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Force Majeure (Blu-ray)
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Gone with the Pope (Blu-ray)
Don't Go in the Woods (Blu-ray)
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (Blu-ray)
Mother (Blu-ray)
Porco Rosso (Blu-ray)
Jamaica Inn (Blu-ray)
Life Itself (Blu-ray)
Nymphomaniac Extended Director's Cut (Blu-ray)
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Latest Movie Reviews

Interstellar  Review

Interstellar Review

RAILERSWIM, Nov 23, 2014

This film was fantastic! Another great emotional ride from Christopher Nolan and company. I have never sat on the edge of my seat for so long. The plot is pretty sound for most movies in this day and age. A great emotional story of survival where every second counts, not to mention lots and lots of physics! The cinematography was brilliant, as I'm ...
Dumb and Dumber To  Review

Dumb and Dumber To Review

tallrichard, Nov 19, 2014

This movie was made to make money, from the first week results, it accomplished it's if only they could make it again, only funny next time....
Interstellar  Review

Interstellar Review

tallrichard, Nov 18, 2014

Contrary to some of the other reviews, I felt like this was the fastest 3 hours of my life...This is an excellent movie, I would rate it a 10 out of 10.

From the cinematography to the screenwriting to the acting to the special effects, it excelled in every area! It was amazing in IMAX! I can't wait for Christopher Nolan's next film!
Dumb and Dumber To  Review

Dumb and Dumber To Review

Elvis764, Nov 17, 2014

Great movie. It definitely lives up to the first one and it is a laugh a minute! The only issue I had was that it had almost the same archetype as the first one. OVERALL SCORE: 88/100
Interstellar  Review

Interstellar Review

simonynwa, Nov 15, 2014

There is so much to like here and with Nolan's previous track record, the incredibly high expectations for this film would have been hard to meet. The visuals are outstanding and this deserves to be seen on the biggest screen possible. Like its obvious influence, 2001, Nolan has captured the vastness and beauty of space as well as the danger and is...
Third Person  Review

Third Person Review

simonynwa, Nov 12, 2014

For two hours, Haggis' three loosely connected stories are moderately entertaining if a little heavy handed at times. And then the filmmakers perform a narrative twist that is hinted at during the film and may well come across as structurally "clever." Unfortunately, it has the effect of erasing any emotional investment in two of the stories and th...
Interstellar  Review

Interstellar Review

wafi, Nov 11, 2014

A disappointing traipse into 2001 territory. With lofty ideas that never took off, the dialogue that was sub-par the only appealing aspect was delivered by the visuals. Nolan's women yet again come across weak and erratic. Their success at every juncture feel like hand me downs from the men in the movie. The definition of LOVE and the dialogue that...
Nightcrawler  Review

Nightcrawler Review

ravenus, Nov 11, 2014

Jake Gyllenhaal plays an ambitious self-educated man that gets into the murky world of news video footage. His character tunes into 911 broadcasts and rushes over to areas of accident / violence reports, which he covers on camera and sells to a news channel. As the film progresses you get a bigger picture of how amoral the character is and what cha...
Interstellar  Review

Interstellar Review

mediaguy, Nov 09, 2014

Interstellar was a pleasure to watch and thought provoking despite venturing into familiar territory. My 9 year old felt it was the best film he's experienced all year and he's watch with me 24 films so far this year at our nice local multiplex and true IMAX location at the Henry Ford Museum (that's 4 times the average adult). His taste is fairly...
Interstellar  Review

Interstellar Review

phillyfilmbuff, Nov 09, 2014

Please give me my 169 minutes back...........a 2001/Contact knock-off with the same fast-talking nonsense we got with Inception.
Yes it has some breath-taking visual moments but not enough to make this snooze-fest worth the trip.
Tarzan  Review

Tarzan Review

simonynwa, Nov 08, 2014

From an animation point of view, this is perhaps one of the most stunningly realised and beautiful pieces that Disney have produced. The technique they developed to show Tarzan swinging and moving around the jungle produces some thrilling sequences, most notably a montage showing Tarzan growing from boy to man and a fun chase through the jungle as ...
Interstellar  Review

Interstellar Review

ninjabiker, Nov 08, 2014

(no spoiler) If you like 2001, you'll probably like this movie. Yes, it's slow and long; there are no real surprises and some parts are awkward. It's my
least favorite Nolan film. But it's beautiful, the actors mostly do a great job, it does a very good job of conveying the vastness of space and it's
amazing in 70mm IMAX (though maybe...
Interstellar  Review

Interstellar Review

notmicro1, Nov 08, 2014

Had read the Blu-ray preview and planned to avoid it, but got dragged to it by some good friends that I couldn't say no to. Blu-ray's review is FAR too kind -- this movie STINKS! Its bad, gets worse, then it gets more ridiculous, then it sort of warps space-time and falls into a black hole of nonsense. EASILY a full hour too long, but even with t...
Nightcrawler  Review

Nightcrawler Review

thompsonjohn, Nov 06, 2014

The only film I actually went to the theater for and paid money for all year. And it was totally worth it. If this isn't on every single movie-fan's top 10-list, I just have to believe you really are not a true fan of film.
The Lost Coast Tapes  Review

The Lost Coast Tapes Review

Evil, Nov 01, 2014

Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes starts off humorous and promising but quickly goes downhill as the characters spend most of the rest of the movie interacting with creatures unseen. When done right, just hearing sounds or seeing the traces left behind by a creature can add to the creepiness but this movie takes it too far. There are also a lot of ot...
Boggy Creek: The Legend is True  Review

Boggy Creek: The Legend is True Review

Evil, Nov 01, 2014

I think the main problem with this movie is that we (the viewer) know where things are ultimately headed but this movie takes forever to actually get there. There's so much filler and lengthy dialogue scenes that by the time the action really starts to pick up (with about 15-20 minutes left in the film) it's hard to not have already started to zon...
Nightcrawler  Review

Nightcrawler Review

First Blood, Oct 31, 2014

The trailers donít do this film justice, they really donít. What is often been marketed as Jake Gyllenhaal looking and acting like an awkward social recluse is only partially true. The character is a sociopath, through and through. We enter his world as he manipulates and bullies his way across the picture. Director Dan Gilroy channels his inner Mi...
John Wick  Review

John Wick Review

First Blood, Oct 26, 2014

Okay, believe the hype. This may be the best action movie of the year. Reeves kills it in the role as the unstoppable hit man that makes bad guys crap their pants. The plot is painfully simple. The son of a Russian mobster kills Wickís dog and steals his car. Thatís it. Thatís all there is to it. And from there we sit back and watch Wick tear his w...
Accel World  Review

Accel World Review

KivaSeeker, Oct 26, 2014

Allow me to make a small revision. I had said that in two shows I rank very highly, Accel World and Black Bullet, Accel World was probably on top by a big leap. Watching Black Bullet again I can't be so totally sure which is better. It's as of they compete for my attention and now I'm in a position I can't claim either is worse. That said, Accel Wo...
John Wick  Review

John Wick Review

papagino0017, Oct 23, 2014

I got to go to a press screening last night! The movie is brilliantly paced, with fantastic (nonshaky cam) action that all feels fresh, new, innovative and unique. Had the theater gasping through each action set piece. the main character despite his unique skill set is very relatable. Keanu was at the top of his game and the director used Keanu's s...
Fury  Review

Fury Review

First Blood, Oct 22, 2014

Fury is arguably David Ayerís best film. Ayer known for his grounded and often realistic action films, makes his stamp on the World War II genre. This movie doesnít celebrate nor glorify war. Itís down and dirty, and ugly. Limbs are severed, bodies are blown apart. These characters are physically and mentally drained. Theyíre nearing their breaking...
When I Find the Ocean  Review

When I Find the Ocean Review

Evil, Oct 20, 2014

I took one look at the cover of the DVD release for this movie and figured it would just be a silly children's movie about a family and their dog. However, this movie is actually pretty involved and covers some series topics including child abuse and racism. The dog that takes up a third of the DVD cover and is depicted twice has a pretty minor r...
Tekkaman Blade  Review

Tekkaman Blade Review

KivaSeeker, Oct 19, 2014

How could I not review one of my favorite series EVER!? Yes, It is that good! It is!!! An early 90's show. In America it had a weekend morning air time, under the title Teknoman, and several name changes for the English version. Airing in the US it only offered half the episodes, ending with a clips episode of events up to that point. The viewer in...
Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job  Review

Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job Review

TaxiTodd, Oct 17, 2014

I'm surprised that "Evil" is just starting to get the hint that reality shows are staged... because absolutely nothing interesting happens unless you stage things to be entertaining. Get a clue!
Black Bullet  Review

Black Bullet Review

KivaSeeker, Oct 17, 2014

I am glad to review this series, because it is amazing! With the only issue being that it is as of this writing a short series of only 13 episodes. This is a typical starter number. Right now there are some rumors about this show continuing. I truly hope so. This is the shows only flaw at all. The story has a few elements on the strange side of sci...
Food Fighters  Review

Food Fighters Review

Evil, Oct 16, 2014

The premise of this show is that in episode a home cook pairs his or her best 5 recipes against the same type of dishes cooked by 5 different professional chefs. The results are determined by a blind taste test but the home cooks have several advantages including being able to choose which of their dishes to pair with each chef (strategy comes int...
Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty  Review

Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty Review

Evil, Oct 16, 2014

I've watched the first several seasons of Duck Dynasty but I'm not familiar with any of the Robertsons' prior shows. Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty is essentially a clip show of scenes taken from these prior shows. The clips range from several minutes to a few seconds in length and are grouped together based on the episode's theme (ie. food, ...
Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job  Review

Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job Review

Evil, Oct 16, 2014

I thought Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante were an entertaining couple when I used to watch Storage Wars. So, my curiosity was peaked when I heard they were getting their own spin-off show. However, everything about this show is poor. From the irrelevant title, to the dumb opening sequence, to the reference to their children as "oops 1 and oops...
Wahlburgers  Review

Wahlburgers Review

Evil, Oct 16, 2014

The show is interesting when it focuses on the running of the restaurant and the challenges of expanding a business. In other words - reality. However, as Season 1 progressed it focused more on the relationships between the family members and started to include staged situations. Season 2 has been even worse with the business aspects taking a ba...
American Flyer  Review

American Flyer Review

Evil, Oct 15, 2014

American Flyer provides an interesting look at immigration from a young Mexican father's perspective as he struggles to find a way into America so he can pursue his dream of becoming wealthy. There's a lot of humor (both intentional and unintentional) incorporated into the film. And I think those humorous elements are really what made me like thi...

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Force Majeure

 United States

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Ong Bak Trilogy

 United States

$13.49 $13.49

Sons of Anarchy: Season Seven

 United States

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