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Attack on Titan Part 2 Limited Edition (Blu-ray)
Star Trek: The Compendium (Blu-ray)
Mad Men: The Final Season, Part 1 (Blu-ray)
Wrong Turn Trilogy (Blu-ray)
Fate/Stay Night: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
Attack on Titan Part 2 (Blu-ray)
Willow (Blu-ray)
Masterpiece: Downton Abbey Seasons 1 - 4 (Blu-ray)
The Dick Van Dyke Show: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
Sons of Anarchy: Seasons 1-6 (Blu-ray)
White Christmas (Blu-ray)
How to Train Your Dragon (Blu-ray)
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BD390 Firmware Update (vv808531)


Release date
Apr 23, 2010



From Network Blu-ray Disc Players that instantly stream Netflix and YouTube, to our stunning portable DVD players, LGs Video systems boast an impressive array of advanced features for stunning video performance.

Newest Firmware released on April 23, 2010 and is available to download

1. It is improved playability of BD-title
(UP, JENNIFER'S BODY, AVATAR, Chasseurs de dragons, etc.)

2. Countermeasure : Update to newest firmware

3. Firmware Version : BD.8.08.531.B

4. Upgrade instruction is refer to the "BD390_Upgrade_Instruction.PDF" file

If this firmware is out of date, please report about it here.

Firmware comments

  Jun 14, 2010
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My LG BD390 won't play blu-ray discs made by Lionsgate. Does anyone else have this problem? Doctor Strange, Planet Hulk, Daybreakers, etc. won't play, the machine just ejects them out. My firmware is up to date.
  Aug 06, 2010
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Yes. I have this same problem. Kick-Ass won't play. It's a Lionsgate movie. I was hoping to find a solution. I guess none exists yet.
Top contributor
  Sep 29, 2010
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Is anyone having issues with the screen freezing for Iron Man 2? Not like a typical freeze where you'd have to power off the player itself but I could still skip to the next chapter or stop the movie. Once I've passed the first freeze, it happened again later in a differeny chapter. Just wondering if I got a bad disc. I've never encountered a problem with this player with any other movies before. This was the first time. Please PM me if you are having the same problem. Thanks.
  Oct 02, 2010
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@Scott_Summers -- Yes I created an account and signed in JUST because I am having the SAME problems..

IRON MAN 2 and LG BD390 doesn't work well together and I suspect that they will come out with "another" firmware to fix this issue. I have no notifiable issues with other titles (especially those that have be publicized on internet) except for one BD disc exchange.

It simply stops, no break in image (blocks in compression) no indication of anything.. it's like somebody pressed paused, and chapter skip back/forward works around this, but having to do this AT LEAST SIX times during the movie is unacceptable. (I lost count).. also pressing title/pop-up and going to main menu then picking play again is like pressing chapter back.


  Oct 03, 2010
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I also am having problems w/ Iron Man 2
  Oct 03, 2010
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Hi, I'm also having problems with my LG bd390, playing Iron Man 2. I hope LG is working on a fix as soon as possible.
  Oct 03, 2010
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I exchanged the movie box for another one (Fred Meyers is nice about that). it locks up (pauses) and in different locations -- a *CLEAR* indication that this is a production / quality issue with the Blu Ray disc. I have to say the other disc only locked up in 4 places instead of 6+ so it has fewer manufacturing issues.

I try to find a number for contacting Paramount Home Entertainment [PHE] (Saving Private Ryan 1-888-370-8621) and ask if the call center worked directly for Paramount or under contract. The guy I talked to was (pardon me a bit) an idiot and tried to educate me that Paramount was not involved. (Duh, Paramount didn't mass produce 'Saving Private Ryan' via their PHE? that's an idiot!)

No way to contact Paramount as far as I can see.. this is an obvious recall for Iron Man 2 !

I am sure the number of bad disc are low that Paramount rather do a "silent recall" instead of the bad press. This page isn't overly hard to find but an unusual place to look. If three other people have problems, I suspect it is NOT an LG BD390 Firmware issue.

If anybody knows of a way to contact PHE on an exchange program for bad disc, please post here because this is REALLY irritating. I feel that my only option is to return the 2nd Blu Ray box of 'Iron Man 2' and save the hassle!

  Oct 03, 2010
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I forgot to mention above that the guy at the counter in the electronics department said he had a few people return/exchange disc already .. the lady at the return counter didn't know anything about but I had to go to electronics to grab another box.

I suspect the others that exchanged/returned disc could NOT have possibly all had BD390 players...

Paramount Home Entertainment ... DO YOUR PART!!! ISSUE AN EXCHANGE PROCEDURE NOW!

  Oct 03, 2010
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I'm on hold at LG: 1-800-243-0000 .... talked to some guy, he didn't immediately know of an issue with Iron Man 2 specifically but now he does (I told him I am on 2nd disc) ... he said do a factory reset and try again... *RIGHT* that will solve it, but I humored him and now I have to put disc back in and wait 10-20 minutes before it locks up as I suspect it will.

I highly encourage EVERYBODY to call the number and have your serial number ready. It will be the only way to fix this problem!

  Oct 03, 2010
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After a second call, sounds like I might have gotten this escalated to another team that will seriously look into it.

I STRONGLY encourage everybody to call 1-800-243-0000 (then 1134 was the dial path I did)

  Oct 11, 2010
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Very impressed at the responsiveness from LG...I called earlier last week about my Iron Man 2 Blu-ray disc and BD 390 problem. By Saturday, I got a new firmware via disc v532. Unfortunately, it did not fully correct the problem.

I emailed them on Saturday and got an email response that the engineers were working on it.

Best email and customer service experience! Hopefully, we will see the fix soon!
  Oct 13, 2010
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Here's the link for Paramount. Complain, complain, COMPLAIN! Maybe they will pressure LG to fix this firmware issue. And next time, BOTH companies need to be talking to each other prior to a blockbuster release on blu-ray to make sure the firmware tweaks are done BEFOREHAND. Sheesh.
  Oct 13, 2010
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I got a v532 disc as well... just updated it, and have one other thing to try ... the 4th disc in the BD Rambo set often fails to load and the player ejects the disc with "disc error" usually... When it does load (3rd or 4th try), it plays fine..

However I did return the movie back to Fred Meyer (they hesitated a little bit, but explains that I am not the only one and I'd rather PHE (Paramount Home Entertainment, the ones responsible for BD distribution) not get my money until I see that this is fixed -- so I can't test the disc at the moment!
  Oct 13, 2010
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UPDATE: the firmware didn't fix the issue with RAMBO, perhaps a disc error -- perhaps an optic issue with the LG... Perhaps I should get a second player -- say a Sony (as BD is their "baby") ?! I only have one BD player which and hate the idea of getting several players JUST to watch all the movies.

  Oct 24, 2010
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Doug, did the firmware help Iron Man 2 or is that a problem with the movie itself? I heard somewhere that Iron Man 1 had had to be re-issued because Paramount did that one wrong the first time.
  Oct 25, 2010
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My BD390 also "freezes" at several places during Ironman 2 playback. I've had the disc replaced with no success(although it does freeze at the same point!). That same disc will play flawlessly in my PC Blu-Ray player. Certainly sounds like firmware. Call to LG yielded advice to go out and buy a lens cleaner for the player and reset the machine! I gotta admit that LG gave me all the time I needed to explain the problem. We'll give it a try...
  Oct 26, 2010
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If the firmware were supporting the disc would it play at all?
  Oct 29, 2010
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My BD390 freezes up or unexpectedly jumps forward / backward with a number of new titles - like Prince of Persia or Ironman 2. I "chatted" with LG support 2 weeks back and they are aware of the issue. Supposedly impacts Date Night and some others as well. So exchanging disks, ... is not likely to help.

It's a firmware issue and they are supposedly working on it.

Not great support in my opinion that it takes that long to fix the issue ...
  Oct 31, 2010
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I've watched both Date Night and Prince of Persia on the BD390 with no problem. They were rentals from netflix. My player just updated from 531.B unfortunately I don't have Iron Man 2 to test it on.
  Nov 12, 2010
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RIGHT NOW... updating to BD.8.08.542.B I think it is (it is about 12 % DLed) .. (over the 532.B that was shipped to me / "out of cycle" release that didn't solve the Ironman 2 issue) ... will report back if this firmware fixed it.

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