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Madagascar: The Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
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Gravity (Blu-ray)
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (Blu-ray)
Robots / Horton Hears a Who / Rio (Blu-ray)
Mallrats (Blu-ray)
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Blu-ray)
Turbo (Blu-ray)
Mad Max Trilogy (Blu-ray)
Planet Earth | Life (Blu-ray)
Despicable Me 2 3D (Blu-ray)
Robin Hood (Blu-ray)
Ebiten: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
The Birds (Blu-ray)
Sleep, My Love (Blu-ray)
Forks Over Knives (Blu-ray)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 3D (Blu-ray)


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Latest Movie User Reviews

American Hustle  Review

American Hustle Review

Steve46, Jan 05, 2014

I had been looking forward to seeing American Hustle since it was announced. I almost saw it on release day, but I have an aversion to watching movies with people who are more concerned with noisily eating their weight in popcorn than watching what is on the screen. Yesterday's viewing was still pretty packed, but I am glad I didn't wait any longer...
Grudge Match  Review

Grudge Match Review

StillaYankee, Jan 03, 2014

First off, I have to disagree with Mr. Orndorf's review. Seems like he's trying trying to hold this to a high standard when it's not trying to be a film for the Oscars, just good entertainment. And that's what it is--good entertainment. I loved it, my teenaged kids loved it, everyone in the audience loved it. Right down to the background music....
Thor: The Dark World  Review

Thor: The Dark World Review

Swissangel4616, Jan 03, 2014

Never have been a fan of the "Thor" Comics. "Thor" is a part of the Marvel-Franchise os its no wonder that for the Marketing-Strategie that in this movie appearing as "Cameo" Captain America and again during the end-Title there is too a scene for a coming movie.

One reason for me going to watch this movie is because Brett Tucker (from ...
The Circle  Review

The Circle Review

Swissangel4616, Jan 03, 2014

released on DVD through Warner Archive Collection, running time 66 min.

Its a nice silent movie (drama with some comedy-elements) with Malcolm McGregor and Eleanor Boardman in leading parts. A 19 years old Joan Crawford (in her fourth movie) is playing on the beginning of the movie the young Lady Catherine.

The Picture qua...
All Is Lost  Review

All Is Lost Review

simonynwa, Jan 01, 2014

Not for nothing is this film compared to Gravity, and like the former, this is a strong, tense battle for survival held together by a great performance by one actor. In many ways, this is even more minimalist than Gravity, with virtually no dialogue and rather less showy effects or visual splendour to captivate. Instead, the film relies on a fantas...
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty  Review

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review

Deja 101, Dec 30, 2013

@zeiram completely agree with you. I feel his review was completely based on his opinion of what "Ben Stiller" movies "Should" be like. As oppose to the simple fact that the man can/has done whatever he wants. He did a fantastic job with this movie. Beautifuly shot, had plenty of heart.
Attarintiki Daaredi  Review

Attarintiki Daaredi Review

pkondaka, Dec 30, 2013

Watched "AD" Blu-Ray recently and I was very impressed with quality of Blu-Ray. Excellent Audio, Video
Must have personal library copy with everyone.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire  Review

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review

simonynwa, Dec 27, 2013

The story to the second film in this series was potentially the biggest problem in that many of the plot elements from the original are repeated here, but by and large there are enough differences to ensure this film stands on it own as well as developing the story further. There is much more time spent here exploring the districts and the world ou...
Inside Llewyn Davis  Review

Inside Llewyn Davis Review

Holmes, Dec 26, 2013

Greenwich Village at the dawn of the 1960s is a place on the verge and, in a certain respect, nearing the end. The community of artists, musicians, and writers populating the lower west side of Manhattan would soon become a subject of global interest, and fact and romantic mythology would blend as society at large co-opted (diluted?) fashions, lif...
American Hustle  Review

American Hustle Review

Holmes, Dec 26, 2013

American Hustle, a fictionalized chronicle of an FBI sting operation which laid several major politicos low before raising ethical questions regarding entrapment, is a colorful and engaging yarn with top-flight performances. It is also a tad superficial. There is not a great deal in which to invest beyond the pure, simple jolts of adrenaline and ...
The Wolf of Wall Street  Review

The Wolf of Wall Street Review

Holmes, Dec 26, 2013

There may very well be a 110-minute gem within the trio of hours which is The Wolf of Wall Street, an often hilarious and pulse-pounding film with a predictable overall point to convey and curious ideas regarding content and length. Based on a true story, the film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort, an up-and-coming Wall Street player who r...
47 Ronin  Review

47 Ronin Review

Holmes, Dec 26, 2013

47 Ronin is an enormous portion of coal on Christmas: for Universal Pictures, who reportedly spent north of 200 million dollars on the production; for the squandered, clearly uncomfortable cast; and for viewers such as myself caught in a theatre showing the disastrous final result. The basic storyline, inspired by a historical event which has bec...
Pacific Rim  Review

Pacific Rim Review

Tjsage, Dec 26, 2013

A film that I turned off about 1/2 way through since there were so many copies from old "Horror" and sci fi films that it got very silly and boring to watch. A complete waste of time and $ to watch and buy. You might like it but rent it first or wait for cable.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty  Review

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review

Zeiram, Dec 25, 2013

I wonder if the person who wrote the site review of this movie ever saw "Zero Effect" That was a great Ben Stiller movie. Straight-up black/comedy/drama. The guy can act drama; there are just those among us who don't know that Ben actually started out in drama then went to comedy. Everyone seems to think that he did comedy first and is now trying d...
47 Ronin  Review

47 Ronin Review

Phonecia Taylor, Dec 25, 2013

Solid entertainment. Film couldn't decide if it was fantasy or historical drama but it was engaging and well-produced. No distracting 'Keanu' moments. Title warriors carry the film instead of one or two characters. Nice surprise and refreshingly devoid of graphic violence. Three stars out of four. Nice distraction from all other holiday movie...
Saving Mr. Banks  Review

Saving Mr. Banks Review

simonynwa, Dec 23, 2013

It may well take slight liberties with the truth, as PL Travers opinion of the final film based on her book is said to be less than favourable. Yet it is also a fascinating insight into the author and does give you a new appreciation for a film and book that was already rightly regarded as a classic. Emma Thompson is fantastic here, and the careful...
American Hustle  Review

American Hustle Review

Ryan Peddle, Dec 23, 2013

Acting was great, especially Bale. But movie was above average at best. Was hoping, based on the critical praise, for something along the lines of LA Confidential quality. Ending was good, but predictable.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off  Review

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Review

14728, Dec 22, 2013

Ferris Bueller catches the same 80's charm that Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters, Breakfast Club, and Little Shop of Horrors did. Sure it's cheesy, but what were you expecting? It stars Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller, a Chicago senior who is loved by everyone. Seeing how nice of a day it is, he pretends to be sick and skips school. He drags along ...
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug  Review

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Review

aamirdanyal, Dec 22, 2013


In short this film is, spectacular. I know Peter Jackson has seriously strayed away from the original master piece and has sacrafised certain elements of the book but overall the finish product was amazing. I watched it first on normal 2D then on 3D HFR and honestly say I enjoyed both versions. The audio was immense and involving a...
Walking with Dinosaurs  Review

Walking with Dinosaurs Review

WileyWyler, Dec 19, 2013

A truly and sincerely awful film, one where with all the expense invoked you might expect having hired directors who have a modicum of talent. No such talent on view here. The story, what little there is, is hampered by Barry Cook and Neil Nightingale's inability to tell it with anything other than the heaviest and most obvious of hands. Noting ...
Blue Is the Warmest Color  Review

Blue Is the Warmest Color Review

kitfisto92, Dec 17, 2013

Blue is the Warmest Color (La Vie d'Adèle) was more of an experience than a film. We are taken along Adèle's roller coaster of emotion as she struggles to find her identity and someone who can truly fulfill her. Adèle Exarchopoulos is intoxicating in her breakthrough role and will undoubtedly bring you to tears at some point in the film as her raw ...
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug  Review

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Review

simonynwa, Dec 16, 2013

After a fun opening film that is flawed chiefly because it retreads much of the ground covered in The Fellowship of the Ring, the second in the Hobbit trilogy is the shortest of Jackson's visits to Middle Earth and has a much stronger pace to it. Here also is a chance to develop areas of Middle Earth largely unseen until now and the peerless design...
Metropolis  Review

Metropolis Review

14728, Dec 14, 2013

Metropolis's landmark visuals, amazing cinematography and editing, and it's dream-like atmosphere only add to the fact that the first feature-length science fiction film is also one of the genre's best, despite some of it's flaws. It stars MetrGustav Fröhlich as Freder, the son of Joh Fredersen. Joh os the ruler of Metropolis, a city where the uppe...
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug  Review

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Review

Marcuslaw, Dec 14, 2013

I too saw TH:TDOS in IMAX 3D and in HFR along with my wife and young son. We have seen and liked the LOTR film trilogy and TH:AUJ. Two of us have read The Hobbit but none of us have read the LOTR books. I will also confess that I am not a film reviewer but felt compelled to write something in response to Brian Orndorf's, of, theatrica...
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug  Review

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Review

Framster, Dec 13, 2013

Rating: 9

My Wife and I saw DOS at an IMAX 3D theater this afternoon. We think it is a great film, not seeming too long either. For my money the escape from the Wood Elves sequence is the finest action I've ever seen in a movie. The story branches to separate threads once again.
The new and reappearing characters are wonderful, a...
The Bicycle Thief  Review

The Bicycle Thief Review

14728, Dec 13, 2013

Beautiful and simplistic, well crafted and independent, Bicycle Thieves may not be one of my Top 10 picks of greatest motions pictures, but it sure is a cinema great. It stars Lamberto Maggiorani as Antonio, a father in WWII-stricken Italy, who needs a bike to get a job. While on the job, his bike is stolen and it's up to him and his son Btruno (wh...
Shadow of a Doubt  Review

Shadow of a Doubt Review

14728, Dec 12, 2013

A ordinary girl is best friends, even referring to him as her twin, with her uncle . But things seem weird lately. He's acting funny, especially whenever a "secret" is brought up, and it's up to her to figure this out. This sounds like an ordinary Hitchcock film, but it's actually one of his best films. It stars Teresa Wright (of Best Years of Our...
Gravity  Review

Gravity Review

djkest, Dec 11, 2013

I thought I'd take a previous review and flip it around.

I really liked the movie, the realism and immersion made me feel like I was actually in space. The casting was great, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronaughts, had enough personality and acting chops to pull off the movie. Two unknowns may have sunk the picture. I was im...
The Great Gatsby  Review

The Great Gatsby Review

SNFilmFan, Dec 11, 2013

'The Great Gatsby' is one of the best book-to-film adaptations ever, in my opinion. Baz Luhrmann was the perfect choice to direct this film as his visual style seemed appropriate for the visual splendor of the decade. But the best thing about this is that while Luhrmann's style is obviously there, it doesn't overshadow key themes from the novel; th...
Out of the Furnace  Review

Out of the Furnace Review

Irishthunder, Dec 10, 2013

This movie was a big disappointment. Was way to slow, acting was good but a lot of loose ends throughout the movie. Big waste of money.

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