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Marilyn Monroe: Classic Nine-Film Collection (Blu-ray)
Snowpiercer (Blu-ray)
4 hrs ago
Ghostbusters Limited Edition Gift Set (Blu-ray)
7 hrs ago
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 3D (Blu-ray)
Sleepy Hollow: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray)
Just Go With It (Blu-ray)
3 hrs ago
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Blu-ray)
Arrow: The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray)
4 hrs ago
The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Seventh Season (Blu-ray)
South Park: The Complete Seventeenth Season (Blu-ray)
Godzilla (Blu-ray)
Grimm: Season Three (Blu-ray)
Rio 2 3D (Blu-ray)
The Originals: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray)
12 hrs ago
Godzilla 3D (Blu-ray)
Coriolanus (Blu-ray)
3 hrs ago

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Latest Movie Reviews

The Postman  Review

The Postman Review

simonynwa, Aug 15, 2014

Guilty pleasure written all over it. After a fairly promising beginning, the premise becomes completely ridiculous and it is told with such seriousness and sentimentality at times that it borders on laughable, but still it remains a pretty entertaining film, largely down to Costner and Patton, but also Costner's willingness to commit to the unbelie...
The Mist  Review

The Mist Review

simonynwa, Aug 15, 2014

Very tense and atmospheric horror film which is even better in its intended black and white form. However, a lot depends on the reaction to the final 5 minutes of the film, without giving anything away is certainly unforgettable. Delivering the same message of the importance of faith and hope in the face of utmost despair that Shawshank Redemption ...
The Expendables 3  Review

The Expendables 3 Review

t3rm3y, Aug 15, 2014

I loved the first film, the directors cut even more so, The 2nd disappointed me a l;ittle, mainly due to having too high an expectation of Van damme, I wanted the van damme of the 80's and 90's, all topless and roundhouse kicking with those splits and high kicks he does, but he didnt.
This installment was just brilliant. Mel ...
Born to Dance  Review

Born to Dance Review

Swissangel4616, Aug 15, 2014

Eleanor Powell - the Queen of Tap rocks and Jimmy Stewart sings!
Ok, Jimmy Stewart might be not a singer but he's not bad and is perfect for his part and for the story. Compared with "musicals" today this one has fantastic Songs by Cole Porter and Dance/Tap numbers like Swingin the Jinx Away, Hey Babe, and "Rap, Tap on Wood".
Even almos...
The Expendables 3  Review

The Expendables 3 Review

Aussie Blu, Aug 14, 2014

7.5 /10
In with new out with the old.......Nah keep em both.

This installment of Expendables is just as much fun as the previous two, the explosions and stunts are exceptional and Banderas is a hoot. The action scenes do however appear hamstrung by the rating controversy, but looking closely it appears they were shot with a harde...
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes  Review

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Review

Swissangel4616, Aug 11, 2014

Like "Rise of the planet of the Apes" tells "Dawn" the pre-story for the original "Planet of the Apes" movie from 1968 with Charlton Heston.
I can works like but its not a "Remake" from the "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" from 1972. "Conquest" tells a similar story but it plays in a alternate time-line.
Anyway: its ...
Guardians of the Galaxy  Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Mr. DuLac, Aug 10, 2014

"NOTHING goes over my head! My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it."
-Drax the Destroyer

Whether or not you enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy can we just all agree to be happy, no... ecstatic that a film directed by James Gunn is breaking box office records at this very moment proving that sci-fi action films don't have to be M...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review

volcomsd615, Aug 08, 2014

I just saw this movie last night, and it was awesome, not because the movie has great acting or story, it's because of how much fun and entertaining it is to see the turtle back in the big screen since the 1990s. It has some of best action scenes I've seen this year, the cgi looks great and shredder is awesome, only thing that I have a problem with...
Blue Ruin  Review

Blue Ruin Review

Midnight Max, Aug 07, 2014

"Blue Ruin" (2014) - After being notified by authorities that the killer of his parents will soon be released from prison, a tattered vagrant living out of a rusty, bullet-riddled Pontiac Bonneville (hence the title) sets out on a course of revenge that subsequently places his estranged family in peril. Lean yet textured, shot and edited with ext...
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope  Review

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Review

simonynwa, Aug 07, 2014

There aren't many films that the term "iconic" feels insufficient as a description, but Is there any point in reviewing this ? Has anybody over 10 still not seen it ? The only part of the series that can really be watched as a standalone film, even with the controversy over changes, it is difficult to find fault. Following two secondary characters ...
Four Rooms  Review

Four Rooms Review

SJJM4EVER, Aug 07, 2014

"Four Rooms" is a 1995 anthology comedy film that follows Ted the Bellhop, the lone working employee, as he works New Years Eve at the Hotel Mon Signor in Los Angeles, interacting with several guests on four different rooms. The film contains four different segments, which are the rooms he visits. Each room is written and directed by a different fi...
Patriot Games  Review

Patriot Games Review

Steve Freeling, Aug 06, 2014

Based on the novel of the same name by Tom Clancy, Patriot Games is the second in a series of movies about CIA analyst Jack Ryan. So how does it hold up? On to the review, please.

Harrison Ford plays Jack Ryan who is on vacation with his family in London. He's retired from the CIA, and is a professor at the U.S. Naval Academy. They wit...
12 Monkeys  Review

12 Monkeys Review

simonynwa, Aug 06, 2014

The most mainstream film Gilliam has probably made, but also one of his best. Whilst the central mystery of how a deadly virus is unleashed on the world is compelling, it's Bruce Willis that holds the most attention, and whilst the ending is telegraphed well before, it's the journey to that end that becomes the most important part of the film and W...
Guardians of the Galaxy  Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

benji888578, Aug 02, 2014

Thoroughly entertaining! Better than I expected, perfect cast, humor brought in at just the right moments, well done (...and without any commercial
promos, thank you!)! ..I saw in IMAX 3D, the best and most detailed scenes fill the IMAX screen (1.90:1), go see in IMAX if you can!

(Oh, and apparently this was shot in 2D and conve...
Guardians of the Galaxy  Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

WVMark, Aug 01, 2014

A fun movie with action, humor, dramatic scenes, and special effects. I still don't like the quick, jerky action shots directors these days are using. It's a bad technique to use that just covers their inability to keep the audience engaged. If you have a good story, you don't need quick, jerky shots. You can hold onto scenes for longer than ha...
Guardians of the Galaxy  Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Zeiram, Aug 01, 2014

How can the co-director of the movie "Movie 43" create such a seamless concoction of blockbuster throwback thrills and modern day franchise heart? It
seems that the very existence of "Guardians of the Galaxy" is proof enough that miracles in Hollywood are indeed real and rare.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie that has been peg...
Guardians of the Galaxy  Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Strangerbyday, Jul 31, 2014

Right from the outset, this is a different sort of Marvel movie (it would be, considering its essentially setting the stage for Marvel Cosmic.) For
one thing, unlike the majority of the other Marvel movies, Guardians takes place on Earth for a grand total of about five minutes. From the
minute we see Star Lord dancing his way over the...
Guardians of the Galaxy  Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

lothda, Jul 31, 2014

Marvel got it just about right, a great mixture of action, pathos and irreverent humour. Intense, and the humour makes it special. Wonderful entertainment.
Shock Waves  Review

Shock Waves Review

videyo, Jul 28, 2014

WOW! This movie is awesome! Anchored by the GREAT Peter Cushing, this movie has it all, suspense, pace, eerie feel, killer score and originality. Just going off of memory as I saw this as a kid several times when it came out. Cool looking Nazis (that's the only time you can say that).
Lucy  Review

Lucy Review

WVMark, Jul 26, 2014

I saw the previews and thought this was an action movie. Then I read the review here and found out that it really wasn't. So, I wasn't expecting an action movie but a drama/story with action when I went to see Lucy. Even with that, the movie fails. I really wasn't impressed with the over imposing video of nature throughout the movie. I think i...
Chef  Review

Chef Review

RAILERSWIM, Jul 21, 2014

To be honest this was the first time I saw an independent film in a theater, and what a great movie to experience as my first indie film to see in a theater. I won't focus on too many technical aspects because as long as the picture is clear and the sound doesn't make my ears bleed then I don't care in a movie like this.

Remember the ...
Godzilla  Review

Godzilla Review

Mr. DuLac, Jul 20, 2014

"In 1954, we awakened something..."
-Dr. Ichiro Serizawa

Toho handled Godzilla's 50th Anniversary and hasn't gone back to the well since. For the big guy's 60th birthday though they hand over the reigns for another stab at an American reboot while keeping Sony Pictures the fuck away from it. I say that without actually ever have ...
X-Men: Days of Future Past  Review

X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

Mr. DuLac, Jul 20, 2014

"So, you always were an asshole..."

20th Century Fox has officially made up for their previous blunders in the X-Men cinematic universe. After screwing a few things up they came back with First Class and The Wolverine, two films that seemed more concerned with capturing the true spirit of the source material then what exec...
Edge of Tomorrow  Review

Edge of Tomorrow Review

Mr. DuLac, Jul 20, 2014

"I'm not a soldier."
-Lt. Col. Bill Cage

Now this was a whole lot of fun. Not just the film, but I don't remember the last time Tom Cruise gave such a fun performance in an action movie. It's a unique spin on the reluctant hero using the time travel loop trope (ei: Groundhog Day trope).

I went to see this because of ...
22 Jump Street  Review

22 Jump Street Review

Mr. DuLac, Jul 20, 2014

"It's Vietnamese Jesus now, you racist motherf%$#&."
-Captain Dickson

I've been a fan of the directing duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller for a while now as they just can't seem to ever disappoint me. I couldn't be happier that their canceled MTV/Teletoon cartoon series was only the start of a successful career and not the end of ...
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes  Review

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Review

Mr. DuLac, Jul 20, 2014

"Home. Family. Future."

DotPotA is a not only rare for a summer blockbuster in that it has heart and intelligence, but it's also incredibly rare for a rebooted franchise in what it pulls off, not the least of which is that it almost makes everyone forget Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes remake.

The husband/wif...
Life Itself  Review

Life Itself Review

Mr. DuLac, Jul 20, 2014

"He made it possible for a bigger audience, a wider audience, to appreciate cinema as an art form because he really loved films."
-Martin Scorsese

Roger Ebert was my favorite movie critic, like so many others, not because I always agreed with him but because I felt like I knew him through his writing. Often he could even write a ...
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey  Review

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

simonynwa, Jul 20, 2014

It is difficult for someone who is a huge fan of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy to watch this with an objective eye, but another near 3 hour film spent in the world of Middle Earth is time well spent. The casting is excellent, in particular Freeman and Armitage, and whilst there are many cameos from the previous films, they are sufficient t...
Jack Reacher  Review

Jack Reacher Review

simonynwa, Jul 20, 2014

Entertaining but ultimately fairly generic detective thriller. After a fairly intense and intriguing opening to the film, there is very little that this film offers that is in any way original or refreshing but it is well made and another vehicle for Cruise to dominate. Here the main draw is the character of Jack Reacher, and Cruise is always watch...
Poltergeist II: The Other Side  Review

Poltergeist II: The Other Side Review

Steve Freeling, Jul 20, 2014

Poltergeist II is just as good as its predecessor.

This time a preacher named Henry Kane starts to harass the Freelings and they must once again try to save themselves. Returning is Craig T. Nelson as Steve, JoBeth Williams as Diane, Heather O'Rourke as Carol Anne, Oliver Robins as Robbie, and Zelda Rubinstein as Tangina. New character...

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Marilyn Monroe: Classic Nine-Film Collection

 United States

$199.99 $34.99


 United States

$29.99 $14.96

Ghostbusters Limited Edition Gift Set

 United States

$149.99 $79.99

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