer (Blu-ray)
Little Busters!: Collection 1 (Blu-ray)
Hold Your Breath (Blu-ray)
BTOOOM!: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

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If you are looking for a new Blu-ray player and you don't know exactly what you want, we strongly suggest that you start by reading our Blu-ray player buying guide.

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Blu-ray Player reviews, release dates and specs. In the Blu-ray Player section you will always find up-to-date information about new and upcoming Blu-ray Players, the most popular and best Blu-ray Players, Blu-ray Player reviews, photos and product images, detailed specifications about Blu-ray Players including release dates, media, hardware, connections, features etc. You can also search Blu-ray Players and features, and easily compare Blu-ray Players using our comparison tool.

Most Popular Blu-ray Players

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony | Nov 15, 2013

Regions sold       A
BD profile       BD-Live (2.0)
Ethernet        Yes


OPPO | Dec 19, 2010
Rating: 4.5 / 5, based on 24 user reviews

Regions sold       A, B
BD profile       BD-Live (2.0)
Ethernet        Yes
Sony Playstation 3 (320 GB slim)

Sony Playstation 3 (320 GB slim)

Sony | Oct 28, 2010
Rating: 4.4 / 5, based on 4 user reviews

Regions sold       A, B, C
BD profile       BD-Live (2.0)
Ethernet        Yes
Sony BDP-S470

Sony BDP-S470

Sony | February 2010
Rating: 4.8 / 5, based on 5 user reviews

Regions sold       A, C
BD profile       BD-Live (2.0)
Ethernet        Yes
Panasonic DMP-BD75

Panasonic DMP-BD75

Panasonic | Spring 2011
Rating: 2 / 5, based on 2 user reviews

Regions sold       A, B
BD profile       BD-Live (2.0)
Ethernet        Yes
Samsung BD-C6800

Samsung BD-C6800

Samsung | July 2010
Rating: 3.5 / 5, based on 1 user reviews

Regions sold       A, B
BD profile       BD-Live (2.0)
Ethernet        Yes
Samsung BD-F6700

Samsung BD-F6700

Samsung | Jul 18, 2013

Regions sold       A
BD profile       BD-Live (2.0)


OPPO | Oct 23, 2012
Rating: 4.9 / 5, based on 6 user reviews

Regions sold       A
BD profile       BD-Live (2.0)
Ethernet        Yes
Sony PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

Sony PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

Sony | Holiday Season 2013

Regions sold       A, B, C
BD profile       BD-Live (2.0)
Ethernet        Yes
RCA BRC-3108

RCA BRC-3108

RCA | 2010

Regions sold       A
BD profile       Bonus View (1.1)
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Latest Blu-ray Player Reviews

Sony BDP-S5100  Review

Sony BDP-S5100 Review

Guydowood, Apr 05, 2014

: Easy set-up menus and navigation throughout the specs is flawless.
: you may experience slight ejection delays when a movie is over and or ...

This sony bluray player is well worth the low cost. If your not into all the bells & whistles of a player then this one is a great

Samsung BD-F5900  Review

Samsung BD-F5900 Review

tacanmj, Mar 03, 2014

: WiFi, 3D, Netflix, Internet browser, comfortable remote, fast load up,...
: Noisy, randomly shuts off while streaming a movie

Best Blu ray player I've owned so far. Came with a great price so I can't complain about that. Plays every blu ray DVD cd and USB movies with ease. Loading times are almost a thing of the past with ...

Panasonic DMP-BD75  Review

Panasonic DMP-BD75 Review

ecoli, Feb 10, 2014

: Nice picture---when it works.
: See below. This machine is an absolute mess.

I bought this model, brought it home, set it up, and it would not respond to the power button (remote or on the machine itself). After teaching a Panasonic customer service rep basic English, I just ...

Sony BDP-S780  Review

Sony BDP-S780 Review

Evil, Feb 04, 2014

: Wireless, 3D capabilities, lots of apps (including Vudu), easy to use ...
: Vibrates loudly when playing some discs.

This was my first blu-ray player and it's still going strong several years later with daily use. I've never had a major problem with it and everything from updating the firmware to streaming movies ...

Sony BDP-S5100  Review

Sony BDP-S5100 Review

ImAWalkingCorpse, Jan 23, 2014

: Simulates 2D to 3D, quality streaming, good size and good performance.
: Appearance but that is it.

I have had this player for 6 months and it has been wonderful, regular DVD's, BluRays and 3D BluRays all play without any flaws. I have an LG TV and this works perfectly for

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3. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
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7. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
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8. Noah
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12. Under the Skin
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14. The Grand Budapest Hotel
15. Ride Along

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1.  Frozen
2.  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
3.  Gravity
4.  Frozen Planet
5.  Game of Thrones: The Complete Third...
6.  The Pirate Fairy
7.  RoboCop
8.  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
9.  Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
10.  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 3D
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1.  Lone Survivor
2.  RoboCop
3.  The Lego Movie
4.  Sorcerer
5.  The Lego Movie
6.  Noah
7.  The Monuments Men
8.  The Walking Dead: The Complete Four...
9.  Pompeii 3D
10.  True Detective: The Complete First ...
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1.  Frozen
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2.  Frozen Planet
$14.99, Save 73%
3.  Game of Thrones: The Complete Third...
$34.99, Save 56%
4.  RoboCop
$5.00, Save 75%
5.  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
$19.99, Save 50%
6.  Mary Poppins
$19.96, Save 50%
7.  The Wolf of Wall Street
$19.96, Save 50%
8.  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
$19.99, Save 50%
9.  Ender's Game
$17.96, Save 55%
10.  Ben-Hur / The Ten Commandments
$9.99, Save 50%
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Frozen Planet

 United States

$54.98 $14.99


 United States

$19.99 $5.00


 United States

$9.98 $4.99

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